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DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. In the first part of this article, I showed how to make a Christmas tree ornament shaped like a snowman (see Figure 1). Figure 3 below shows the size of the blanks for the bell ornament, and details the location of each major division of the piece. If you, like me, are making lots of these ornaments for Christmas gifts, I suggest making a sizing template for each ornament (Figure 4). Part 1 of this article has more detailed instructions on preparing the blanks for the ornaments, so I won’t repeat them here. For the bell ornaments, cut lengths of 1 ? square spindles to 3 ? inches; for the bulb ornaments, cut lengths of 1 inch square spindles to 3 inches. You may wish to drill a hole for the hanger right now (Figure 5); it’s easier to do it now, rather than waiting until the ornament has been turned and doesn’t have a flat surface to sit on. After shaping the body as desired, move left again to the crown of the bell (between the waste cutoff and the body).

Using a narrow parting tool or the toe of a skew, cut a couple of very shallow lines at the top and bottom of the body, and use a burning wire (a length of steel wire with a small handle on each end – homemade of course, although you can buy them) to burn in two dark black lines for decoration (Figure 14). Part the bell ornament off (Figure 18), and in the same manner as the snowman ornament, attach a hanger on the top. It features fretwork, compound-cuts, intarsia and inlay projects for ornaments, wreaths, Santas and more. Remember that for the bell and bulb ornaments, the top of the ornament is on the chuck end, so the hole needs to be at least an inch deep (to account for the tenon which is parted off). Using the spindle gouge, begin cutting a slope from the bottom edge to the marked line to the left, which is the top edge of the body. You might want to increase the speed of the lathe up to 1500 or 1900 if you’re having trouble getting a burn. As with the snowman ornament, put on a coat of friction polish with the lathe off, polish it with the application cloth, put on some wax with the lathe on, and polish it with the wax applicator cloth (or paper towel). If you want to make them for Christmas buy them early as the stores are apt to run out leading up to the holiday.

The kits use a pen turning mandrel and have a brass tube that goes in the center of the piece similar to with pens. This collection of holiday favourites features fretwork, compound-cuts, intarsia and inlay projects for ornaments, wreaths, Santas, portraits, candleholders and more. Readers will gain information and inspiration from some of scrolling's leading experts. With step-by-step instructions and colour photos, readers are guaranteed a very merry scrolling experience.

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