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I am looking at building a 3 car garage so i can park my camaro when done, my dodge ram quad cab truck, and in the near future a corvette. I went with 10' sidewalls, but used scissor trusses to give me a center height of nearly 15'. Insulated with R19 sidewalls (2x6 walls) and R38 in the ceiling with infrared radiant ceiling mounted tube heater (80,000 btu).

I have the first 4' in fiberglass reinforced plastic plywood (commercial quality dairy board) so that I can hose out the garage with no fear of damage to the walls.
My single word of advice is it is good to have the garage big enough to split into 2 rooms.
I was thinking a 24X40 or a 30X40 garage with 12' ceilings would fit the bill as i plan to install a lift down the road as well.

The other 26' x 33' is the clean car storage side and has a demising wall and personnel door between the 2.

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