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The New York City District Council of Carpenters today announced that a vast majority of its 700 rank and file dockbuilder members voted down a troubling push by Amalgamated Carpenters, which is run by former corrupt officials and mob-linked individuals, to create and join the new union.
The fight is not over, but with this vote our members have delivered a tremendous blow to the criminal elements that are seeking to obstruct our progress forward. The open house event will showcase the talents of the yeara€™s best graduating apprentices as they represent their local unions and the District Council in competitions involving carpentry, interior systems, cabinet making, floor covering and millwright.
Every year, the Labor Technical College holds this citywide event inviting the New York City community to become familiar with the New York City District Council of Carpenters Apprenticeship Programs and the Apprenticeship application process.
New York City Union Carpenters & Contractors hosted their Innovations Symposium featuring keynote speaker Seth Pinsky, President, New York City Economic Development Corporation on Friday, June 17, 2011.
The 2011 Innovations Symposium Conference provided an overview of the latest innovations and technologies from leading contractors and manufacturers with hands-on demonstrations to Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Faculty Managers and Design Professionals.
The New York City Carpenters Labor Management Corporation recently sponsored a€?Affordable Housing: Providing Value for Residents and Jobs for New Yorkersa€? hosted by the Greater New York Construction User Council. A panel of experts, including Doug Apple, First Deputy Commissioner at the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, explained how affordable housing development is on the rise and how this expansion can lead to jobs for New Yorkers. Members of the New York City District Council of Carpenters will participate in the upcoming National UBC Sisters in the Brotherhood conference entitled a€?Breaking New Grounda€? at the UBC International Training Center in Las Vegas, NV. The conference is a networking and learning opportunity for those interested in the Carpentersa€™ groundbreaking work in organizing, political action, training and cultivating women leaders. Sisters are being sponsored by the District Council, the individual locals, some very supportive contractors and Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) is sponsoring a graduate who is also a current apprentice. CITY PROJECT LABOR AGREEMENTThe New York City District Council of Carpenters held a seminar for contractors who plan to bid on public projects on May 11, 2010 on Citywide Project Labor Agreements. NEW YORK CITY DISTRICT-COUNCIL OF CARPENTERS HOST BASEBALL OUTING AT CITI FIELDThe New York City District-Council of Carpenters held a baseball outing on Sunday, September 20, 2009 at Citi Field.
NEW YORK CITY UNION CARPENTERS AND CONTRACTORS TO EXHIBIT AT FIRST ANNUAL URBAN GREEN EXPO a€™09 ON SEPTEMBER 22-23 IN NEW YORK CITYThe New York City Union Carpenters and Contractors is pleased to announce their participation as an exhibitor in The Urban Green Councila€™s first annual URBAN GREEN EXPO a€™09 to be held on Tuesday, September, 22 2009 a€“ Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at The Metropolitan Pavilion at the Altman Building located at 125 West 18th Street, New York City. The Expo will provide the labor-management partnership with the opportunity to present their work on major green landmarks to a broad audience in the green building community through the exhibition of their craftsmanship at a booth at the event.
NEW YORK CARPENTERS HONORED AT PRESS CONFERENCE FOR THEIR EFFORTS TO REBUILD THE DESTROYED FIRE HOUSES OF NEW ORLEANSThe New York District-Council of Carpenters has announced that the association has been represented at a press conference held in New Orleans in honor of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) for their participation in the rebuilding of firehouses destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. UNION CARPENTERS ATTENDED THE 38TH ANNUAL BLACK AND PUERTO RICAN LEGISLATIVE CONFERENCE The New York City and Vicinity Carpenters Labor-Management Corporation (Union Carpenters & Contractors) is pleased to announce its attendance at the 38th Annual Black and Puerto Rican Legislative Conference in Albany, NY on February 13-16, 2009. Ray Brugueras, Byron Schuler, and John Holt from the Union Carpenters and Contractors represented the organization at the annual event. The solution expounded upon at the conference was that there will need to be more of a focus on the public sector, Federal, State and city agencies. Members of the Carpenters union recently dedicated their time and skills to a returning injured Iraq soldier and his family.
The New York City Union Carpenters & Contractors recently participated as a major sponsor of The Real Deal Magazinea€™s Fourth Annual New Development Forum at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall on the evening of September 10, 2008, with a display as part of the networking reception held that afternoon. The College Degree Program is designed to fulfill an increasing demand for individuals with college degrees within the construction field. First year apprentice of Local 926, Harry Marcena, praises the program by commenting a€?a€¦aside from the great Union benefits, this is another opportunity for me and all Union members to take advantage of.a€? a€?The education will be beneficial for me. UNION MEMBER PROFILE: CESAR TEJADA Cesar Tejada, a member of the Carpenters Local Union 608, is one of the dedicated, skilled carpenters working to build New York City.
