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Get quality modern and contemporary kitchen cabinets at affordable, budget-friendly prices. Should you have any questions, please use this form or call us TOLL FREE at 1-888-4-KIT-CAB (1-888-454-8222), TOLL FREE Fax at 1-866-397-8248. I have the original hardware on my kitchen cabinets, and I’d like to keep them, but the pulls that receive the most frequent use (like the one on the left) are noticeably lighter than the rest.
Our strategy for this home renovation is to use good materials that will last so that we only have to do it once.
I looked at these photos and wondered if I should just leave them alone, but then I went back into my kitchen, and they really do look better in the photos than they do in person.
I have tried the oil rubbed bronze spray paint on kitchen hardware and wouldn’t recommend it. The way to do it so it will last would be to pay a professional to re-plate the metal with the finish that you want.
You may find that the cost to re-plate the handles is more than just choosing new handles to put into the kitchen instead….
Then we mounted all the pulls onto a sheet of cardboard so we could spray paint them all at once & not make a huge mess either. After that dried, we sprayed the pulls & knobs with a satin black spray paint & ta-da!
We still own that house but have since turned it into a rental & the cabinet hardware still looks fab even after 12 years!
Herein lies my problem, I am too impatient and just did a quick coat with no primer or sealant! You can use the spray paint, prime them like Jane said and make sure you poly them after to help protect them. Well, I took all of my knobs off and spray painted them the oil rubbed bronze look and it worked. I used a spray paint meant for metal (I think it was Rustoleum), mounted them on a egg carton, and applied a couple of light coats within an afternoon. My mom used Drano to soak layers of paint off old hardware and restore it to its original look.
I am a professional contractor specializing in pre-1920 architecture and use these products on new reproduction items to match already existing fixtures in my houses. I have mixed emotions about painting things with honest wear, but if you decide to do it, I’m a firm believer in priming for dark colors with high heat black – you know, the stuff on bbq pits and iron furniture? I have about forty of them for all of the drawers and cabinets if I had to replace them, but that’s something to consider. If you like the look of the handles, and you want to keep something original to the house… restore. If you prefer something less intricate, easier to clean, updated, softer on the hands… replace.
I re-did my dresser two years ago and had the same question about refinishing the drawer pulls.

We purchased brushed nickel knobs for the upper cabinets and old-fashioned bin pulls for the drawers. I know I am in the minority here but I actually like that they show some wear, including that they are different. I would call an actual auto paint shop (like maaco or a local auto body shop) and ask what they would charge to spray your handles for you. I used a rock tumbler with stainless steel shot and Dawn to refinish the hardware for an old dresser and it came out great. I used Rustoleum spray primer and paint on the metal heater covers in my bathroom this past summer.
I don’t know if this will work on the type of metal you have, but my parents had some brass candlesticks that they wanted to darken, and they read somewhere online that you can use the fumes from ammonia to darken it. I used spray paint appliance epoxy in stainless steel for some hardware on my hutch and it is as tough as nails. Click here before you shop on Amazon, and part of your purchase will benefit Rachel's cancer treatment. Designing or updating a kitchen can be a fun experience and exploring kitchen cabinet hardware ideas is one of the most exciting element of planning this process. First of all, when choosing knobs and pulls, keep in mind that your kitchen cabinet hardware should be functional. Shaker-style cabinets are so flexible in terms of style that they work really well with either modern or traditional hardware, depending on what you would like to achieve. Recent artistic and eclectic approaches to kitchen cabinet hardware include nautical-themed rope pulls and handles, numerals, monograms and painted designs. No matter if you pick a more traditional look or opt for adding some art to your kitchen cabinets with not so common hardware solutions, make sure your own style ideas are expressed through these small but important design details. Designed to create a truly stunning impact, these bold, sophisticated door and cabinet accessories are the perfect complement to your personal decor.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I have a spray can of oil-rubbed bronze paint in my garage, but I’ve only painted things like mirrors and light fixtures, not things that need to withstand frequent handling. The metal is plain, and it has kind of an odd shiny color that stands out like it needs some finishing.
I prefer to replace with the real thing, but sometimes that is not possible or cost effective.
They put the candlesticks into a plastic bag along with a small dish of ammonia, and left it overnight (sealed). Although seemingly minor fixtures, knobs and pulls can set the tone and add a style to your new, remodeled kitchen cabinets. No matter how much you like something, ask yourself if it’s gonna be practical enough for your cooking environment. So, you can complement traditional Shaker style cabinet with understated, simple brushed metal hardware and you won’t go wrong.

Also, you can find (and add to your kitchen cabinets) pulls and handles made from crystal, glass or antique buttons, which would by all means create a truly unique look. The cheaper cabinet handles (closer to your picture) took the spray paint with just one coat of primer and have held up for seven years. I wouldn’t really worry about them and just let them sit there, being their authentic selves. It looks like you might have replaced the hinges recently, but the overall effect is a bit disjointed. Here are some useful tips on making the final decision when choosing kitchen cabinet hardware.
But, if you want your cabinet hardware to draw attention and be the jewelry of your kitchen, explore other options to express more of your own personal taste, aesthetics and preferences. Spray painting is the way to go if you prefer to save some money but you must follow these tips: use steel wool to roughen the surface, use a QUALITY spray paint (Rustoleum Universal Spray Paint with built in Primer), and apply SEVERAL THIN COATS allowing each coat to thoroughly dry.
If you want to spray paint them with something that’ll hold up to CONSTANT use and in a wet environment I would recommend auto paint. Depending on the metal, you can age metals (make darker) with aging solutions like the ones available at House of Antique Hardware. I have put off painting our kitchen cupboards for 5 years because I didn’t know what to do with the hinges, which are on the outside like yours and a brass colour. I know the hinges match the new paint, but the new hinges will show their wear and flake off at a different rate than the old handles, whether you refinish them or not. You can get spray automotive paint and it’s so much more durable then regular spray paint. They weren’t an exact match to the old, so he had to take all the door and sand them a fraction of an inch to make the new ones fit. Its made to stand the test of time so you may have more luck with the finish staying strong. Especially vs putting in our dream cabinetry and hardware which will have to wait awhile longer!
If anything, you could sand the newer looking ones to wear them down more so they become similar to the other ones. New metal hinges and handles and you’ll be set for the long term (something that I know is important to you). I also feel like if you poly the hardware it might hold whatever you put on it a little better over time. If they are real brass, there is an antiquing solution that works much better that I have used on doorknobs and other things.

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