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I achieve the goal of no cache misses by first building what I call a persistent cache; memcache backed by disk or database. Essentially this creates a type of MRU cache, only using memcache for frequently used data. The diagram above describes how I built the caching for Klout Widget, a hack I created just to demonstrate this strategy. Yes, I know the idea is nuts but when you’re a fast moving bootstrapped startup sometimes you build things like this. The reason we opted to do this is to allow us to quickly and easily make SEO friendly pages without changing backend software. For the past nine days my father and I, with the help of my house mate and other friends, built a victorian library in my double parlor. It is with great sadness that I will be missing the burn this year after participating six years in a row.
Since I am not attending this year I have decided to take this opportunity to share my experiences building a long standing theme camp.
Although anyone can come to Burning Man and find some unoccupied land to pitch a tent, to become a proper registered theme camp with land deemed yours for the week, you must offer something to the community. To give you an idea about the level of intelligence and insanity of my group (yes, you need both to be a good burner), here is the stop motion video created last year chronicling our camp build. We are a dive bar at heart, with a daytime dance scene and a 150′ slip-n-slide with jazz and ambient music at night. On the flip side, although our size and intimacy are one of our greatest qualities it’s also a hinderance in respect to scaling. As for responsibilities, everyone has a job and they’re expected to do it to the best of their abilities. As for camp budget and other planning documents, our camp leader uses spreadsheets and Word documents. We got our many shade structures from army supply type places around the bay area and on the web.
The showers are one of the projects that we haven’t gotten quite right until this past year.
This year we stepped up and built proper showers that are nearly 100% reusable consisting of pressure treated color coded wood and stainless steel color coded bolts. In order to keep the wind out and to provide some privacy we wrapped the showers in vinyl which we source for free. For the shower sprayers themselves we’ve tried a number of different things from CO2 to hand powered. One of the unfortunate side effects of trying to stay mildly hygienic on the playa is having to handle your shower water. There are so many ways to solve this problem but for us it’s simply about cost and effectiveness. One of the best innovations in regards to power was a campmates auto-refueling system for the generator which we’ve perfected over the years.
To house our actual bar and sound equipment we’ve always used military surplus tents but last year we upgraded to two large wedding tents. Signage is very important if you’re going to attract patrons, especially if you are off the beaten path.
We have a few talented DJ’s in our camp who cannot only spin, but they also know how to setup a great system and source the components.
The other major innovation that one of my cofounders pioneered is the air-powered incinerator (documented on our wiki). Since we are a San Francisco based camp where space is at a premium we rent a storage space for the duration of the year. Each year before the burn we unpack our storage unit, inventory all the parts, and identify what needs to be fixed. For transporting our infrastructure to the playa we rent a 26′ box truck with a lift gate costing us over $3,000. After the first year where we ended up spending 4 days building, we quickly learned we had to build at night.
Another crucial part of a quick build is proper planning, packing, and ultimately building. With a title like that most people are probably thinking I have some sort of strange fetish — but alas, my sickness is far geekier. Since there are many posts about this subject (sources listed at the end) I am not going to chronicle all the intricacies of the entire setup, rather some of the tricks I used and my experiences with it.
Although Nosetests are a great tool, it adds another level of abstraction on top of my homemade test harness which I had to throwout due to the introspective nature of Nosetests and the way it wanted to run. As you create more and more tests it becomes increasingly slow to run them on just one machine.
Sauce Labs, founded by Selenium’s creator Jason Huggins, allows you to run your tests in the cloud. The configuration is brain-dead easy and only takes a matter of minutes to switch your current setup to a sauce setup. As you can see from the above excerpt, you just need to instantiate your selenium object with a different configuration and you’re running Selenium in the cloud. Selenium is a wonderful tool that I have used many times on the job, this time extensively. In regards to running your tests, Sauce’s Selenium Grid in the cloud has been a great experience and something I am going to continue to use. Last week I gave a long overdue presentation on my experiences at Radar Networks where we attempted to built a consumer product using Semantic technologies.
I don’t work in this space anymore but I wanted to share the experiences that I had in the two years I worked with the Semantic Web.
Its 2010 and there still isn’t an ad-free and non-paid way to have many-to-many text messages with a group of people! In years past I have camped in a tent under a large shade structure with the rest of my camp mates which is all fine and well but this year I wanted to try something different and a little more comfortable.