Cesar has been working to build the new Yankee Stadium which has already garnered a reputation as the newest icon among Major League stadiums since its groundbreaking in August 2006.
Born in Harlem and raised in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City, Cesar came from a modest background. Cesar now has ambitions to become a union organizer or an asbestos supervisor, and has given back to his community by working on projects such as Yankee Stadium. UNION CARPENTERS REBUILD 7 FIREHOUSES IN HURRICANE KATRINA RELIEF EFFORTNew York City Union Carpenters and Contractors, in partnership with the Leary Firefighters Foundation, lead the way in a massive rebuilding effort aimed at restoring the citya€™s firehouses destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.
Gerry Crimmins and Sean Keogan, instructors at the Labor Technical College, spearheaded the rebuilding efforts. A new study finds that there are multiple layers of disincentives to reporting work-related injuries in the construction industry.
Very little is known about the effects of programs in the construction industry that offer rewards for workers or their supervisors for improved safety records or that punish workers for reporting injuries.
The Irish Times has published an annual directory of the Top 1000 companies in Ireland over the past 10 years. Unlike some animals, humans are not designed to hibernate, so don’t let winter be your excuse.

District 1; with Frank Mecham retiring, the future of the board—and the county—hangs in the balance. District 3; all this talk about Adam Hill has me thinking about how he measures up to his challengers.
District 5; the outcome of the race between Debbie Arnold and Eric Michielssen will have drastically different consequences. Local 1800 picketers, planted roughly 100 feet from the Family Care Network building entrance on South Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo, refused to give their names to New Times, and instead directed a reporter to a flyer and their banner. Roberts said he spoke with staffers at Specialty Construction, who assured him they pay good wages and benefits.
The subcontractor that the Local 1800 has taken issue with is Drywall Dynamics, a Paso Robles company hired by Specialty Construction to work on the building. Numerous calls to Specialty Construction, Drywall Dynamics, and the Local 1800 weren’t returned as of press time.
We had faith in their prudence to make a decision that was in the best interest ofthemselves and their families. After applying their efforts to learn invaluable carpentry skills at school, they will get a great opportunity to showcase what they have learned on the job and through their four years of training,a€? said Elly Spicer, Director of the NYC District Council of Carpenters Labor Technical College. Housing and construction representatives attended the event at First American Title Insurance on Thursday, February 17, 2011. The seminar focused on the 10-year, $7.5 billion plan to add 165,000 affordable housing units by 2014 from the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development, NYC Housing Development Corp. The seminar featured representatives from the Mayora€™s office including John Spavins, Coordinator of Labor Initiatives. The New York Mets played the Washington Nationals and won the game with a final score of six to two.
The Urban Green Expo is set to be the Northeasta€™s premier educational green building conference and trade Expo designed to meet the unique needs of the densely developed urban environment during a challenging economic time. He participated in and directed a Contractor Development Program co-sponsored by the New York City Department of Housing, Preservation and Development and a Minority Roundtable Conference which has sought to provide opportunities and development resources to minority owned businesses. Paul was appointed to the Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation as Vice President and is also a member of the Board of Directors. At the conference there were various workshops and legislative receptions, including a labor luncheon with Governor David Paterson, top elected officials, labor leaders and business developers. Currently the Governor and Paul Williams, the Executive Director of DASNY, are actually discussing having a PLA with the Carpenters Union and DASNY to discuss this matter further. Corporal Christopher Levi, a Holbrook, Long Island native, returned from war overseas badly injured.
During the event, leadership and representatives from Union Carpenters & Contractors had the opportunity to network with 3,000 industry participants, sharing the organizationa€™s success stories. The New York City District Council of Carpenters have partnered with The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Highly-educated, qualified individuals are necessary in order to ensure that Unions continue to have strong leaders and advocates within every community.
Ita€™ll give me mental strength in addition to the physical strength I get on the job,a€? says Janeen Ceasor, second year apprentice with Local 157.
Local 608, which represents over 7500 carpenters, is an affiliate of the New York City District Council of Carpenters and The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Cesar, along with his fellow carpenters, are demonstrating the communitya€™s commitment to the long-term development of the Bronx. Because his family could not support his entire family on public assistance, Cesar joined the Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition (NWBCCC). Over the course of five months, Union Carpenters volunteered their time, skill and expertise to construct seven new firehouses. Together, they reached out to materials suppliers who donated building materials used to construct the new firehouses. The underreporting of injuries hampers the understanding of risk and poses a threat to workplace safety and productivity. A new study sponsored by the Center for Construction Research and Training sheds some light on the subject. The database can be found online and provides details on all the companies and can be searched by industry, company and key employees.
