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Firstly a little team update: Andy and Mash continue their urban development project in Muldraugh, expanding the core fully developed inner-town to 4 cells, as well as providing some interesting areas to discover in the outskirts of town to reward those explorer types out there. Romain’s new carpentry system integrates building fortresses into the new UI system, as well as fixes some of the fundamental issues with the old system and expands it with some tasty extras. The most fundamental change is that now the player’s carpentry skill vastly affects the quality of what is built.
And of course, with new features such as plaster and paint, it allows you to decorate your safehouse so you’re no longer looking at wooden planks the whole time!
It’s a way of making RC3 as feature rich as possible during this delay, but any incompleted features could be easily taken out and completed in a post-RC3 version should we complete the necessary work in the meantime.
Now for some more updates on what is going on, as well as our future plans, all of which have been addressed at great length on the forums in the past month or so, but we wanted to reiterate on the blog here for those who do not delve into the forums.
We’ve finally gone and done it, and are publicly committing to starting development on multiplayer as soon as RC3 is out the door.
That all said, the work involved in getting multiplayer working is by no means trivial, especially considering we’re committed to single player and will not allow multiplayer development to deprive the single player experience of the time and attention it deserves. This is of huge importance, and although we’ve mentioned it in previous blogs it seems the implications have not been as clear as they might be. Once RC3 finally ships, we’ll be radically changing the development process to take advantage of two concurrent versions of the game. Bugs can be fixed and released in the next snapshot, regardless of how disruptive any current development work may be.
After this release, we can promise, you will never, ever, ever have to put up with months of waiting for a new version of the game ever again.
The streaming system that went in, and as well as improving the immersion of the world dramatically, means the memory used by the game is now much lower. As well as this, and in some respects more importantly, we have been gutting out the tangled roots of the game’s source code. We released test build after test build, all broken in some unique way, and this had begun to take its toll on the reputation of the game. Especially after getting Greenlit, it became clear we need to get back on track, fundamentally fix all the big gaping issues with the game.
We understand people are frustrated at the delays, and many feel let down that the game no longer feels an alpha-funded title where the community get to test versions and feel involved with the development process. The release will be as soon as humanly possible, and we want it out as much as, if not more than, everyone else. We will announce when RC3 goes into closed small scale testing (extra long to weed out the biggest issues, and a longer period more critical for this version than it will be in versions after that) and it will likely remain in testing for a couple of weeks. In short though, we love and live for our community and our game, and want this next version out more than anything in the world. Project Zomboid is a zombie survival RPG from developers The Indie Stone that serves up something very different from what AAA has been telling us about the genre over the past few years. Project Zomboid offers five different game modes; Beginner, Survival, Sandbox, Last Stand and multiplayer, currently set in two locations Muldraugh and West Point, Kentucky.
The gameplay mechanics rely heavily on the games UI which is made up on a series of tabs for your inventory, looting and character info tab.
Monitoring the damage you take in combat is displayed in the Health tab accessed by clicking the heart icon in the top left of the screen.
Being an RPG title, your Skills tab is an important part of the game and tracks your progress to your next experience point as well as showing the progress you are making in each skill. Upgrading your skill level is primarily done by actually carrying out the relevant actions in game which fill up a block. Inventory management is an absolute must in Project Zomboid as it’s incredibly easy to become over encumbered if you loot every useful thing you find. As I mentioned above, Project Zomboid does include a multiplayer option which in its current state isn’t particularly user friendly. As it currently stands, Project Zomboid is a lot of fun, but don’t expect an action-packed adventure as the majority of your time will be spent wandering the wasteland combating whatever current ailments your character possesses.
If you want to leave Coeco a tip for writing this Project Zomboid guide you can do so here. Project Zomboid is a constantly expanding game currently in Alpha with various things changing every other week. And they can be very tricky to deal with using melee weapons since you need to strike downwards and they are never stunned. Luckily however, this time I did not become infected due to me having the Resilience and Thick-Skinned traits.
If you end up being seriously injured, eating food and taking a nap is usually the way to go. And as with most other things in this game, they require certain conditions to be met for things to happen. Rightclicking said can of soup while having a can-opener in our inventory will result in an option to open the canned soup. This can also be done with things such as a fireaxe ro a kitchen knife instead but you might spill some of the contents while doing so.
If you are getting really desperate for food after some time, you can resort to some rather desperate measures.
And If you are not a park-ranger, having a bath towel is usually a good idea since you can get soaked in the rain when outside and get sick real easily. When extremely bored, the combining a sheet of paper and a pen can allow your chararcter to "Scribble", dramatically reducing boredom.

But If you look at my character's angle, he is actually looking at the microwave infront of him instead of the oven at his feet, resulting in the meat patty being placed in the microwave and not being cooked since microwaves can only cook popcorn and TV dinners.
