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Traditional kitchens are practical spaces but that doesn’t mean they can’t reflect your lifestyle needs and personal taste. Our aim at Sterling Carpentry is to set ourselves apart from other traditional kitchen installation providers, with our dedicated attention to detail and our committed customer focussed service. We understand that your traditional kitchen is the hub of your home, and we know how vital that hub is, this is why all of our traditional kitchen renovations are managed in a punctual manner and with marginal interruption to your home life. We can advise and assist you in planning the design of your ultimate traditional kitchen, and also supply the traditional kitchen units, appliances and other interior compliments required. Our traditional kitchen supply and installation service can help you plan your new traditional kitchen design, supplying and fitting a high quality traditional kitchen at an amazing price. We are able to supply and install your desired traditional kitchen, or we can easily fit your already acquired traditional kitchen parts. Whether you have already had your traditional kitchen designed and delivered, or if that dream traditional kitchen is still a dream, Sterling Carpentry can provide you with the right service to make dreams reality.
Nearly four out of five new homes built in America use manufactured roof trusses to frame the roof. Less costly than stick roof framing because they are made of shorter lengths of two by four stock as opposed to the larger framing members required of conventional rafter and ceiling framing. Trusses can be designed for nearly any ceiling or roof combination required in modern custom homes. Trusses can usually be erected in one day, reducing the amount of time the inside of the new home is exposed to outside weather conditions. Metal gussets are used everywhere the web supports and king post intersect the top and bottom chord as well as at the bearing point.
Tail of the truss is used to make the eave or overhang and provides a way to attach soffit and fascia.

Raised heel trusses are taller at the bearing point and allow for additional insulation at the outside edge of the building.
Girder trusses are used to eliminate the need for a load bearing wall and placed where two roof lines intersect. Mono trusses are half of a common truss and usually placed at a ninety degree angle to the girder truss. Room in attic trusses come with the bottom chord utilized as the floor joist and the support webs designed to frame the walls of the room. Tri Bearing as the name implies has three bearing points instead of the normal two and used on larger trusses. Multi piece are trusses that stack on top of one another when a single truss is too big to be shipped over Americas roadways.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. This is a Custom Aquarium Stand that was commissioned by a awesome customer that wanted it to be similar to their entertainment center.
However, if you are building an addition, garage, shed, doll house, or similar structure it is often less expensive to use conventional roof framing.
With this in mind I have created a tutorial to assist you with calculating common rafter length.
There is also a short demo of the Calculator available, even though you won't be able to input your own values. Anatomy of a Common Rafter Below is an image of the common rafter as it is used in roof framing. Our team of skilled craftsman can fit any make of traditional kitchen unit, appliance, flooring or tile scheme you wish for.

Or, if you just want us to install a new traditional kitchen you have bought yourselves, perhaps from Ikea, Wickes or B & Q for example, our traditional kitchen fitters will help create a space that will bring your home to life. Advantages of Prefabricated Trusses Trusses span longer distances and eliminate the need for inside load bearing walls. The Common Roof Truss The common truss can be recognized by its triangular shape and will make up the bulk of any new home truss package.
Anyone who has ever tried framing a roof can tell you it is a fine tuned skill that can only be acquired with experience.
You should be able to avoid problems such as, delivery costs, site space restrictions, also single framing members are lighter than a whole truss. If you familiarize yourself with the components that make up the rafter it should assist you in this roof framing task. Determine Length of Common Rafter Determine Span : This is accomplished by measuring the overall width of the building where rafters are to sit. The use of trusses enable the general contractor to construct homes that have more complex roof and ceiling designs with greater speed and accuracy. You have to see it to believe it. I will take you on a picture tour from raw furniture to finished product in home.

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