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Nice, been thinking of different ideas on how I wanted to build one of these.Never thought of using a shelf.
They are plastic wash bins from a dollar store I removed the drain from a sink that I removed from a kitchen remodel last year.
I forgot to mention the green food tray Velcro's right to the top shelf when you pull out the right side tub so you can use it to do food prep cutting etc. People are finding they need to declutter and downsize because of both financial reasons and the need to create peace out of chaos. Tiny homes are not only cost-effective, but they help you reduce clutter and material items you don’t necessarily need. It’s called the Kirkwood Tiny House and features appliances, insulation, french doors, furniture and more. The entire exterior and interior have been totally renovated so that this travel trailer resembles a real home. To make this a reality you will need: an explorer’s spirit, a truck, some carpentry skills, and a love for the outdoors! Here is a unique solution to your emergency (yes, not having s’mores does constitute an emergency) fire starting needs. Vintage trailers are quit the thing these days; people get so creative with their refurbishing and restoration efforts. Lynn Risor, a Texas artist, is one such person who wanted the outside of her camper to have a facelift.
I’m not a ‘pink’ girl myself but that doesn’t keep me from adoring this little travel trailer. Audree is no longer a camper but a ‘glamper.’ If I ever do this Im going to copy some of these ideas.

I had every thing I needed to create this project in my garage except for about 15.00 worth of plumbing parts i found at my local home depot.
I cut  a circle out of the bottom of one bin and attached the drain and put a tub strainer over it. This guy claims he can build a self feeding fire that will last as many as many as 14 hours. We can get so consumed with technology and material items that sometimes we just need to shut down that world and get back to nature. We like to tent camp out of the back of the car, and we aren’t always as prepared as we should be. I have seen ones painted pink with bright everything, ones decorated in colorful paisley, and even ones decorated like soda shops. Remember all those nights of the neighbor at your campground running his generator day and night to power his satellite television?
The last mod I did to it was add the eye bolts so i can stake it down to the ground to avoid anything or wind from tipping it over. Then I ran the plumbing parts to reduce the drain to fit a garden hose so I could put the end of the hose in a collapsible five gallon jug to catch the grey water when necessary (state parks etc.) the other bin can be used as a Soaker sink or empty to hold the dishes as they dry. Back to the caveman days of hunting for your own food and cooking it over a warm, blazing campfire with a few of your friends.
This ‘adventure mobile,’ featured at DIply, really is a must for the ultimate outdoorsman, roadtripper, and camper.
Don’t get me wrong, the big things always make it, like the tent, sleeping bags, mattress, stove etc.
The HC1 is unlike any of it’s predecessors because of it’s customizable modular design.

I added the towel rack with hooks and it also now has a swing out aluminum (old tent pole) arm that will support a lantern for night time washing. Here are a few more camping survival hacks…just in case you find yourself unprepared in the great outdoors. We aren’t actually going camping as much as we are going on a road trip and camping at a different place every night. The faucet is a spray hose attachment that I converted to adapt to except a garden hose for the water. The camper’s interior has many white cubes (hollowed out – for storage) that can be arranged any number of ways. Did you remember the (insert small, seemingly innocuous item you cannot live without here.) It’s funny how forgetting an item seemingly so inconsequential can ruin a night in the woods. In case you haven’t figured it out, ‘glamping’ is a combo of the words glamour and camping. That’s my fav color and I could see the outside painted a pretty sky blue that would look just as lovely as the pink. So, while my husband is out running around the woods, I like to sit by the campfire wrapped in a blanket with some coffee in hand and a book to read. There is a pussy cat on the porch rail, fun lawn ornaments, a clothesline, and a cooling apple pie in the window. Takes less then 10 minutes to assemble or disassemble If you are going to build one and want any direction or pointers please feel free to message me always happy to help a fellow camper.

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