The only other things you have to worry about are anchoring it to the ground and ventilation. Regarding the ventilation I have a couple of ideas but unfortunately I am unable to give them a good test given the San Francisco climate. Its been nearly 6 months since my new gig as a lead engineer at Transpond and I havent posted anything about software or much of anything else for that matter. Anyway, there are tons of books and blog posts about how to write PHP so Im not going to go into that. Just like Java, classes in PHP have constructors and even destructors; however, they are not declared as you may think.
What is also interesting is that classes cannot be static in the way we would normally think about them.
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San Francisco is going through a major housing and commercial real estate crisis with no sign of decline. When we began to look for office space in May of 2014, the average cost per square foot was nearly $60 a year. After looking at dozens of beautiful office spaces with high ceilings, lots of light, and debilitating price tags, we began to look on the outskirts of more desirable neighborhoods.
At first glance the space was quite uninspiring with stark white walls, 12 foot tall drop ceilings, and horrendous fluorescent lighting. This question has always puzzled me, especially when it comes from seasoned veterans who have well-respected jobs.
The bigger question is, how do you take your knowledge of language and software systems to hack real-world systems? This is the difference between a good product and a great one, and it has nothing to do with software.
I can’t tell you the amount of times that I’ve come into an engineering meeting where one engineer is bragging to another that in five lines of beautifully succinct code they have been able to complete their task in record time with flawless execution.
These hackers were so perceptive and audacious that rather than engineer a faster application, they decided it was easier to change the users’ perception of time. Next time you’re hiring an engineer, don’t just ask them the usual whiteboard questions and what they learned in college 10 years ago. Last May my friend Kyle Stewart, Executive Director of ReAllocate, came to me last May and asked, “what would you do with a 14,000 square foot warehouse in the heart of San Francisco?” Assuming this was a loaded question I first asked him how much it would cost.

It turns out that our friend Mike Zuckerman had secured a warehouse at 1131 Mission Street for just $1 for the month of June to conduct a civic experiment.
Much like how children rally together to build a treehouse with no reservations, we did the same.
After only a few weeks of being open, we realized that one month just wasn’t going to cut it. Fast forward 6 months later to today, Freespace in its original incarnation is gone but the idea is spreading. Mike has now made it his mission to help foster its growth and he is currently on airplanes every week to do just that. Right before Burning Man this year the Huffington Post reached out to me to do a live interview about the event, specifically about its shared economy. A few months back my friends Kyle and Nick joined me in an endeavor to build a chicken coop for our friends at the Avolon Hot Springs. Today it still retains a lot of its history with original springs still on the property, rustic cabins, and a beautiful main hall. The wood he brought was a nice veneered bamboo with a bull-nosed edge on one side which gave it a nice finished look. People play an incredibly large part in every company workflow; however us humans can be costly and hard to manage which creates a challenge when scaling horizontally.
The big question really is where is the line between human intervention and software automation?
Unfortunately every business is different and identifying scaling problems takes proper vision and knowledge of the business. Taking a scientific approach to solving these problems is the most financially prudent and effective way to find scaling solutions. Unfortunately, not many non-engineers are able to actually explain what it is they do all day long in enough detail to replicate. If we step back even further and look at the bigger picture what I am really saying is question your job! One of the tricks we employ is to automate things to the point of complete automation minus the final step. Some pipelines like the one I just described will always require human interaction but other times we do fully automate.
There really is no silver bullet to any of these problems and solutions come from careful study and measurement just like scientists would study behavior in lab.
My recommendation for anyone who is attempting to scale up their logistical pipelines from shipping product to onboarding data is to use humans and study their behavior closely.
A few weeks ago, right before my 30th birthday, I filed my first patent with the founder of my company Adam Sah and our other engineer and my housemate David Merritt.
The patent involves software that is used on commodity hardware such as a cell phone to collect data and use it in a novel way. Recently Jane Dagmi, a writer for Bob Vila, found me on Twitter and began to follow the restoration process of my Victorian house. Since then, I have also syndicated my house blog content onto Bob Vila’s crowd-sourced blog for do-it-yourselfers.
It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Gerald Allan Clarke at the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre on December 6, 2011 at the age of 100. Since I returned home from Burning Man I have been extremely busy with a new job and a lot of new changes in life so I have not been able to post any updates. A person constructed the playresidence for the kids, the potting get rid of for the spouse, and today It is time for you to develop a get rid of on your own. A person selected the garden storage shed and at the same time you identified an ideal place withwithin the wooded portion of the actual yard.
You’ve got a concept for the DO-IT-YOURSELF garden storage shed as well as nervous to construct this.
Downloading A Gold Mine of Shed Plans, Schematics, Woodworking Courses Materials And Home Building Lessons.