He said the bannering, which has been going on only for the past few weeks, has baffled all targeted parties. The game was preceded by a small reception in the Bull Pen Plaza for all of the members and their families.

The Expo will bring together building professionals for top-level educational sessions, acclaimed speakers and green building tours. The speakers at the luncheon focused on the topics of the state economy and how to work together when, in lieu of the fact that banks no longer have the money to grant loans, private sector work is becoming less frequent.
Having lost both legs, the soldiera€™s family was in need of major renovations to the family home, making it handicap accessible for the returning Corporal. The display featured the labor-management organizationa€™s ongoing multi-media marketing campaign, with advertisements featuring top New York developers including Larry Silverstein, Harry Macklowe, Donald Trump, Bruce Ratner, among others. Center for Labor Studies at Empire State College, located at 325 Hudson Street in Manhattan.
While Cesar is committed to his role as one of the many carpenters supporting the re-invention of Yankee Stadium, he contributes the skills he has developed through the Carpenters Union to providing him with a solid, lifelong career. Through the NWBCCC, a membership-driven, community organization that works to address issues of social injustice by organizing the people who live, work, worship and go to school in the Northwest Bronx, and its affiliate, Sistas & Brothas United (SBU), Cesar was introduced to the Carpentera€™s uniona€™s apprenticeship program. Despite the unique challenges each firehouse presented, the Carpenters built quality buildings in record time.
Angela Coyle, Program Services Manager for the Leary Firefighters Foundation, noted that the Union Carpenters and Contractors a€?worked together to create history,a€? leaving a positive impact on the City of New Orleans.
Our Dockbuilders recognized that the security and longevity of the New York City and Vicinity District Council of Carpenters was the only viable option.
An additional $1 billion in funding was added to plan by Mayor Bloomberg to pick up the pace of development despite historic economic challenges. The conference was followed by a catered luncheon at Engine 7a€™s quarters as well as a tour of Engine 38, which was the first completed firehouse.
Paul is also the recipient of many community service awards from community organizations and elected officials. The local Fire Department responded to the familya€™s needs and then reached out to members of the Carpenters union, some of whom volunteer for the Holbrook Fire Department. The exhibit also showcased television commercials produced by Union Carpenter & Contractors, including its recent spot featuring David Wright of the New York Mets, now running on SNY television network. Silverstein was joined by a highly respected panel including Charles Kushner, Steven Witkoff, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Knakal, R.
Despite reoccurring problems with discipline at school, SBU was able to present Cesar with an opportunity to develop his leadership skills and apply his work ethic to the Carpenters Union.
They refused to be misled by false promises of those that have proven in the past that they cannot be trusted.
Panelists also discussed the $400 million in federal money awarded to NYCHA to renovate 21 NYCHA projects. National President of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC), Doug McCarron, as well as many New York City Carpenters who helped to rebuild the houses were present to accept accolades from the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) on behalf of the UBC.
The evening honored him alongside community leaders such as Helen Marshall, President of the Borough of Queens. Throughout the fall union contractors donated materials and dozens of union Carpenters from the tri-state area have been building out the space and installing the necessary materials to ensure that Corporal Levi can return from the Walter Reed Medical Center as soon as possible. For apprentices enrolled at the Labor Technical College after Fall 2002, thirty credits will apply toward the required sixty-four credits one must earn for an Associatea€™s Degree.
As a carpenter, Cesar was able to establish a future for himself and overcome the disadvantages of his background.
Work on the firehouses included sheet rocking, beam work, painting, plastering, framing and ceiling installation. Louis and Vicinity; and Vince Sticca of the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters conducted an anonymous survey of 1,020 carpenter apprentices in three union training programs to document the prevalence of their exposure to efforts to hinder injury reporting. Reporting of work-related injuries was 50 percent less prevalent when workers were disciplined for injury experiences. In fact, she applauded the unions for creating an environment that allowed these apprentice carpenters to candidly report their perceptions. If employees anticipate possible discipline, termination or any other negative consequences, they may become reluctant to report. Say a construction worker reports an injury or files a workers’ compensation claim and, once the current project completed, is not hired back for the next job.
Whether the employee actually lost out on the job because he previously reported an injury or if he only believes this is the case makes little difference.

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