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A wall mounted dish drainer will not only save precious work space in a small kitchen but can be easily folded away when not in use. Instead of a freestanding cooker, a built-in oven and cooktop (hob) combination will help a small kitchen look bigger by creating one continuous line along benchtops and kickboards.
A sink without a drainer makes the benchtop look more spacious and provides more work space. Built-in oven and cooktop (hob), a sink without draining board and an integrated fridge behind cupboard doors make a small kitchen look more spacious.
Putting your microwave oven in a wall cabinet will not only maximise your bench space but will also reduce clutters on your benchtop, just make sure the microwave is mounted at a safe level for you to operate. Cupboards built up to the ceiling provide maximum storage and glass cupboard doors break up the boxiness of solid doors.
Many forgotten spaces can also be used for storage such as spaces under oven and behind kickboard to further increase storage in a small kitchen.
In a small kitchen, small knobs and handles may look less obtrusive than large chunky handles.

Sliding doors and roller doors require less space to open than swinging doors and are perfect for small and narrow kitchens. Shallow pantries with sliding doors are ideal for small and narrow kitchens while pull-out drawers give easy access to the inside of pantries. A pull-out table can give you extra work space when you need it and can be pushed back in to save room in the kitchen. Disclaimer: The information provided here is general only and does not purport to be comprehensive.
Cute looking double storied house architecture in 1600 square feet (149 square meter) (178 square yards). Free floor plan of this 1800 square feet (167 Square Meter) (200 Square Yards) flat roof house available after the jump.
Traditional mix Kerala home design in 1500 Square Feet (139 Square Meter) (167 Square Yards).
Shallow wall shelves under wall cupboards provide extra storage space that is easy to access.

Also by integrating appliances such as dishwashers and fridges behind cabinet doors, the run of cabinet doors is not interrupted and can flow across the room. To further increase the visual illusion of a bigger space, low-heat lighting may be used underneath the base cabinets to create a floating effect of the kitchen. You should not act on the basis of information contained on this site without obtaining qualified professional advice.
For example, matching accessories such as hooks for hanging utensils, paper towel holders, cutlery holders, spick racks, dish drainers and wine glass holders can be positioned to suit your needs.

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