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Come join us at our Newly Renovated Furniture Showroom in the shopping heart of Kitsilano, Vancouver.The spirit of Gifting is always an option at Briers.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Costa Small Cafe Tables & Chairs Set - Various Table Tops, Table Bases & Jake Restaurant Chairs Available in Costa Style.
Sculptural flared rod coffee table base in nickel plated steel with a beveled-edge tempered glass top.

Sculptural flared rod dining table base in nickel plated steel with a beveled edge tempered glass top. Buy a Gift Certificate for a Friend or Loved one to use Online or in Store!Welcome to Briers 2.0.
Three of which, are movable in a variety of configurations that you can use to adapt to your living space. The glass panes are held together by solid triple plated chrome pillars that keep the unit extremely sturdy despite its moveable components.

Transforming between the different configurations is as easy as rotating one of the upper layers of glass.

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