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I can’t tell you how good it feels to get finished with a project that you’ve put your heart and soul into for months! The rollers and track were fairly easy to install and I made sure to secure the red mahogany-stained pine brace to the wall studs perfectly so that it could support the weight of the barn door and track.
This project makes a huge impact on our space, creating incredibly beautiful and functional Art! I do have a question for you, but first let me say that I am self-employed and make beautiful things for the interior design field.
The first door I hastily put together was not finished, but I took it over to the furniture store, and left it with them so as to get some feedback. So cool that you are a creator of beautiful things for the interior design field, my major in college, btw… I could see how your creative process could quickly turn into life-numbing work after doing the same thing over and over. The steel being used in your door should definitely keep the wood in check, brilliant solution + who doesn’t love the aesthetic achieved from mixing wood with steel?!
I had previously installed them as rolling doors using cheap items from the plumbing section of Home Depot.
So anyway, for this design idea I have in mind, I had to find a cheap way to install my doors as actual sliding barn doors.
This time, I started my search at Home Depot and Lowe’s, and I found that they both now carry some pretty nice barn door hardware. Y’all may already know about this cheap barn door hardware, but I had no idea this option existed! The bolt slides through the hole in the wheel piece, and then through the bracket that attaches to the door. The bracket attaches to the door (there are six additional nuts and bolts in the box to attach this bracket).
When you buy these, you have to be very sure that all of the pieces are in the box — two wheel pieces, two brackets, and all of the necessary nuts and bolts.
In order to attach the brackets to my doors, I had to cut away part of the top decorative trim so that I had a flat surface for the brackets to attach to.
So again, because I was installed a 10-foot rail on a 10-foot wall, I pre-assembled everything before installing the rail. But as far as the price and the durability of this hardware, I don’t think you can beat it. UPDATE #2: To see what this type of hardware would look like painted in a matte black, check out the first picture in this post at House of Hipsters. Just wanted to share some other options people might not be aware of: These have really sleek lines without clunky door brackets. One question, and please forgive me if you state it above and I didn’t see — are the doors held completely rigid?
This is a BIG part of why my house isn’t really decorated (and never really has been) Hubby criticizes pretty much everything I might suggest, or even express an opinion on. I for one enjoy the re-do’s, as the project seems to get better and improve each time, even if I thought it was perfect the first time. My comment was not about the money…only how many times you have changed your mind on almost everything!! And to finish my thought… I would presume that an interior decorator who was hired to decorate a space would come up with very clear ideas and concepts for the client. But now, I’m just a homeowner trying to take a horribly outdated house and turn it into my home by DIYing my way through each room. Thanks so much for another great tutorial, especially with the info for how to do it alone! So with the weather still snowy and cold over the weekend, and no ability to work on the chicken coop or recycled greenhouse project – it was time to cure the winter blahs with a building project! Since this was built for a king sized bed – we built it as two separate door frames and then attached them together once in the bedroom. We cut all of our pieces to length to start, including the cured cuts for the top of the doors. I applied glue to all of the joints and clamped them together while nailing on the backing boards. Next, we flipped it around, and added a couple of 2 x 4″ trim boards on each side as well as the top to trim it out and give a little depth. Diy remodelling barn wood - youtube, Diy remodelling barn wood ideas and barn wood projects,old barn wood projects,barn wood wall ideas,small bathroom ideas,rustic bathroom ideas,diy bathroom.