If you are planning to be a bit of a home-staying survivor, gathering any and all books, newspaper, magazines, pens and papers is essential to stave off the boredom you'll accumilate.
Chocolate, chips, cereals, soup, lollipops, candycanes, TV dinners, tuna, canned beans, dry ramen noodles, popcorn, peanut butter and dog food are all non-perishable items and should be extremely valued If you are to survive for any serious lengths of time. Lighters, flashlights, candles and matches are pretty much your only sources of light besides the sun and the waning electricity apparatuses that will expire.
Evidently after a very long time, you will run out of nails and zombies will be the only place you'll be able to find some more. You will, however, have this blue haze lying on about for a while when getting back in as the game loads. There's even houses like banks and insurance firms that can have anything from guns to pens in them. But evidently, surviving in this game comes down to careful tactics, knowing the game elements and luck so that concludes our tutorial. The developers have been working on some fantastic and pretty big updates to the game I would like to highlight.
If you want to test the above changes, you can opt into their test branch by following the instructions here. In the towns of Muldraugh and West Point, survivors must loot houses, build defences and do their utmost to delay their inevitable death day by day. The Project Zomboid devs have recreated every tile at 2X the resolution, so now you can see yourself perish horribly in ever greater detail! Some Early Access games suffer from a toxic environment and, of course, that does reflect on a game itself.
Tips and tricks for surviving the world of the indie game Project Zomboid; as well as player stories, screenshots, and news about upcoming updates. Vast and growing map (loosely based on a real world location) for you to explore, loot and set up your fortress.
Farming, carpentry, character customization, skills and perks that develop based on what you do in-game.
Therefore, responsible for the compliance, copyright, or any other aspect of the content of other linked sites. RingoD continues on his mission to scriptify the mountain of dialogue that Will has written, and Chris continues to integrate these into the meta-game. Level 0 walls are full of gaps, not only making them weak, but meaning zombies are more likely to attempt to walk through them. This will factor into gameplay more heavily in future, with players sitting down to read a book or listen to the radio. Since a lot of that work would be much too difficult to share between two coders working remotely in separate countries, it is specifically picked to play to Romain’s strengths in game system design, to be modular and exciting improvements and features that do not impact the areas of the game under heavy restructuring, and in no way is impacting the release date of RC3. We do not want anyone to misunderstand this as wanton feature creep pushing the release back or taking development time off work that’s required for the release.
A development project where all development of Zomboid will be undertaken, and a release project that all completed additions and fixes are merged into after they are completed. Since in the past delays have been in a large part caused by large-scale changes breaking the development build of the game, rendering it unplayable until the work is completed, now since we maintain two versions of the game and only transfer completed work across to the second, it means that second build will always remain completely functional and ready for release. The fact of the matter is, the old cell system, where 300×300 maps were loaded in in entirety, as well as the windows version of the game requiring using the 32bit version of Java at the time, meant in some cases even people with 2gb machines were unable to play the game properly because of out of memory crashes when changing cells. Unfortunately this fundamentally broke the NPC and zombies completely, since they could not function only knowing about the area of the world around the player. The fact of the matter is that with the horrible events of late 2011, the fog of depression and the panicked rush to get back on track and get enough features in there to justify the wait people had had, and the aggressive efforts to optimize the game to run on lower spec computers, all took its toll on the stability of the game.
Instead of positive comments about pillows and hordes spilling in to rip people limb from limb, comments instead focused on the bugginess of the builds and this was damaging the prospects of Zomboid surviving in the long term. But of paramount importance is that RC3 will not surface until we know it to be the best version of Project Zomboid to date, in terms of fun, atmosphere, polish and stability.
Everything we do, or don’t, has been carefully considered to give Zomboid the best shot possible of being all we hope it will be. Beginner mode acts as an introduction to the game and acts as an easier version of the standard Survival mode, offering up plenty of items to scavenge. Players can name and customise their characters appearance (albeit in a very limited way) by choosing gender, skin colour, hair type and colour, chest hair, stubble, and the very important beard type. Movement is controlled with the standard WASD keys and Shift to sprint, but to explore containers and pick up items requires a lot of mouse clicking.
Here you can see what your current condition is as well as applying any bandages or splints you may need to stem bleeding or stabilise broken limbs. Whilst the first two are fairly easy to manage if you keep a good stash of clean food, lack of entertainment (boosted by reading books and magazines) and no human contact can have damning effects on your character, hindering them with negative effects until you are able to carry out a positive action.
