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Living Room Storage Ideas - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. Hi Cianne, The directions say they stood the first layer of cabinets on 2x4s so that the shelving units would start above the baseboard and could be pushed up exactly to the wall.
When you say, “finish the edges”, so you mean adding a quarter round strip, or are you talking about shaving the edges off the shelving?
All I can think of is taking the 2×2 shelves out, attaching a bunkbed ladder and making that space into an awesome loft bed.
We wanted some way of storing our kids toys so that they were neat, easily accessible and easy to sort out. No matter what organization solutions you decide on, make sure that your child understands that this is where the toys should be kept at all times. I’ve tried out an EXPEDIT and put clear acrylic doors on it so the child can see exactly what is inside before pulling the toys out and spreading them all over. Yesterday, I was going through some modern designs on storage cabinets and I found amazing collection. Only frustration we encountered after using it for a bit was that the little toys would inevitably end up all jumbled up within the buckets to the point that the kids didn’t even want to play with the stuff because it took to long to search and dig for things.
I have used a sharp Stanley knife to cut out some of the corners of the drawerrails that the boxes slide on.
August 27, 2013 By Jackie 45 Comments We all know how ridiculously expensive attractive storage is. To save money on new toy storage, I originally planned to move the Ikea drawer compartments from the loft to our new playroom. Tip: If you are making these crates to slide under a piece of furniture, measure your dimensions carefully before proceeding. These crates can hold a ton of toys and they roll completely out-of-the-way under the day bed. I’ve never commented before on your blog but I read it every day (after finding it through iHeartOrganizing).
Melissa, Don’t forget you can make these any size, even as smaller crates for a shelf.

I could totally see these under my guest beds to store extra sheets and blankets for each size bed, and a million other uses too.
My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items". I had always liked the look of the Trofast storage range but the size of the units is pretty small. The interior is fitted with Komplement boxes and guide rails, both designed for the Pax wardrobe series. The crate idea plus the need to fit the storage under the day bed led me to one conclusion: I could build rolling toy storage crates! Make sure to include the height of your casters when calculating the height of your crates.
With the front and back pieces screwed to the bottom boards, you are ready to attach the side slats. After reading this book I can't wait to shop my own home and make more meaningful purchases." - Cori I. Children love to have a cozy seating nook or a custom made window seat with cushions in kidsa€™ rooms.
And if you have bath toys, you’ve likely had to kick them out of the way to use the tub, or found them strewn across the bathroom countertop, or leaving puddles of water all over the floor tile. But, when we decided to put the day bed into the playroom, I knew it would limit our toy storage options. I laid all my cut wood pieces on a plastic tarp in the garage and stained them all at once. Hold the two bottom pieces vertically next to each other with about a 1″ space in between.
Just found your blog yesterday through iheartorganizing blog(OMG I LOVE HER BLOG HAHA) and I love yours too already! They feel that a window seatA with cushions is their personal comfort territory, where they can hide from others and relax when they want to.
I wanted to put 10 buckets in it but due to the placement of door hinges I could only fit eight of them.
I’d love for you to link these up to our All Things Thursday Blog Hop going on right now.

Also your child can use the window seat as an additional seating place when friends come to him or her.
You can design the window seat differently: with shelves under the seat or without them, with lockers on either side of the window or simply hanging pretty curtains. The only thing I’d be a little worried about is I can totally see my son coming up with the idea of riding down the stairs in one. You could house all bath toys in a plastic laundry basket on the bottom shelf of a cabinet.
The toys can double as decor for the kids’ bathroom, which ultimately simplifies your life and adds fun color to your space. Two or three larger toys might just be all you (or your children) need in the tub.View in gallery3.
Benefits of this storage system are pragmatic – the toys are also given plenty of air space to dry out after a bath, and if they do leak water, it goes straight into the tub.
Also, children are given easy access to the toys before and after bathtime, so they can choose their favorites and help put them away.
If you have exposed shelves but don’t want to store your toys in plain site, consider housing them in coordinated baskets.
This keeps the serenity and order of your bathroom intact while also accommodating children and their love of playtime in the bath! In these baskets, toys are still exposed to the air for drying purposes, but they are not exposed visually. It might sound old-fashioned, but you could consider storing them in the tub itself, in a mesh bag or on a bath board, as shown here. This particular setup is stylish, functional (it allows the tub floor to be cleared of water after bathtime), and simple.
The movable bath shelf works for the child in the tub and also for others who may be using the shower here, as they won’t have to step on toys to bathe.

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