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Ariana Grande may be small in size but she comes with an ego that needs its own private jet when she’s traveling on business. Of all the diva reports circulated online through the years, this is probably the most outrageous – and think about it, Ariana is in very select company, with the likes of Mariah, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Beyonce, and Whitney Houston. Thanks to Ariana, we now know that there are celebrities out there who will not walk on their own two feet if they don’t feel like it, for whatever reason. She was carried around on the set of her latest music video, but also backstage at the Victoria’s Secret 2014 annual show, which took place in London and listed her as one of the live performers. What’s funny is that, unlike all the other divas mentioned above, Ariana is only 21 years old and has managed to go mainstream and become a bona fide star this past year. Still, she’s been making them for months already, presumably right after she broke on the international scene. She wants photographers to take her picture only from her left side and only using artificial light, she will not have anyone dictate how she dresses or has her makeup and hair done (which explains why she has but one outfit, one hairstyle, and one makeup style), and she will not deign to lift a water bottle to her lips and has an assistant specifically for this.
Moreover, she’s already fired all those people who dared to stand up to her and tell her that she was behaving like a brat, and will flip at the mere mention of Mariah Carey in her presence. For someone so young, who is yet to prove she has staying power, Ariana sure is one nasty diva already.
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A while back we were shown a leaked release of Adobe AIR for Android and told stories of its incredible capabilities. Update: As Artation has pointed out in the comments below, Universal Androot has since been removed from the Market for unknown reasons.
If you can think back to the time Universal Androot was released, you'll recall the then small xda-developers startup that allowed for one-click rooting of a very limited number of phones, all of which had to be running Android 2.1 Eclair or lower. Once upon a time, Android tablets were few and far between, but with tablets like the Notion Ink Adam (if it proves to be anything more than vaporware), Samsung's Galaxy Tab, and even Archos' entries into the tablet space, that might be changing sometime in the not-so-distant future.
While the resistive touchscreen worries me since our own Brian O'Toole was bitterly disappointed with Nationite's MIDnite tablet,  I don't see any real dealbreakers here, especially as the tablet costs a mere $188 and is available today from Zecozi.

According to news website TheStreet, Google may be finally relenting on the Google Checkout-only system currently employed in the Android Market by letting PayPal in on the action. As we've seen in the last few days, The Artist Formerly Known As Fennec has really been hitting its stride lately. We won't labour you with details, as many words have been written before about F4FA's arduous journey towards usability. You might also want to check out Mozilla's official blog post, and their little promotional video at the source link below. That's right - the company has posted profits of T$11.1 billion, or about $360 million, for the months of July, August, and September. Xeudoxus (known for his work on Dark Edge) got a bit creative with the Skype apk and has released it to the on-the-go Skyping masses. While the selection of users and phones that can utilize the service right now is very (more like extremely) limited, it is still exciting to see this coming to fruition.
Cloud to device uninstalls are by far the big winner there - AppBrain already allowed some pretty awesome remote control over your phone's apps via your PC, and remote uninstall is a major addition to the existing feature set.
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This is a facility that users have demanded for some time, and the ubiquity and convenience of PayPal payment should be a nice incentive for people to buy apps if they have not done so before. Riding on this wave of improvement comes a shiny new Beta status, making Fennec now, officially, Firefox 4 For Android Beta. HTC's just posted their profits for Q3 of 2010, and not only are they almost double those of Q3 2009, they are, in no small part, due to Android, according to RBS analyst Steven Tseng.

By ways of comparison, last year's Q3 profits were a mere T$5.695 billion, or about half of this year's profits.
If you remember, the version distributed in the Market prompts you to enable WiFi in order to make calls to both Skype and regular phone numbers. There are devices both upcoming and already out that are slated to receive the new Sense, and it is nothing short of mind-blowing how much functionality they've added. Sure, this is the first high-end Android tablet to hit the market, but come on, now: the retail price is $30 lower than the equivalent iPad, which is 3" bigger and has the Apple markup. Twitter is now lighting up with reports about it and it is now available in the Android Market.
TheStreet also speculates that this new payment option may be the final piece of the puzzle in the long-awaited Google Music project, allowing for seamless payment from your device or PC.
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