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Better help desk service probably wouldn’t have helped United Airlines, but it could help your company. Other top vendors are focusing heavily on automation, which simplifies the support ticket handling process.
In other words, this might be the most interesting time for help desk software in, well, ever.
While Awesomatic is one of the newer services on this list, it’s different among help desk services because it exists inside of your app, not on a separate website.
Other features include real-time analytics, threaded conversations, and fielding questions both via chat and email. Pricing: The basic version runs for $50 for 100 active users, and the “professional” plan costs $780 for 10,000 active users. As with most help desk software suites, Deskero enables support agents to field questions from a variety of sources, including email, phone calls, and chat. Like many of the services listed here, Freshdesk’s help desk offers many of the features companies have come to expect. Kayako’s flagship helpdesk software is Kayako Fusion, a multichannel helpdesk solution that supports conversations via email, live chat, and voice. Rather than offer a single product for all customers, Parature is all about making it easy to tailor its service around specific needs and workflow.
Pricing: SupportBee is different from other help desk vendors in that its pricing is based on ticket volume, not the number of agents a company uses.
Pricing: Zendesk pricing starts at $1 per month per agent and goes all the way up to $195 for its “white glove” enterprise elite service.

Zoho Corp is the company behind 3 great brands: Zoho, ManageEngine and WebNMS Zoho offers apps that help businesses get more sales, get paid, support their customers and become more productive.
Zendesk provides a customer service platform designed to bring organizations and their customers closer together.
Business customer care service concept flat icons set of contact us support help desk phone call and website click for infographics design web elements.Vector illustration. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. We provide a single point of contact to the organization for information technology related problems. Establishing a collaborative environment is another crucial factor in this front lining area. And that can mean bad news for whatever company unlucky enough to find itself in the crosshairs. But what sets the service apart is that it also includes support for social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, enabling users to automate the importing of any interaction no matter where it’s initiated. With minimal set-up, companies can field questions from not only phone calls and email but Facebook and Twitter as well. These features include team-wide support inboxes, automated ticket dispatching, social customer support, and community forums. While helping customers might normally be enough for agents, Freshdesk also turns each ticket into a chance to earn points.
It does note, however, that it bases its pricing on the number of agents using the software, making it similar to the pricing structures discussed above.

When a customer sends a message to your support email address, SupportBee creates a new, unanswered ticket, and the process kicks in from there. The company also offers free trials, which it says even big companies like Adobe and Sears once used. Also, similar to SupportBee, Zoho also offers plans wherein small businesses pay just for the number of requests they handle, not how many agents they happen to have. As Salesforce noted last year, the service is easy to set up as well: When apparel company Bonobos signed on, it set everything up within a single weekend. Freshdesk also offers built-in ticket time-tracking, which it says helps find bottlenecks in the support process.
While Kayko is ready to go out-of-the-box, it’s also customizable, enabling you to tweak various and fields.
Parature also makes a big deal about its scalability, which enables customers to implement its software on top of existing systems and with minimal effort. While the approach is simple, SupportBee says that it’s powerful enough that some of its customers use it to handle thousands of tickets a day. Those are very different sorts of companies, which is a good indication of how versatile Zendesk’s software is.

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