Diy faux windows door fences - empress dirt, A stylish, modern idea for creating faux windows and doors to add interest to a garden fence or wall.. Diy barn door instructions hardware - thrifty, I don’ perfect place house barn door.
Barn doors laundry room - uncommon slice , I excited share post today, talking barn doors laundry room long time!
I’ve always wanted an interior sliding barn door, but I never had the perfect and functional spot for one until we moved. The other materials were hard to come by, making this project take much longer than it should have, but worth the wait. I am extremely proud of my thriftiness on this project since barn doors and hardware online can easily reach into the thousands! The most time-consuming part of this project was taking the pallets apart, but two hammers and some elbow grease are all that’s needed. Barn doors can get extremely expensive, but if you’re thrifty and take your time finding the hardware, it becomes an extremely affordable project! Might I suggest doing small side projects for yourself, friends, or to sell on Etsy so that your passion stays alive?
In the case of your barn door, as long as you biscuit join each piece to the next & add a couple full length supports on the back, warp should be near non-existent.
The drawback is that it’s virtually impossible to install the wheels on the bottom of the door perfectly straight, so as the doors are rolled back and forth, they can become misaligned. Back when I first made and installed these doors, I checked just about every source I could find for barn door hardware, and the hardware needed for my double doors with a 10-foot span was anywhere from about $800 to $1200. It’s a square tube rail, and the wheels that allow the door to slide back and forth actually roll inside the square tube. Before I attached this second board, I marked and measured where the bottom of the metal rail needed to be, and I stalled the board so that the bottom of the board would be perfectly lined up with the bottom of the rail. You can see here where the wheel assembly slides into the rail, and then through the bottom of the rail. I had no idea how many were necessary, so on my 10-foot rail, I used a total of seven brackets. You definitely have to pre-drill your holes for these huge things, and you can buy a bit for your drill to screw these in. You can make the necessary adjustments after the door is installed so that the door hangs perfectly straight. You can simply install the track, and then attach the brackets to the doors and slide the wheels into the track on the end.
Then I slid the brackets in front of the door and into place, and placed the bolts into the pre-drilled holes. The wheels slide very easily and smoothly, and while it does make noise, it’s not too terribly noisy.
And again, you can always spray paint it black or oil-rubbed bronze if the silver color doesn’t work for you. Again, I was looking at prices between $800 and $1200 for barn door hardware for double doors on a 10-foot span.
I’m simply sharing my process, as I always do, and wanted to tell those who are interested about this cheap barn door hardware option.
And yes, as the garage became a temporary workshop, sadly Mary’s vehicle was once again the victim and banished to the driveway.
Scrap wood is actually a great choice, even if it is nicked up – adding a rustic feel to the finished piece.
I found some old Cannon Ball Starline rollers on eBay for ridiculously cheap and scoured my town for a track to house the rollers, eventually finding just what I needed at PRO Build. I also had to buy a piece of 1 x 6 pine to attach the track brackets to and of course bolts to screw the pine into the wall’s studs. I joined biscuits and used wood glue throughout and also randomly nailed to give it a well-loved look. The door looked a little lonely, so I found an antique four pane window on eBay and printed a picturesque mountain plains view to place inside, giving an expansive feeling when in reality it’s just a wall behind the window… so nice to have a mountain view here in Florida!
Specifically, it requires that the doors be installed as actually sliding barn doors rather than rolling doors as I had them before. Home Depot carries these products also, but they don’t carry them in either of the stores here in Waco.

Those wheels move back and forth very easily, and so they kept sliding back and forth, throwing me off balance.
Then I was able to move my ladder to the back of the door, and add the nuts onto the bolts on back of the door.
You can also adjust the height of the door by loosening that same nut, and using a pair of pliers to turn the actual bolt. Or you can built a wood cornice to hide the whole track if you don’t like the look of it at all. What Kristi said about it being her house and her money to do with as she wants is so true. I wanted the wood of the barn door to look authentically aged so I oxidized it, well, my oxidizing specialist aka my adorable 5 year-old little guy, oxidized it & he did an amazing job!
Maybe you could make a decorative wood frame or simply keep it frameless & paint the whole doorway frame the same color as the wall? There is room for framework, but mine does not have it since I wanted to keep it as light as possible in case my little monkeys, er kids, decided to hang from it, lol! Holding that rail up with one hand and trying to screw in the first screw was almost too much for me to do on my own, but I finally got it. The design of the bracket holds that bottom nut in place, so when you turn the actual bolt, the bolt will move up or down in that nut, adjusting the door as needed.
My philosophy was that I wasn’t in their home to force MY style on them and their home.
Ours is a combination of both, along with some salvaged barn hardware saved when we deconstructed two old barns.
But once I have my new grand idea in place, it will be much more difficult to push the doors back into alignment, and my doors could actually be very easily dinged and scraped when they become misaligned.
That still seemed a bit excessive, especially since this hardware isn’t going to show once my new idea is in place.
That’s insanely cheap compared to all of the other barn door hardware I had looked at for this kind of width! So I shot the nails in at random, knowing that wherever I placed them, I’d be hitting solid wood. In order to do it by myself, I had to mark and measure where the first lag screw needed to go (I started with the middle one), and then pre-drill the hole in advance. As you can see, there’s about an inch of play in the height, but do note that if you want the option of adjusting the height of the door after installation, you need to drill a hole in the top of the door BEFORE installing the bracket so that the bolt can move up and down as needed for height adjustments. That plan would be implemented by me, as well as hired professionals like painters, wallpaper hangers, cabinet makers, etc. How many of us have had to redo something… or just given up and accepted something we weren’t happy with? When all was said and done the materials were about $96 and the finished project is worth every penny!
So if your situation is different (which is very likely), you definitely need to screw or nail this into studs. That way when I climbed up on the ladder and held the metal track in one hand, while holding the drill in the other, I knew exactly where that lag bolt needed to go.
I could decorate someone’s home in a traditional style, contemporary style, or any style they wanted. I want to say thank you Kristi for giving me the hope that I too can redo something that didn’t turn out the way I expected. It was very difficult, and I definitely suggest having someone help you install this hardware. The longest I ever worked with a client was six months, and that was decorating her entire house. If the answer is that I would change it, I set about finding a way to achieve the changes I crave.

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