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I build these 55" long 20" Deep x 19" high Cedar Coffee Tables with a 50" long concealed drawer. We also use a really heavy duty set of bearings on the back of the gun safe, and on the front of the coffee table for the gun safe part to slide in and out easily.We also put a storage compartment on one side to store ammo, cleaning supplies or pistols or whatever the owner wants. We have also come up with matching end tables with locking pistol drawers, book cases with hidden locking gun safe in the rear, beds with hidden compartments for guns or medications. Very nice, my son saw this on the internet a while ago and wants to build one for himself, looks like we will be building two of these this summer. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Good luck trying to get into the guy’s house that owns the truck, or getting onto the military base where the folks that ordered the tables live.

The 6th pic up top, is of the happy customers that drove up from SC this past weekend to pick theirs up. People could trace it to where this owner is and know they have guns and where to look even! I gotta say, that its a bit surreal to get on the internet, and see the pic everywhere, and have different captions on it being posted all over the place. I have thought many times while in the shop, that I would hate to have to try and remember everything that I have in there, and the thought of loosing it all in a fire, is terrifying to say the least.
We have improved the design since the 1st one, and are pretty satisfied with where we are at now with these but Im sure we can and will still improve the design. These are solid oak and each one is a bit different, as we customized each one to what the customer wants.

Basically, we made a gun safe, that slides into a coffee table and has either a combination lock or a key lock on it. We made the gun rest to be adjustable, in both height and length so the customer can unscrew it and move it to where they need it for a particular gun.

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