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If you are looking for unique playroom storage ideas then you probably aren't looking for the classic, ugly plastc bins that everyone seems to have.
Decorating a playroom that was functional for my children and beautiful was a goal of mine. Square or rectangle baskets are one of my favorites over the years because they fit on various bookshelves. The two oval storage baskets above are actually two moses baskets from when each of my boys were infants. There is one downside to wicker though, small pieces can break off, depending on the type of basket. Another favorite of mine is to use unique containers like metal buckets from the hardware store.
Also, when possible, we hang pretty things on the walls that doubles as storage and also decor.

Since most of our house decor is pretty neutral, my love for color and creativity has found a canvas on the walls of my son's playroom (full playroom tour here). But, I ordered the XL size, and it looks as though they have discontinued that size for some sad reason. We also made sure the top attached securely so the tabby could be used for everyday play also. For Woody, I found a yellow shirt at Goodwill for $3.00 and drew red lines on it to make it look flannel. My formula for great playroom wall decor is something that's playful, eye-catching and fun.
I made him a name tag in the shape of the bottom of Woody’s boot and wrote Andy on it and he wore a blue shirt. All of these walls have that formula in common and I hope they inspire you as much as they have me.

Getting everyone together to pick up after themselves teaches them a good lesson, but it can be exhausting. Part-time creative marketing consultant who loves running, crossfit and all things creative. I decided to save myself the trouble by getting some organization tools that will help them remember to stay tidy without me having to remind them all the time!
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