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Description: I had purchased a Raspberry Pi (RPi) credit card sized computer and wanted to do something fun with it. The Lack is easily hacked by cutting it’s hollow core material using a utility knife. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. I want this for our living room but I’m not a programmer, any chance you could make a list of what is needed? Can you provide any additional infos about wiring the whole thing together and your Python program?Thank you so much. Then about 6 weeks ago, IKEA was having a sale before the end of financial year and saw a BESTA Bench on sale for $25 down from $95 so thought what the heck, if I mess it up, it’s only $25… Then saw these INREDA drawers on sale for $5 each! The cabinet looks like a fairly normal coffee table, with space underneath for feet to slip under.
Half MAME cabinet, half pretentious furniture, this new coffee table by Surface Tension mixes worlds to adultise your gaming habit. For those who already have a PC of their own to stick inside, the table is available gutted of its computer components but still packing all of the joysticks and handy ports. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is expected to announce his latest pet project today -- a brand new four year program to boost Australia's defence against cyber attacks.
A reported $230 million-plus is to be spent on the initiative, which will employ 100 new IT experts.

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I saw another article on how to make an arcade coffee table and thought I could do it easier by hacking an Ikea Lack table. I hacked together a simple front-end for selecting the games in Python using some sample code I found on These items are hidden by a small enclosure I made that is glued to the bottom of the table.
My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items". I just tied on lead of all the buttons together for ground and then the lead was attached to the corresponding input on the encoder.
The only thing I can really share that is re-usable, is the frontend that I hacked together in Python. I connected all the ground terminals together, then wired the other side to each of the inputs on the keyboard encoder.The Pythong front-end was also very simple. But I had no room nor have approval from the wifey to embark on the project, so it just sat there in the back of my mind. Not being a woodworking expert, I spent a month just researching what I had to do, and then also had an idea to use stuff sourced from IKEA to hack something together, but it never went beyond a few conceptual sketches and links to items on IKEA. Available in walnut or oak, the table features a 19-inch LCD, Shuttle PC with dual core CPU, integrated USB and HDMI outputs, 100W of speakers and two sets of high quality buttons and joysticks.

But this Surface Tension table is the most stylish tabletop arcade setup we’ve seen yet.
I ended up using that hole cutter to score the shape of the holes and then finishing the cut with a utility knife. However, while it was in the frontroom, the WAF (wife acceptance factor) was relatively high! I found some code at for a more elaborate front-end, but I couldnt get it to work. I think I might make a standing traditional style arcade machine but thanks for the great idea. With this hardware configuration, you can play games on the table or output the experience to your HDTV.
In it’s final form, the table is completely controlled by the joystick and buttons so the keyboard is only used occasionally for fine tuning.
Perhaps you’d be kind enough to have a look at some of my families carpentry skills on our website?

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