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The bunk bed with desk underneath is great bedroom furniture for kids as it combines a study and sleep into a single unit; some of models even come with drawers or chest for kids to keep things neatly. Bunk bed with desk usually features lower bunk lying perpendicular underneath top bed so the built in desk could locates at side of lower bunk just as the one shown in the image.
Bunk bed bundles with drawers and loft chest are best choices for child's bedroom as they offer perfect storage solution to keep stuffs out of sight consequently make a bedroom looks neatly all day long. The right side model comes with 2 storage units, one is small cabinet locates next to lower bunk and another one is drawers with lit desk.
If your kids like to read story books, then you may consider the left side model that features 3 shelf bookcases. The product comes with desk on either left or right side -- be sure to choose the option suitable to your requirements.
The Berg Enterprise Collection differs from Berg's other collections in that it features bunk beds instead of loftbeds -- if we take the definition of a bunk bed to be two beds stacked one on top of another where the top bed cannot exist as an independent entity, that is, it cannot stand on its own.
Design -- there are plenty of research studies that link creative environment in childhood to success in later life.
Desk -- the spacious Enterprise desk offers a comfortable study area and features 3 desk drawers, a keyboard tray, a computer tower storage and a (book)shelf. Sturdiness -- kids like to play, and in their play they can get carried away and subject the bunk bed to a considerable stress. Made in the USA -- buying products made in the USA keeps American workers employed; working people pay taxes and contribute to the social security system and have money to spend which helps invigorate the economy and strengthen America as a nation. American products are manufactured to meet a code of standards; these regulations are designed to keep the consumer safe and provide the high level of quality that shoppers rightfully expect.
Attractive design -- Berg Furniture makes good looking products, there is hardly any question about that, and the user base concurs unanimously. Durability -- if it's to believe the actual users, Berg produces some super sturdy and durable furniture. If you plan to sleep with your kid at same bedroom, you could look at those twin over full size beds.

What make it outstanding among other models is that it reserves plenty of head room underneath. It truly is space saver bedroom furniture with shelves and storage drawers beside the desk beneath upper bed. There are mattresses come along with the package; one twin for upper bunk and one full size for bottom bunk.
The properly designed furniture encourages and facilitates many of the behaviors that child psychologists believe are necessary for a child to become a well-rounded, confident adult. The stairs have broad, generous stepping surfaces with non-slid treads plus a handrail, all of which allows for a comfortable and safe access to the top bed.
Children's furniture should therefore be designed to withstand any such strains and at Berg Furniture they are aware of that.
We haven't been able to find enough user comments on Enterprise collection to be able to form a valid assessment on it, but there is plenty of buyer accounts on other Berg products and we can probably safely assume that those findings apply to this collection as well. In fact, many buyers assert that the staircase played a crucial role in their decision to get a Berg product.
Not surprising, considering the wide surfaces and fortress-like appearance of their formations.
There are some grievances about the cost; mostly, buyers complain they were enticed into spending more than they intended. They are also a bit pricier than your average bunk bed, but if you can afford one, they do come highly recommended. Furthermore, the upper bed features high rail so no worry about roll out issue even fit with 8" thick mattress. It offers the one-stop solution that a kid's need in bedroom for sleep, study, and storage.
It can be used as bunk bed and separate into stairway loft bed with desk and full size bed.
This wrap is size-adaptable, making it possible to create a configuration capable of fitting into most rooms and budgets.

In other words, a growing child will develop into a better person if she or he is surrounded by loving people and supportive environment.
Note: the desk end is not universal, meaning there are two versions of the desk that fit either the left or right side of the bed, so you need to decide which one you want before ordering. They tout stairs as a safe alternative to beds with ladders; proclaim the stairs are very safe for the young ones that have to get up and down in the middle of the night -- in short, the staircase is viewed as a major safety feature. A few reviewers expressed a disappointment with Berg's choice of material, due to their belief that engineered wood was inferior to solid wood. As is the case with nearly all Berg bunk beds, this collection too features their recognizable staircase which doubles as a storage area that holds four deep drawers. Your decision will likely depend on where the bed will be placed; it's probably not a good idea for the desk end to face the corner or be too close to a wall, as this would create accessibility problems. Material, however, is only a part of what makes any structure sturdy; design is equally as important and Berg's products, with their wide boards and surfaces and fortress-like built-in chests, stairs and desks make for compact, heavy and, well, sturdy formations. Some go a bit further to attest that the construction stands up to abuse given by their children, and even testify that it has proven to be very sturdy over the years. Difficulties in changing sheets also get mentioned from time to time, and an occasional buyer finds fault in Berg's products' weight and unwieldiness. Note that some stores let you choose the version you want from a drop-down menu, while others have special pages set for each configuration. You can also opt for a trundle bed instead to add an extra sleeping area -- a perfect solution for sleepovers.
Parents want furniture that can enhance and foster their child's psychological as well as physical needs -- not just any old bunkbed will do these days. There are a couple of images in the column to the right (scroll to bottom) that show this bed configuration from the desk side - Click to Enlarge.

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