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About Our TeamBased in Ireland, we're a small but talented development studio providing consultancy on mobile applications, and responsive web development for all devices. Application Description : Thompson Carpentry and Home Maintenance is Australia based carpentry business. The app is a visualization tool that lets you design your next building project using the basic principles of CAD.
The business has relevant experience and expertise in the construction, maintenance and inspection of houses for clients prior to purchases. CSB professionals come up with the best suitable solution as they are passionate about giving small business owners control of their finances. Their friendly, qualified professionals help students aware of the latest trends in Higher Education and Career options.
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It lets you drag out lumber that you need and assemble it into a finished product using only your iPad and your imagination. All aspects concerning installation of windows, doors, laying and repairing of floors, installing and fitting of locks are suitably addressed by the company.
You can drag the wood pieces onto your canvas and arrange them as if you were building a desk, a porch or even a shed.
There are tools to let you measure the wood, cut lumber pieces down to size and attach the pieces to together. You can switch between a 3D and 2D view which helps you to place the lumber and line up the pieces with the correct orientation. As much as I like the flexibility of being able to conceptualize a project, the app is difficult for beginners and some may prefer pencil and paper to the iPad.

New users should be ready to spend some time playing with the app before they're able to use it effectively.
You can grab the plans for a fully assembled desk, break it down and see how someone else put it together.
There's also a page with several video tutorials and a version 1.2 manual that's available in iBooks or PDF format. If you are up to the challenge, you'll be rewarded with an excellent tool to help you plan a project.
There is no free demo, but Fasterre, the company behind the app, has put together a short promo video that shows how the app works.

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