Small Storage Building Plans : Downloading A Gold Mine of Shed Plans, Schematics, Woodworking Courses Materials And Home Building Lessons.
Tend not to miss get exclusive Offer for Downloading A Gold Mine of Shed Plans, Schematics, Woodworking Courses Materials And Home Building Lessons. For rent is my Clarke CSS300 13" Woodworker Scroll Saw with manual, spare blades and tilt function.
Can deliver and collect for cost of fuel OR your welcome to collect from my house or place of work in Chester city centre.
This is something that my campmates and I have talked about for years but just never had the time. Whether it be a Slip-n-slide and bar like our camp or a Barbie petting zoo or mini-golf course, you must invoke participation. Our first year out in 2006 we bit off more than we could chew and ended up building in the searing heat from Saturday to Wednesday.
The people are the most important asset to any group, company, or organization and a Burning Man camp is no different. We always use satellite photos from Gigapan to review the previous year’s layout and prepare for the next.
It is especially important that you get your tent under some sort of shade if your desire is to sleep past 8 am. For our sleeping shade alone we have 5,400 square feet of space for all of us to sleep under. We divide up into teams of 6 or 7 and provide one meal a night and the other nights you eat free.
Once camps start growing past 75 or 100 people the kitchen usually suffers or becomes non-existant due to cleanup problems and other issues of scale. We fully stock it with everything you could possibly need from a BBQ and deep-fryer all the way down to the utensils, serving trays, and sink. Vinyl billboards are often tossed out or sent to Mexico as house wrap but if you know someone in the business or look hard enough on Craigslist you can find some. In the end, the easiest and most sustainable thing are good old gravity sun showers and hand pump sprayers.
We bring a simple 120v bilge pump to pump out any extra water into our empty 55 gallon drums that we bring home with us. Sometimes it’s the little tricks that save you engineering headaches and let you focus other places. Not only that, once you attract them they need to be able to find their way back and tell their friends the name. Luckily we have an incredible trash tsar, thats right a tsar, who has done a great job keeping us in order.
It burns well over a thousand degrees without any gasoline or other accelerant; so hot that it burns almost all of the pollutants out. For the first few years we split up infrastructure between our collective houses but that has its challenges when your campmates are moving across the city all the time.
We can’t bother to do it when we get back from the burn because we are so exhausted so we just store it for a year.
This year we used satellite photos and a 200′ tape measure to layout our entire camp before the truck even arrived.
We know exactly what needs to come out and at what time which has greatly increased our efficiency. This item may be a floor model or an item that has been returned to the seller after a period of use.
By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Although my alma mater taught me this way as well, this is not the way I think — and neither should veteran engineers. I look at this as a form of social engineering; instead of the goal being to teach a machine how to behave, you are attempting to create a machine that mimics the way humans behave.
But I can count on one hand the number of times an engineer has bragged that they changed five lines of HTML and upped the engagement rate 10% on a feature that everyone perceived as useless. Facebook recently discovered that by changing their loading animation icon to what iOS and Android natively do, the user couldn’t tell if the slowness was coming from their phone, their carrier, or Facebook itself.
Your job is to find out if they are willing and able to program the way users behave — or just program computers. He assured me that it wasn’t a concern of mine and told me to grab my tools because we had work to do.
A ‘culture hack’ as he refers to it; repurposing otherwise unsused or private properties for different uses then they were intended.

This all happened so fast and there was no time to fuss over governance, planning, and structure. Manufacturing companies consume raw materials to create finished products and in turn the sales department pipelines the products out the door to its customers. We’ve had mixed success but our staff is learning how to distill their use cases down more and more. Gerry grew up in Hastings, Nova Scotia, the son of the late Charles and Edna (Long) Clarke.
The wooded location that’ll be from the actual noisy sound as properly as songs from the kids, a loved ones member worrying of the pains and aches, the real sweetie perform weekend break checklist structured simply contemplating that of your spouse, or simply the get-a-way for multiple pevery as properly as peaceful, a guy cavern sanctuary. You desire your own guy cavern to grow to be huge sufficient to support the actual on the web poker desk, the mini-bar, your preferred recliner chair, as well as tv. For example, I used it to cut bathroom laminate flooring to fit around a toilet, also to cut out words and to make my own shelves. The endless amount of tribal knowledge at Burning Man takes years to amass; trial and error are a way of life at Burning Man.
Once you have your idea and mission you must fill out the official theme camp questionnaire to be considered by the Burning Man Organization.
Even the next year when we thought we had it all figured out we were still finishing the build on Tuesday. The amount of sweat and tears that go into the months of planning each year can be overwhelming. After the 2005 burn where the other founders and I met, we returned home to San Francisco and merged our friends together.
