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Stanley Young America Ma Marie Door ChestI've used a classic barn wood armoire for my two children, and have loved how simply and beautifully it hides away the stuff. Well currently the only way to get a windlock roller door for cyclonic and high wind regions is to by it new.
Windlocks are factory fittings and there are special tracks or guides that help to make a roller door wind locked. For this article we will refer to Taurean Door Systems WINDSTRONG™ Roller Doors to help us understand what goes into windlocked doors.
Windlocked Roller Doors have what they call a Windclip fitted to every second flat pan on the roller door curtain and they do this on both the left and right hand sides.
The special tracks for Windlocked cyclone doors are quite deep so they can accept the wind clips. The next drawing shows the overall combination of the two main methods that make a roller door a WINDSTRONG™ (windlocked ) roller door.

As you can see the resulting door is extremely tough when closed and the windclips are lining up with the brackets that hold the tracks to the door jambs.
This entry was posted in Designing Sheds, Roller Doors, Shed Components, Shed Construction, shed engineering, Shed Terminology, Sheds garages carports and tagged roller doors, Taurean Roller Doors, Windlocked Roller Doors, windlocks, Windstrong Roller Doors. These clips consist of steel and nylon components that are riveted to the curtain and are shaped in such a fashion that when inserted into the special track the door is prevented from coming away from the tracks.
Remember that you need to have a door curtain that is at least 100mm bigger than the opening it has to cover. The multiple windclips and for every windclip, two brackets holding the tracks to the wall of the shed, garage or house.
Gutters prevent water pooling around the perimeter of your shed, they stop the rain from just running off your roof sheets and onto the ground outside your roller doors or PA door making things very wet around the shed. This product is not available in Queensland and the slotted product is not available in Western Australia.

With this in mind ensure you will have enough room on the door jamb for the tracks and brackets with the extra width. Gutters collect the rain water from the roof and divert it into the downpipes which when connected to storm water pipes, prevents run off from your shed damaging your home or your neighbours property. Note : that in the NT the curtain needs to be at least 120mm bigger when you are fastening to a brick or concrete wall due to their Building Code requirements.

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