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Back in the day a cool japanese guy made an awesome cardboard replica of the famous Muji Cd player. The aim of this prototype was to develop a wind train from our last model, the Windtrain Umbrella that would have both improved performance and construction. Few simple electronic circuits have given as much fun to so many as the Joule Thief and vast amounts of internet bandwidth have been expended on its construction.
I am a telecommunications engineering student, and i needed a power supply for prove the circuits i have to mount for practices. Shortage of Electrical energy is a big problem in my country and load shading occurs regularly here. If you ever had your cable and it started to frey around the tip of the charger from over use this will help you fix this problem. Google Cardboard is a cheap way to experience virtual reality (VR) on your Apple or Android cell phone.
Recycled scanner rgb led lamp pwm controlled by Arduino Nano Final result This is what you get if you follow this instructable. If you are at all interested in robotics and electronics you will probably have disassembled an old printer or two (if you haven't, I highly recommend it, there are always interesting parts, and you can learn a lot about how the experts put electro-mechanical machines together). The easiest and most efficient way to make a wireless and connected controlled car !A few months ago I bought a 5$ RC car in a mall. Figured it was 'bout time I did something with the Raspberry Pi Gen 1 model B that I bought a couple of years ago.

While this is written with my Raspberry Pi in mind, this 'Ible can, of course, be accomplished with any device that you have the desire to hide. This Instructable will teach you how to identify, hack and use an old camcorder CRT viewfinder without the use of a service manual as those can be hard to come by (especially for older cameras). Rotary phones are cool, they should stay cool even wireless!I have to say that I do like vintage objects.
I recently intercepted a heavy duty, solid metal server computer case from Computers for Schools Yukon (CFSY) headed for recycling.
The genesis of this project was a totally different project: a friend of ours has two ancient garden lights, a gnome and a lighthouse, which had rusted badly and were infested with ants.
Make a cheap, nasty notebook into a desirable object by adding some worthless trash, in this case: an old piece of circuit board. I wanted to do the same, but now some years later the instructions about how he made it is gone. We were more interested in making a single module that functioned well on its own than a long windtrain.
You download apps (many free-- see recs at end), pop them in the ViewMaster-like viewer, and move your head around to see 360 degrees of real or CG stills or video.
I always wanted a portable means to cool a container of food or air condition a small space.
So it may be a bit incomplete, but anyhow I think it's worth to be shared.So I have this nice litte Saeco Aroma which is originally designed to make one cup of espresso a time.

I decided to make a multimedia hub with it, and mostly re-purposed parts form other scrapped or unused devices. But when it rains everybody goes inside, and then when the rain shower is over, everybody starts asking if it is OK again to go sit outside again.
He had taken his family on a camping holiday, like he had done for quite a few years since his children became old enough to enjoy it.
It’s a completely functional super-advanced mini-computer with a wonderful screen, speakers, microphones, and a ton of sensors built in. Here's how to recycle those cells to make a general-purpose battery pack!This battery pack is good for things like RC planes, quadcopters, FPV, and more (if your cells have the correct C rating)!
Suddenly one thing came to my mind, why I am not using the water flow of bathroom water tap to light my bathroom. This is ideal if you just want to get some quick measurements before soldering the final circuit together.Naturally the workspace gets messy really soon. If you are using a laptop then after few years of usage the battery performance decreases and a time comes when your battery pack is no longer supplying power.

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