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Quite a plain toybox this one, unlike some of our cartoon toyboxes, and as such may be more suitable for maintaining a more sophisticated look in your home. I tried not to be impatient, not to think, I had to put the littlest one to bed, sort the laundry, stack the dishwasher, pay a bill I had found under the floorboard and I took a deep breath. There standing in front of me was a huge bunch of dandelions hanging on rather distressed stalks. Even more precious than my lovingly picked bunch of dangling dandelions was the enormous beam on the face of my eldest. There aren’t many hours in the day, but the time I have spent making my giant ruler have been so satisfying it has been a joy! Vinyl numbers which can be bought online or stencils or free hand for the markings and numbers. Well with the decorations being packed away and the last of the yummy Christmas treats being eaten and not restocked, it’s time to reorganise in the Duck Egg House. The next and much deliberated (more soliloquies to a patient husband who I am sure is listening to me rather than the Sky sports reader?!) colour of the sitting room has been an endless cycle of discussions from greys to blues and even pink. 3 Hanging pictures- In our last house we sort of forgot to hang pictures as we were distracted by life. This poster was inspired by the actor Idris Elba (the actor who recently played the lead in the Nelson Mandela film and star of the BBC drama Luther). During the ordering process there will be a box where you can put the information you want on the Personalised Childrens Car Poster. All Personalised Childrens Car Posters are A3 size fitting perfectly into a frame and ready for the wall. Upcycling a piece of furniture is a really exciting process, but it can seem a little daunting at first. Antiques fairs or car boot sales can be fascinating places to wander around but they are sometimes overwhelming, so if you go with a specific idea you can direct a more structured search. Quite a sturdy pine construction with this one so should cope well with the rough and tumble your kids will no doubt put it through.
In a busy world where everyone anywhere can work everywhere, anywhere, it was humbling to be reminded that there is a world right in front of us.

It seems not only this week but this year is going so quickly and too soon my little ducklings are growing up, with one to start school in September and one walking (albeit rather reluctantly!) I sometimes wish I could pause moments in time, just so I can catch up with them. Once the panel is fully dry you can apply your numbers how you choose to, I mimicked a ruler I used to have with inches and cm, but you could also just use only feet and inches or only cm.
After our move last year, we had little time to do anything other than attempt to unpack. However the current lemon yellow is cold and the previous occupation has done a very sweet mural with crayons across half the wall. Storage -My big problem is storage, our boys were very lucky to receive some lovely toys this Christmas, so we couldn’t be without our toy box. Paint- I love the soft palette of Farrow and Ball and will be experimenting with their lighter tones for our North facing rooms and also trying out some more dramatic colours from the Little Greene selection, I love how this range offers different tonal variations of the same colour. But we promised we would not do that this time as we have collected, been given and taken some great images over the years and we can’t wait to have them as mementos, particularly as time seems to be flying and our little ones are growing up so quickly.
Enjoying our Home- Finally our last resolve is to take the time to enjoy being at home together! Once you have a smooth surface these are the perfect way to paint over a dark stain or veneer.
So in an effort to record some of these wonderful moments I have been looking at crafty ways to do this! However, I can no longer ignore the boxes and the spare room that is groaning with all our displaced possessions, nor the water stain on the wall.
Funny how the interior projects I have been involved in I can execute in one step but my own is impossible to decide upon!
We have seaside holidays snaps, some old prints bought when I should have been buying stock and our favourite Duck Egg prints. I am beginning to become confident with creating moods with different styles of lighting and I am excited to have these pendants hung over our eating area in the kitchen for long, chatty family meals over our favourite food. Add onion, carrots, celery, and garlic and cook until carrots begin to soften, about 6 minutes. It was obvious he loves his cars so we decided to make a poster to celebrate the new arrival and send it on to them with the toy box.

One idea I love and is popular among my Mummy friends is to create a year book, digitally storing away photos in folders over the year, however after my phone crashed last year I am a big fan of printing off directly from my phone as well just to capture the transient moments, the triumphant grin of that first hit of the tennis ball over the net and the tentative first steps of our youngest.
I hope it gives them a sense of belonging and of how much we have loved every stage and how even their smallest changes have not gone unnoticed. I thought this made it look more like the wooden rulers I used at school, which gave it a vintage appeal! We when saw the house it looked romantic, but it’s time to pick up the paint brushes and get started!
Whether its is baking, painting together, having friends round or simply playing hide and seek, we are going to  make the most of this precious time together! Vintage and antique chests of drawers have practical storage, yet the advantage of interesting carvings, ornate details and elegant handles that distinguish them from some of the mass produced pieces of today. We (I say we when in fact it is my long suffering husband who is to have an intense weekend of redecoration as I take the little ones away to be spoilt rotten by their grandparents!!) will commence with the hall, although it might seem futile, the long scooter trails and my bad steering with the pram have rendered the left hand wall a stripy paradise. However I am hoping a fresh coat of Pointing by Farrow and Ball will lighten it for a few weeks at least!
You can then back the fabric edges on the underside and cover the folds with Calico and a staple gun.
This is a relatively cheap and lovely way to add colour and print to a dull chair, and the added bonus is that it’s an extra place for hallway paraphernalia to land! You might also want to decorate bookcases and cabinets with wallpaper offcuts to continue your vintage feel throughout the room. Cut the paper to the right size to fit the bookcase indents, then paste with PVA or wallpaper paste.

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