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This is a new version of the popular Flip dining table from Compar Mobili Italy, with some different finishes for the top & a chrome tubular base. Compar also make several other very similar convertible dining tables, as well as some great dining chairs & contemporary furniture.
Compar have also just changed the design of the new legs slightly, & the closeup photo of the legs is a photo of the legs they are now making.
For more information on our contemporary furniture please feel free to Contact Us via email, phone us on 020 7731 9540 or visit our London showroom. Another great table by DuffyLondon, a coffee table that can be transformed into a dining table when you need it.
Transforming MK1 Coffee And Dining Table - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Too many guests coming for supper?  Time to put the Basic Table to work.  Don't worry, we didn't ask a programmer from 1979 to design our home fixtures - it's just the name of this awesomely-designed, short-legged coffee table that can shift shape to a full-size dining area. It's constructed using MDF, with a choice of veneers (cherry wood, dark oak, or teak plywood).   Other parts include aluminum feet for the dining table extension, chromium-plated brass hinges for the folding tabletop, pressed steel for the clever transforming mechanism, and epoxy-painted screws and springs.

Obviously, there's a lot of value to having a functional dining table in the living room.  Who wants to go to the kitchen to eat, after all, when the TV and the Xbox and the sound system are all right next to the couch?  No pricing listed, but it's available from NY-based Resource Furniture.
DIY Coffee Table Folds Into a Dining Table [DIY]If you have limited space in your apartment, you can save some space by making a coffee table that converts to a high dining table when you actually need it. How to Use Search to Calculate the ROI of Awareness Advertising -- ClickZ -- March 12, 2009. A New Immutable Law of Marketing -- The Law of Usefulness -- Marketing Science -- February 17, 2009.
Connecting with Consumers: Next-Generation Advertising on the Web -- AssociatedContent -- January 30, 2009. The Flip 2 table turns from a coffee table to a console table to a modern dining table in just seconds.
It is multi-functional and perfect for small spaces, as it miraculously converts from a coffee table to a dining table in two simple movements. This MK1 from Duffy London coffee table is a transformer – from coffee to dining table in seconds!

You can choose from Oak, Walnut, Ash or high-grade Birch plywood as well as numerous custom finishes. Now it's a low coffee table during the day, but can be folded up into a high dining table when needed: It's actually a pretty quick and simple mod, but sure to save you some space and make the room feel more open by getting rid of the need for a separate table. The coffee table has a complex design, original and eye-catching, while the dining version has completely sleek lines. The second feature that excites is its ability to transform into a full sized dining room table in moments.
With just a couple quick unfolding motions, you have a table that comfortably seats six adults. You do not waste money on buying both a coffee table and dining room table, instead you have one item that serves both purposes and takes up half the space.

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