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The tray is an essential attribute of almost any interior; it is very practical and comfortable thing. Coffee table can be decorated with plain tile mosaic, which is easy to find on the market or plumbing store. Coffee tables are the centerpiece of most family and living rooms, yet so often they are left as a blank canvas or a landing spot for stacks of magazines and remote controls.
To keep it simple, there are 5 general accessories that I like to use on almost every coffee table I style.
Trays are great for grouping decorative objects so that they look unified instead of just some random objects sitting on a table. To break up all of the hard lines and  add some varying height to your table, it’s a good idea to add in something tall and curvy like a pot, vase, candle holder, or an urn. I love decorating (duh!), art, and photography, so my books on my coffee table showcase that. In addition to the subject matter, the color of your books should tie in with the other decor in your room. The gold mirrored star on my coffee table was a find from Joss & Main a few months ago. Other great places to find interesting objects are thrift stores, antique stores, and stores like Home Goods.

To help you visualize different ways to tie it all together, here are some more images of beautifully styled coffee tables that all incorporate the 5 elements I’ve talked about. If you are ready to go style you coffee table now, I suggest you shop around your house first and see if you already have any of the elements I’ve talked about. I’ve been searching for a new coffee table and love your white one could you tell me where you picked it up at? Hi Cristina, The baskets under our coffee table are the Morgan Rectangular Baskets from Ballard Designs.
Welcome to Meadow Lake Road, where you’ll find inspiring design ideas, tips for do-it-yourself projects, and even help with design dilemmas in your own home. Multi-functional furniture is the need of the hour with living spaces becoming increasing smaller and overcrowded with gadgetries. But like the rest of the furniture in our home and coffee table over time loses his good looks and ceases to be in interior decoration.
It is enough to have two contrasting colors to create a beautiful picture of your coffee table. With the coffee table being one of the main pieces of furniture in a space, it’s worth it to spend a little time and energy in styling it.
They are a great way to infuse you personality into a space and can also be used to bring in color and add varying heights.

I almost always remove the dust jackets from my books to reveal a more simple, subtle cover.
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This does not mean you have to immediately throw away your old coffee; you can decorate it with your own hands. Your greenery can be combined with your something tall and curvy by placing flowers in a vase or a plant in a pretty pot. Books used for coffee table display should be good-looking hardcover books that reflect what you love. It’s super cute in person and has held up very well over the last year and a half (even with 3 little kids who like to drive their cars all over it!). For you it is enough to decide how you want to decorate on your coffee table and what you have available from the material for decorating home.
Not only will this bring interest to your coffee table, it may also be a great conversation starter for when you have guest over.

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