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Home, Interior Design, Interior Decorating, Tips, Ideas, Advice, remodeling, renovating, updating, arranging furniture, and Inspiration for your home! Gold spray paint is hard to seal and retail it’s shine and gold leaf if sealed properly has a glistening shine that really makes it feel and look more expensive. A few tips while gold leafing: use Elmer’s Spray Adhesive instead of regular glue to spray as you go and instantly attach the leaf instead of waiting 30 mins to apply. The first 3 pictures are the coffee table painted with gold spray paint and the rest is after it has been gold leafed. This entry was posted in DIY and tagged budget, cheap, coffee table, diy, easy, elmers glue, expensive, faux marble, glass top, gold leafing, hold spray paint, how to, ikea hack, living room, luxurious, marble top, metal, tutorial, vittsjo.
Sorry, but I have to ask you: do you suggest spray painting the tables (frames) with a gold tone, in order to get a gold-tone below before you gold-leaf them?
Having just done this hack I would say it does help if you have gold colored surface to start with versus the stock brown.
Hi Emily, I’m not sure that would work since Ikea furniture is not heavy duty made from wrought iron. It was originally black-brown and the bottom self was painted to create a faux-marble effect. I fashioned this scarf from plain old, dirt cheap Red Heart acrylic yarn, in basic knit stitch.
I found myself in a pinch this week, gifting wine without a wine bag to present it in.  Since presents are most fun when they need to be unwrapped, I scoured my house for something I could use and remembered I had some freezer paper laying around from a previous crafting project (heaven forbid I actually use freezer paper for wrapping things that go into the freezer!).
With the black scrapbook paper, I decided to make some bats to hang from the ceiling, after a summer road trip through Austin, TX where we watched the Congress Ave bats take flight at dusk. To do this, I found a silhouette image of a bat on the internet, traced it onto a piece of paper (don’t yet have a printer in my new house), cut it out and copied it onto scrapbook paper. Use a needle and fishing line, or in my case, invisible thread which I had on hand, to hang from the ceiling with clear tape.  I love the way it turned out!
To continue with the bat theme, my husband has loved the idea of a conceptual costume ever since we donned chick magnet and deviled egg costumes a few years back. All I did was cut wings from the scrap fabric by laying the shirt flat with arms stretched out at 90 degrees, lining up the corner of the fabric and scalloped the edge from wrist to hem to look like a bat wing.  When done, simply glue the wings onto the shirt seams, then hot glue the desk bell to the front of the shirt.  Hit the bell, and up go his arms!
This last one is supposed to be a hippo, but I think the consensus was that he ended up looking like either a pig or an aardvark. With the print in front of you, use pliers to bend the hanger to mimic the shape of the animal.

Use hot glue gun to tack separate pieces together.  Allow to cool slightly, then mold glue while it is warm (not hot!) to minimize any bulk. Cost: While 4 of my skeins were only $1 at Big Lots, I spent $9 total on yarn for the 6 animals in order to get the right bright coral and bright green for the rhino and turtle.  Still, not bad and certainly a lot of bang for your buck! The weekends have been nice around the beach lately so we’ve been taking our dog down there to play. While I think the addition of succulents would be gorgeous, I wanted something dried so that I could hang it, then store it away with the seasons.  So grab a hot glue gun,  get inspired by your findings and leftovers, and get creative! Use hot glue gun to secure knot to backside of button, making sure to seal off the ends of the cord. I was incredibly lucky to marry into a family who really celebrates tradition at Christmas.  Of our traditions, these delectable little bites of heaven are lovingly placed in our stockings by a Mrs.
Lay out your doilies in a pattern that is pleasing to your eye.  I wanted mine looking asymmetric and almost thrown together. Use photo mounting squares to delicately adhere your doilies together in their final position. Wrap band around gift box, securing with tape.  If you box is too large, use pieces from the bag to piece together the back (no one will see it). Start with a glass or plastic ornament, insert some reindeer moss as a soft base, add a clipping from your tree trimming, and gently scatter mini pine cones.  Do you hear the pine needles crunching under your feet as you walk through the forest? Almost as exciting as receiving greeting cards in the the mail are the arrival of holiday catalogs from my beloved home stores.  I love to flip through them slowly, dog-earing my favorite pages, and take in all of their holiday goodness. Previously, I crafted a felt rosette wreath that I absolutely adore and use as a decoration at both Christmas and St. Fluff felt after adding a few and continue adding until all visible surfaces of ball are covered.
Tips: Using a smaller diameter circle would give you a smaller ball, you’d just have to cut out more circles! This time the Hunted Interior, one of my favorite blogs is reinventing Ikea’s Vittsjo nesting tables that retail for only $59.99! You also want to use gold leaf that is attached to pieces of tissue, which helps use up the whole sheet instead of parts of it.
Notice the difference with the gold leafing as it has a more aged and luxurious look that looks even better with time. Try the scarf on your dog and sew on a button to secure keyhole end of scarf.  Personally, I think the button is what makes this scarf so darn cute! Pick up some cheap tin cans of varying sizes from your favorite discount store and turn them into coordinating centerpieces, that’s what!

As a practicing dentist, wife, and mom of a not-so-independent dog, 12 days in a row is certainly a commitment for me!
Claus who is so busy baking and wrapping gifts throughout the day, she often does not sleep on Christmas Eve. Gorgeous white winter illustrations on brown paper bags inspired me to reuse them as a decorative band on my smaller Christmas gifts this year.  Add some simple red embroidery thread and you’ve got yourself a pretty, environmentally friendly wrapped present without lots of fuss! The cards themselves were a little silly, but had a gorgeous, bright red background that I knew would work well with the photo I chose.  Trying to make your own cards from scratch with colored envelopes and cards from craft stores can get a bit more costly, so starting with the value packs is a great way to make your holiday cards your own without spending a lot of dough. If you have been searching for the perfect gold and glass coffee table, look no further – this DIY is super cheap, easy, and fun to do right at home. This way, you don’t spend as much time cutting AND the crease makes the bat look like he’s in flight! We fashioned a quick set of bat ears with a headband and some leftover black felt, though my dear husband took the liberty of cutting them without consulting me first and he ended up looking more like a flying dingcat.  But you get the picture. Flowers are a must for me at any type of event and when you can get them gorgeous and on the cheap from your local Trader Joe’s, this craft really is a no-brainer! While the flavor and the crunch of these pretzels is divine, its the love that goes into making them that you can taste the most.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. There are two ways to do this DIY – spray paint it gold with two quick coats for Rustoleum’s Metallic Gold Spray Paint or simply gold leaf the whole coffee table. Then, you need some scrap black fabric, about half a yard, for your wings, and a desk courtesy bell that you can find for cheap from your local office supply store.
We ended up using the smallest can as a utensil holder…another great way to add some texture and color to your table!
I don’t really want a bottom table unless it was glass like the top, so I was wondering if it was removable and if it is, does it look funny without it? HoliCoffee is a collector inspiration channel and we really appreciate the hard working of origin blogger[s]. People who are seriously into growing mushrooms need to take freedom from contamination a lot further and may invest in major air purification equipment – essentially moving towards a cleanroom environment.

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