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As we concentrate on the most unique table base designs, lets open this post with the Gabion Table.
The last, but not least in our post of the most interesting table base designs, is the Paint Drip Table by John Nouanesing. We are afraid we wil not be able to help you in this case, since we do not sell these tables.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Choosing a table base can be tricky enough with our wide selection, and the process becomes a bit more complicated when stone table tops come into play. When someone asks for advice on selecting a table base for a granite or marble table top, the first question we always ask is "What is the size of your tabletop and how thick is it?" Obviously, the larger the size of your tabletop, the larger a table base you will need. When it comes to choosing a table base for your heavy stone top, the style of the base is also quite important. In the last few years, we have introduced some table bases with multiple columns (RFL750x3, RSQ750x4, Plaza-1828, 2000-2230 and the Bruni Series).
All of the granite fabricators that we work with recommend that a sub-top be glued to the underside of the granite.
By gluing a wood sub-top with either epoxy or construction adhesive to the underside of your stone table top, it allows the base to be screwed securely into the top, without penetrating the stone.
The sub-top can be sized smaller than the granite table top, so that it will not be noticeable under the table top when you look down at the table. DescriptionA large coffee table composed of three granite stepped bases supporting a round .75" glass top with rounded edges, circa 1980.
Then perhaps this post about the interesting table base designs will help you a great deal to add new table to your living space.
This table exposes the base that is the most important gravity subject in the whole composition.
It features simple black glass tabletop with magnificent base, which is designed to look like two intertwined ribbons. Due to their sheer weight, extra consideration is required when deciding on the most appropriate table base for your beautiful granite top. Most of our table bases can hold very large amounts of weight, we are talking about cast iron and steel tubing.

The thinner variant weighs approximately 13 lbs per square foot, whereas thicker stone weighs approximately 20 lbs per square foot.
As you raise the tabletop you are also raising the center of gravity, and as such it will require more stabilization.
Vintage style table bases have an advantage over the more contemporary units because they feature not only a cast iron bottom, but also a cast iron column.
The major advantage of these bases is that the load is now distributed over a wider area, eliminating the problem of flexing.
Some fabricators will slightly bevel the edge of the sub-top and paint it black making it visually recede so as not to spoil the look of your beautiful stone stop. If you have images of the item or items please attach them but you DON'T HAVE TO HAVE IMAGES!!! Simple, yet very stylish, this table features only the ash pedestal and the granite ballast that supports it. Originally in black, the other side of this iron ribbon is yellow, and this small detail adds depth to the Intuition Table.
Supported only by the drips of paint, this table is very blood curling, as it defies gravity and makes you feel creepy associating it with blood drips. We think about the size, height, weight and use for your table, and try to come up with the most appropriate solution. Whereas a 22" diameter table base may be just fine at standard dining height for a 36" round table top, we usually advise going with a larger and heavier table base for the same tabletop at bar height.
There are two reasons to recommend a base with a cast iron column, the first being that they are generally heavier than a contemporary base of equivalent size. Depending on your functional or aesthetic needs, an alternative to a single base with multiple columns is to place several smaller table bases under your top. A wobbly table is rarely caused by a defective table base, more often it is because the table base is too small, too light, or there is too much weight on a single column, the floor is uneven, the screws are not holding in the sub-top, or any number of factors that are out of our hands.
This is a contemporary look that will add a style all of its own to the room you furnish with this coffee table.
Designed for the De La Espada, by Benjamin Hubert, the Gabion Table challenges the accepted paradigm of hiding the base of the table. Designed by Koket design studio, the Intuition Table is perfect for the contemporary interior decor and also adds chic and sensibility to the strict modern style.

Not for any interior design, for it would require the light background to stand out in the interior. However, the real concern is the stability of your table base; a heavy tabletop coupled with a light weight table base creates a high center of gravity, which can cause your table to tip over.
The second is that with very heavy table tops, it is also possible to cause flexing in the steel column of some table bases. Three small disk bases clustered under a large granite table will accomplish the same goal of providing sufficient weight distribution under the table.
Choose your table bases carefully, they should always be large and heavy enough to keep your table steady and safe. The elegance of this type of furniture is designed for the best look you can achieve with furniture that is built to last a long time. Not only the base is all visible, it also exposes the granite balls that support the table. With such a large amount of weight balanced on a single column and bolt in the center of a table, it can begin to feel "spongy". Gabion Table wins over with its unusual aesthetics and style, and would suit just about any interior design. It retains all of the beauty and functionality of a thicker tabletop, with less added weight.
For more information about why cast iron is great for table bases, please see our article, A Brief Introduction to Cast Iron.
The two panels that fit in the top of the table are a unique look in a coffee table which along with the nickel-bar detailing will look great with any furniture you choose to use.There are times, though, when we need the versatility of a lift top coffee tables . Essentially, a lift top coffee table is like a real life "transformer." It looks like any other stylish coffee table in the middle of the room, in its normal position.
But then the table top can pop up on a scissor lift mechanism, to create a usable table top surface for anyone sitting on the couch or a chair. Not only is this an excellent way to avoid spills while dining on the couch, it is also perfect for doing paper work, playing games or using your laptop.

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