Whether you’re a truck packer, kitchen cleaner, or structure builder you always have help.
In the end it is them who take direct responsibility for accomplishing all of their required tasks. It really helped us to collaborate and get our thoughts in order when we first started this endeavor. Not only are they emailed out from time to time, they are printed and distributed to the camp before we all head out to burn. This may sound daunting but if you’re resourceful you can find everything you need at garage sales and build the rest. Last year we brought 20 kegs, 200 handles of Vodka, and almost a palette of mixers and we were running low on Thursday.
Not only do we bring out huge blue, green, and black bins from San Francisco so they’re recognizable, they are clearly labeled with color photos of what goes in each. During certain times of the day you can cart over your empties and they will take some of them (I forget exactly what types they take). Although this inventory process can be time consuming it’s paramount to ensure that we have everything we need. We could have bought our own truck 3 times over at this point but without a truck, we are a camp in a box without any other strings attached. With the ground staked with flags for the different structures we would begin to unpack the truck.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Why would you want to learn yet another language, when that language is nothing more than a set of instructions that tell a machine how to behave?
It was a long and arduous road, and people still don’t ‘get Twitter,’ whereas companies like Apple and Facebook have painstakingly studied human beings and purposely built products around their needs. When I began hiring back in May of 2013, not one of them knew our native language of Python, and the other two had barely written any JavaScript (which we have a lot of). For me it was about creating a modern day community center run by hackers, completely based on merit, not money.
Traditonal democractic process was thrown out the window and its place we were left with an adhocracy. It also has a tilting function so you can give items a 3D look or I used it to cut skirting corners to join equally. Unfortunately not everyone who applies will be granted theme camp status because there are just too many applicants. Before I go too deep into what worked and what didnt, I should explain our camp’s mission and scale. We’re lucky enough to have over two dozen incredibly dedicated people to spread the load.
From there those friends invited other friends of similar attitude and worth and the cycle continued. This team is also vital in keeping the camp’s vision a reality and not deviate from our foundings.
As the years went on and we gained more experience we’ve slowly migrated back to email and Google groups as they fit our simple needs. For example, our sink consists of a 55 gallon drum with a makeshift top and strainer paired with a sun shower bag.
They are extremely efficient and very quiet, capable of supplying 4,000 watts of power for a week on only 40 gallons of gas. All these details matter and we have seen vast improvement over the years with little optimizations like this. If you’re anything like us though, you have too much and it can be a hassle to get it over there. For us, a thousand dollars a year makes the problem go away and gives our infrastructure a safe home.
As you may have seen from the build video at the top of this post, we employ fire lines to quickly unpack the truck.
We have a team of experienced campmates who run the truck load who have their own plan and schedule.
Once your friends turn on Twitter’s mobile updates for the group you can chat with them anywhere.
I don’t care if it took zero lines of code or a hundred and a roll of duct tape to complete the task, and guess what? If you could swing a hammer, paint a portrait, program a computer, or organize a coup you were given a canvas in which to experiment. The quality from the information found in Small Storage Building Plans (Small Storage Building Plans : Diy Garden Shed A Preplanned Check List) is well above anything you will discover available today. I highly advise you to take your theme camp questionnaire seriously, especially if you are a first year camp.
This vision, morale, and sense of camaraderie must come from the top down and in turn it comes back from the bottom up. We also use Facebook to communicate with our fans and campmates for fundraisers and other events. One year we had an incredible setup that would pump water up over vertical bed sheets to spread the water over a large surface area. Instead we bring them back to the dump and get money back which pays for some of the nonburnable trash we have to throw away. With a line of 15 people we could easily pass poles and other infrastructure anywhere we needed across our land. Recently I’ve seen a couple of new designs which have also proven to be very successful and are much easier to build (video). If you’ve been writing software for 10 years and you’re worried about the new hot framework out in the world, you’ve lost the forest for the trees.
This definitely isn’t true for the massive camps like Opulent Temple and the Roots with insane sound stages but for us mere mortals a bar is a necessary addition.
The experience has taught us so much about ourselves, managing others, logistics, and most of all– perseverance. Keeping a cohesive group of about 50 people together throughout the years has proven to be an incredible joy but also a great challenge and responsibility. We his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren thank him for the example he set for us. The family would like to thank all of the caregivers at Centennial Villa and the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre for their kindness and care. Gerry has been cremated under the care and direction of the Furlong~Jones Funeral Home, 70 Church St., Amherst (902-667-8777).

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