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His wall-hung cabinet holds more than 300 hand tools while taking up only about 12 square feet of wall space. This free dowload includes a measured, annotated drawing of the project, along with Zoltowski's full article about its construction. Also reduced overall height down to 850mm (34") to enable reach of most tools, plus position tall tools (long planes) at top so as they can be handled from lower. A fun project which I was mainly motivated to do to learn finger joints, prevent tools rusting from salt air and create more space in my shop. There were oddities in the plans, like the ends of the lower shelf needed to be notched so the doors could close. Lastly, given that the doors are only ?” thick, I had concerns about how to attach the chisel racks on the inside of the doors. QUESTION: Does anyone know the purpose of those four countersunk holes and screws on the bottom shelf, just below the carpeting and above the upper drawers? Maigret writes: Great idea, however, good luck hanging the cabinet if you follow the exploded plan.
Cedarslayer writes: I like the design but as a predominantly hand tool user, the example is configured in a manner that I would not be able to accept. Since the design is tablesaw intensive, my suspicion is that the layout and height of the cabinet are ideal for a power tool using hand tool collector.
Sorry to troll, but it seems counter productive to go through the effort of putting a wall chest to put all your most used tools within arms reach, only to mount it on a wall where 50% of the tools are placed above one's head and 25% completely out of reach. Stranded writes: I would love to build this, but I worry about all that weight hanging from the wall.
Ordered a 6'x12' enclosed trailer today and I was hoping that I could see some pics of your trailer layout for tool storage. The cheapest way used to be to buy those metal assemble yourself 24'' deep x 48'' wide x 60'' tall shelves, put them together and install them upside down so you had a lip to hold everything on the shelves.
Table saws and miter saws, put them on stands, and stand them up against the walls and rig a holding system to clamp them in place. In 1919 Herbert Tautz, the founder of The Delta Specialty Company, recognized the challenges of his time in regards to woodworking, and while working out of his garage, he set out to create new tools for the industry.
Just over 90 years ago DELTA came out with their first scroll saw, and today we took the DELTA 36-6020 10 Inch Portable Contractor Table Saw to the ACC work shop and job site to get a close look at it.
Once we received the table saw at the shop, it was difficult to resist tearing open the box and throwing this beast together without even looking at the directions, maybe peak at a picture of two. This does not sound like a lot, however with black and white pictures, and parts that were mislabeled or not labeled, assembly took a little longer than anticipated. A One-step, tubular framed design, with 8 inch durable, job site grade wheels had me setting up all over, with ease.

The 2-point locking feature gives stability and accuracy to your cuts, and let’s face it, when using a table saw, those are the types of cuts you want. A bonus feature on this saw, which I have not seen on many table saws, specifically portable table saws, was a rear table extension allowing rear support for materials. The design is an ingenious combination of interior doors and drawers, along with multiple divided storage compartments.
I haven't started yet because I have a concern over what does it look like with doors shut.
Didn't take too long, (3 weeks of occasional evenings and a few hours each weekend), I guess due to having a detailed cut list per plywood thickness, and doing all finger joints of a particular size at once to minimise dado blade changes.
I deleted pigeon holes from one side to enable jointer and other longer planes to fit vertically.
We discussed having her inside the box for the cutting process – like Harry Houdini would do – but decided against it. I also used two JCB’s for each of the door posts as I didn’t trust the eventual weight of my tools to wood screws. 18th century fine furniture, but it still took me almost 6 months of casual shop time to finish it. I guess that everybody is different by what they carry from day to day, but I'd like to see some photos of good ways to stay very organized while carrying tools for the many trades that we remodelers perform on a daily basis.
You can then attach them to the metal studs of the trailer with self tapping sheet metal screws, doesn't take too many, mayber 5-6 per unit and they are not going anywhere.
Fast forward almost 100 years later DELTA still has a strong mindset on quality, innovation and people. This particular model, 36-6020, weighs in at  92 pounds, with the rolling stand.  The motor spins at 5000 rpm and has a 15 amp induction motor. When the box was opened I was met with 14 parts to be assembled with 11 smaller bags of nuts, bolts of various sizes, and an included Allen wrench.
Personally as a carpenter with a multitude of tasks involving a table saw, I would have liked to see a blade with a few more teeth, perhaps at a minimum of 60 teeth.
Here at ACC we put safety above all else, and with this table saw, it appears DELTA gave in to the same considerations. When cutting miters using the miter gauge, the gauge itself has tabs on the end that lock into the channel to which it slides. The width adjustment of the table and fence is equally as smooth, however I would have liked to see the locking lever, lock somewhat tighter.
I'm sure with a quick view of all of my tools, I could come up with something, but I wanted to hear (see) what works good for you guys! Whether you buy or make cabinets and fixtures to store the load, think it through as best you can.

I suggest though that you toss the press board shelves that come with it and replace right off the bat with plywood. This is also a fantastic safety feature preventing the gauge from being removed accidentally. I didn't want to put all this time and effort into a project that only looks great when its open. I was also nervous of the gluing process - too tight and I would have a mess, too loose and it would not hold. I had to think through how to insure the bearing weight was distributed evenly between the top and bottom pairs of cleats, but that got solved as well.
They'll slide right past one another and your cabinet will wind up on the floor about as soon as you let go of it.
Finally, keeping trend with most other table saws on the market, DELTA’s tool free design for the riving knife, blade guard, and anti-kickback pawls, are just that, tool free and easy to install or store. The blade guard, push stick, anti-kickback pawls, and blade wrenches all store on the right side of the tool. To achieve the desired blade height and bevel, a crank style handle was incorporated to the design, similar to most table saws. The fence, which has a lock on the front and rear, glides smoothly across the table, and when locked, stays locked. I've been looking at other styles and really like the look of a finished door, not fancy panel raised doors, just a nice simple finished look. So I used biscuits for alignment of the case sides, top and bottom, and Joint Connector Bolts for strength. On his website, Rob uses his knowledge and experience to help and educate on best practices in the remodeling industry. I like the way this one is made in a box and then split into pieces, but I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate a more finish look on the outside. I had a good experience with the latter while making John White's outfeed table (FWW #202).
Not edges of plywood showing and an overlapping piece of plywood to cover the gap between the doors. DELTA did this right, everything has a proper place, and is stowed securing, even while transporting the saw to and from job sites. Does anyone else feel this way and have any suggestions to improve the looks of the exterior?

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