These are broken down into core skill sets, each with their own sub-skills; Agility (sprinting, lightfooted, nimble, sneaking), Blade and Blunt (accuracy, guard, maintenance), Crafting (carpentry, cooking, farming, first aid), Firearm (aiming, reloading), Survivalist (fishing, trapping, foraging). Once the block is filled, you can then allocate a unused skill point to that block to unlock the perk.
Hard decisions about what you can stash in buildings or what to keep on you will have to be made frequently, but thankfully the inclusion of portable storage such as backpacks and garbage bags makes things a little easier.
Setting up a server is a bit of a hassle, but luckily there’s quite a few public servers already available to choose from. However, as the zombie penetrated my skin, I could just have been infected with the zombie virus and I won't know until much later, if and when my character starts to feel sick.

They are like most other things, disposable items that get "Wet" after one use and has to be thrown away. Here, you see me standing infront of an oven and placing a Meat Patty into an proximity inventory that has an oven symbol on it.
Next to all of the population are zombies and once enough time has passed, zombies will migrate from other towns to here.
And although they almost only drop clothes, some certain minor good items can be found like certain weapons and even nails. The game saves your exact location and the events that's occuring on a convenient save-file. Like how these garbage cans can be destroyed and have garbage bags drop, essential for building a long-term water income. No help is coming – their continued survival relies on their own cunning, luck and ability to evade a relentless horde. It was one of the many games that had their SteamOS icon removed as it didn’t launch correctly on SteamOS, but it works fine on desktop Linux. Since we began on PZ, however, we were amazed at how friendly the Project Zomboid community is. No help is coming – your continued survival relies on your own cunning, luck and ability to evade a relentless horde.
Hide in the shadows, keep quiet and keep the lights off at night, or at least hang sheets over the windows. You can even build zombie proof forts by chopping trees, sawing wood and scavenging supplies.
Clue: What would you do if you discovered a spot of blood on a fellow survivor’s arm? Even top level wall construction will not be completely zombie proof, balancing the safety player built fortresses provide and avoiding situations where the player is completely safe from zombies. You can read more on what’s involved here, and if you like, have a look at this speculative thread where Lemmy gets all overexcited about what multiplayer could bring to Zomboid in the far future. While this will add a non-trivial amount of extra work for everything we do, it will mean we can commit to releasing weekly snapshots of the game. From map additions, extra NPC meta-game scenes, to critical bug fixes, there will never be a circumstance where we need to wait on a release until things are fixed or completed, so delays will be at worst a case of days, and not the frankly ridiculous delays you lovely people have had to endure. The need to fix this gave birth to the meta-game, which was designed to give the world back its solidity and persistence despite the limited load distance.
Hopefully our planned development changes detailed above show we are committed to fixing this, and know the wait people have had is not acceptable. Thanks for your patience, and we promise we’ll never need to ask this again once we finally deliver RC3. Utilising an isometric view, there’s a strong emphasis on field of vision to see what dangers lie ahead and staying hidden from the never-ending onslaught of the zombified population.
For those who want to customise their Survival experience, the Sandbox mode allows you to tweak the games settings to make it either harder or easier. It’s then time to choose your characters occupation which include Fire Officer, Police Officer, Park Ranger, Construction Worker, Security Guard, and Unemployed.
The same can be said for combat, initiated by holding down the Control key, before left clicking to smack away at a zombie until it’s dead or downed where you can click on it again to carry out a deadly finishing blow. Even the environment can work against you by getting your character too hot, cold, wet or even out of breath by running too much. Levelling your skills can also be sped up by reading books you find on your travels which unlocks an XP multiplier for that specific skill.
Backpacks can be equipped directly onto your character, but storage like garbage bags will need to be equipped in your secondary slot. The biggest problem I found with the multiplayer is that it’s damn near impossible to find your friends.
It’s a game of will and persistence to stay alive (and in the case of the multiplayer, to find your friends).
They move very slowly, however, they can be hidden to the naked eye when they are in high enough grass..
It can be either eaten raw and make you incredibly sick to stave off starvation for a bit or cooked, for some emergency supply of meat.
Meaning, a level 5 book of carpentry will only be useful to you if you are a level 4 carpenter. It’s just another reason why General Arcade is very happy to work on Project Zomboid for all its survivors.
Once that release hits, we’ll have a stable foundation to build from, and a new release system that allows us to build on it with no significant delays, and the ability to address bugs quickly. Sound also plays a big factor as burglar alarms or even running can make enough noise to attract a mob of the undead to your location. Last Stand places the player in a two storey house filled with loot and tasks you with fending off the oncoming horde.
Each occupation (with the exception of unemployed) comes with specific starting traits, more of which can be unlocked as you level up in the game.
Reading these takes a hell of a long time so it’s advised to find somewhere safe and hit the fast-forward button to speed up the process.

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