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After you get your seating distances figured, your next problem is the height of your 2nd row. You also need to think about throw distance for your projector, glad to help on this too just let me know! I took a good look at the room last night and put down some color tape to simulate the sofa location and screen size.
I'm looking into ways to add 2 additional seating into the room ether 2 stools with a table against one of the walls or 2 Ottoman instead of the coffee table or some kind of floor level seat like bean bag.
It takes a lot to make me jealous, but I will admit this Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table is AWESOME!
When you’re not gaming, the protective glass covers the table and allows it to serve as a custom coffee table.
You can purchase the Wooden Nintendo NES Functional Controller Coffee Table at Etsy for $3,700. James lives in California, but grew up on the East Coast where he received a BS and an MBA with specialization in Financial Management. Welcome to today’s gallery, featuring beautiful living rooms sporting an ottoman coffee table. Warm golden hues throughout this natural hardwood floored living room, with pair of matching armchairs and lengthy sofa wrapped around large square brown button tufted ottoman, featuring dark carved wood structure and arrow feet.
Compact living room with dark mocha chair and armless sofa, contrasting with white single-button tufted twin ottomans. Bright, contrasting color patterns throughout this living room, featuring neutral toned sofa next to teal button tufted fabric ottoman with dark wood arrow feet. Traditional living room set up, with striped twin armchairs, ornate accent chair, and blue sofa, is centered around large soft cushion leather ottoman with removable wood tray table.

I have a Panasonic PT-AR100U projector and I'm thinking about a 100" or 110" (preferred) screen.
If so what would be the idea distance from screen to the back of 1st row sofa and distance to the back of 2nd row sofa?
Since the room size is already fixed I can only play around with screen size like you said. Looks like you have 8 ft ceiling, so you will probably have more flexibility than I did - I only had 6' 9" to work which is another limiting factor to how big of a screen I can have without blocking row 2. 2 rows of sofa seems really tight and I will have to reduce the screen size a lot to get to a good viewing angle. Invite some friends over, show them the table and after they’ve drooled over it for an hour or so, show them how it works and relive all that NES 8-bit glory. The main differences are composite materials vs premium hardwoods and functional vs nonfunctional. Prior to joining GeekAlerts, he worked as a financial manager for a high-end estate planning firm. Twin leather sofas are matched by button tufted twin ottomans with hardwood frames, centered around large black wood square coffee table. The pillow top arms, supportive plush back, and uplifting footrest are upholstered in family friendly, textured black microfiber, making maximum relaxation achievable and even the biggest messes easy to clean. Follow our team for updates featuring event coverage, new product unveilings, watch industry news & more! Instead of significantly cutting down on screen size I think I will put just 1 row of 3 seat sofa in the back of room and leave the screen at 100" or 110". To begin with, these are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have at your disposal.

This chair is as strong as it is soft, featuring a stress welt on the back cushions for ultimate durability.
I have a small room as well and I did that before I built and I found that my desired 120" size wasn't going to work for the wife, and to my surprise, even for me too.
For my build I bought the projector and played around with size and seating locations till I was happy.
With myriad uses and placements even within a single room, this hybrid furniture can mean the ability to shift the composition of your living room without any heavy lifting. The result was a 39.9 degree angle, so while standards may be just a guideline, I landed pretty close to the recommended angle. Beige bottoms with white cushions on chairs and matching square ottoman, featuring removable dark wood table surface.
It can also function neatly as a coffee table, using a wooden try or reversible cushion top.
Larger ottomans may hold as many as four individual cushions, flipping to reveal tray table surfaces and hidden storage within. Source: Zillow DigsTM Beige twin couches face each other over natural hardwood flooring and tan rug in this living room featuring red patterned fabric rectangle ottoman. The extra space can be moved to laps, and the interiors can hold anything from blankets to board games to remote control collections.
Flippable, hinged, raised, or otherwise, the cushions on many of these models are more than meets the eye.

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