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For easy navigation I suggest you go onto the sitemap where everything we do and commissioned pieces are listed.
Wood is man’s oldest and a fully sustainable natural resource, its unique range of qualities and capabilities are seemingly endless, we use it every day and without thinking about it. Our unique bespoke natural wood slab tables,bring your directly in to contact with stunning pieces of natural timber, some many hundred of years old. All our timber is sourced from properly managed outlets so no piece is illegally felled for our own goal.
Together with each piece being individually hand picked by ourselves it adds to their individuality. Some of our handcrafted wood slab tables are coated in a resin which makes them appear to be encased in class,literally bring the timber to life and cry out to be touched and admired. All our other natural wood slab tables, coffee tables are finished in an extra hard varnish and hand waxed.

We also have our own unique stamp and each piece is individually numbered, adding to these beautiful works of art. We also offer you the choice to ask for any timber for a table top, and will do our utmost to source it for you. We can also build your table to suit your needs, from the smallest side table to a centre piece all in solid wood that will grace any room and become a conversation piece for years to come and even a family heirloom.
90% of our work of our Natural wood slab tables,dining tables,coffee tables, are highly unusual and are made from solid wood,we are more than happy to accommodate any request to design a coffee, dining table, or to help you with a project you have in mind. Wood  slab tables are also referred to as waney edge dining tables and live edge dining tables or natural edge dining tables.
Working with you we will be able to produce something totally unique that you have been part of designing.
Our website is constantly being updated, so if you don`t see something this time, log on some time soon and find a real treasure or beautiful wood slab tables to your own design.

Lift Top Coffee Table Ikea Childrens Furniture Ideass Convertible Coffee Table To Dining Table Ikeah Convertible Coffee Table To Dining Table Ikea Dining Table convertible coffee table to dining table ikea. A single button raises or lowers the Mascotte table to eight different height settings, then with its top extended; it instantly becomes a dining table for up to six people. Attention to detail and a premier level of quality control makes Calligaris a major supplier to OneDeko.

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