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It should come as no surprise that with our passion for old items and repurposed treasures, we are also mad about collectables.
When you take a good look at this window coffee table you will see that the construction is actually quite simple. Next prepare the window coffee table for paint by sanding down the window frame and wooden box. It looks awesome and seems simple enough but I’m not sure I understand the measurement process.
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DIY and CraftsDIY crafts, diy projects, diy decorations, diy furniture plans, painting and polish ideas, diy gifts, diy headboard, diy home decor, diy wedding plans. Like various other ideas for the pallet wood projects, wooden crates coffee table is also great for use in home. We made a coffee table with three legs on three sides with smooth wooden logs and apply white paints over it to make it attractive and beautiful. If you apply polish on the wooden crate, then you will see it will give an antique and attractive look as we did with our coffee table being rested in our drawing room.
The wooden crate coffee table has excessive space over the surface and you can place flower vase in the center and place other pots to serve your guests. Luckily this pallet had straight nails, so it came apart with a crowbar and hammer in only a few minutes. Predrilling makes installation so much easier and also reduces the chance of splitting the wood. Other reclaimed lumber projects of mine and some pallet wood safety tips can be found HERE.
You never cease to amaze me, this is going to my Pinterest for sure…and maybe I will even attempt one, I love how it looks!

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Vintage trays, antique keys, He-man and the Masters of the Universe collection, if it’s from an era bygone we are into it.
It is comprised of a salvaged window placed on top of a wooden frame with some unfinished wood as the backing. Now decide if you’d like your table to have a lip with the top of the table hanging slightly over the bottom.
In most of the homes, the wooden crates are thrown away or burnt to ashes in the homes but you can use them for carrying out any project for your own use.
In the middle part add the pallet woods in the original color and apply polish over it to give it different look. If you have any other plan in your mind to make the wooden crate coffee table like in long shape or in square shape, then you can try your unique idea and try to make your own masterpiece. I finally got rid of a store bought coffee table to make way for a quirky junk styled pallet wood coffee table I made myself. I am tryin to make a coffee table out of pallets, but every time that I try to seperate the pallet wood the wood breaks. But with this kind of hobby comes a need for display cabinets, and the best kinds of display cabinets are multi-functional.
Next prep your window for paint by lining the window panes with tape to avoid getting paint on the glass. If you have some skills or have any design or structure in your mind, then you can start the wooden crates coffee table.
Then we took the wooden crate for packing of fruits and join it under the table as fourth leg in the wooden crate coffee table.
As the table is in proportional shape, then you should add the wooden crate under the coffee table in the long direction.

The coffee table with wooden crate is unique and your guests will surely appreciate your idea. Twisted nails make the task so much more difficult which can result in broken pallet boards. Choose your paint treatment and decide how much of a vintage look you’d like your coffee table to have.
You can also take help of others like your relatives in your family to complete this project of wooden crates coffee table. We also add portions in it to place different things like books, magazines or newspapers in it instead of throwing them here and there. Once you finish this wooden crate coffee table, you can place at one place as with the addition of wooden crate, this coffee table is not easy to move from one place to the other. This wooden crate coffee table can also be placed in your living room or in the bedroom and enhance grace of your living room. This clever unit combines our love for collecting with our passion for upcycling, turning an old window into a display coffee table. We got the idea to make coffee table with pallet woods or the wooden crates meant for packing of different types of fruits. We placed this wooden crate coffee table in the drawing room, which gives wonderful look to the home and add attraction and grace in the interior decoration of the room. In this way, we can make best use of the pallet woods or the wooden crates to create different household articles and enhance the beauty of the homes rather than throwing them in the garbage. With the plywood sheet on top, pre-drill holes in each corner and screw in the wooden coffee legs.

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