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While it is true that most woodworking professions require little or no academic training, if you want to become successful, you should probably go to school first.
You also need to market your skills, sell your wares, invoice clients, maintain inventory, and meet state and federal regulations if your project requires major alterations. However, if you are skilled and possess the right amount of entrepreneurial expertise, there is really no limit to how far you can go as a cabinet maker. The  Reproduction Furniture used in this early American Home is off the same Quality you will come to love and pass on to your family for many Generation to come. Our unmatched, Primitive Reproduction Furniture is handcrafted and hand finished with an attention to detail that gives our furniture a primitive appearance. The Irish Cabinet Maker offers a variety of choices for custom countertops, including CAMBRIA.
Embarking on a remodeling expedition can be difficult, time consuming, and filled with uncertainty. Before you begin any custom cabinetry project, you need to verify that your cabinetmaker has the proper license and insurance.
There is no reason to proceed with any custom cabinetmaker until you have read through a few positive references.
Make sure the cabinetmaker you are considering has a verifiable location that is somewhat close to your project. Lastly, you want to make sure that your cabinetmaker will provide you with complete shop drawings for you to review prior to any work beginning. Department of Labor says that the overall cabinetmaking industry will grow more slowly than the national average over the next eight years.
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At The Cabinet Maker Shop we offer, The Old Look of Cabinet Reproduction,Custom Cabinets, Mill-work, Restoration, Installation, Cabinet Design & Layout!
We are enthusiastic about primitive reproduction  furniture – and the quality of our work shows it! Each piece of ourprimitive reproduction furniture is custom made to your specifications – you choose the size of your piece, the colors, the type of legs or drawers, panel type and even which side you want  the handmade hinges! For over 45 years, Harold Kirkland has been mastering the art and technique of creating beautiful, custom, solid wood cabinetry for bathrooms, kitchens, libraries and more.
Remodeling projects come in all shapes and sizes, but the most important part of any project is planning ahead and doing your homework. You want to make sure he’s not working out of his garage, and you want to verify that he is truly in the custom cabinet business – not just a middleman getting his cabinets from someone else and claiming to be making them.
A good custom cabinetmaker will show you a “plan” view and “elevations.” This should show the layout and include all dimensions, details of doors and moldings, and much more. With choosing a custom cabinetmaker capable of designing, manufacturing, and installing complete custom cabinets, there are a few things that can set you up for success from start to finish.
This license is backed by a bond that can be collected if your custom cabinetmaker fails to perform the agreed upon services. Of course, no one is going to give you any bad references, but you will find that you can learn a lot from talking with previous customers. I have always encouraged my customers to drop by the shop and see their project in the works. After reviewing and understanding your drawings, grab a pen, sign every page, and have your custom cabinetmaker provide a copy for your personal records. Our Reproduction period  furniture range from, country corner cupboards to Complete Kitchens,we can build your furniture exactly the way you want it.

Then we can recreate the product using the lasted design software send back to you as a quote with a photo of your design. Every licensed contractor must also carry liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. Verifying the license and insurance will eliminate any cabinet makers who are merely operating out of their garage. After a few phone calls, you should have a much greater understanding of the quality and character of the custom cabinet builder you are considering. These cabinet makers work without a license and without insurance, offering lower prices but with much greater risks.
Cabinets are one of the biggest investments you will make in your home, and you will want to choose wisely.
Our primitive furniture can be purchased directly from the artist or found in stores and shops in Central IL.
In fact, some of the “primitive reproduction furniture” pieces you have already purchased may have been handcrafted by us!
Our furniture can also be securely shipped throughout the United States – and if you purchase a large amount of furniture, we may be willing to deliver it directly to your location! Please click the links on your right to see our photo gallery and descriptions of our custom cupboards, cabinets, primitive tables, dry sinks, reproduction benches and beds, including Some of the kitchens, bathrooms and pantry’s completed.

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