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This premium property features exposed beams throughout and is furnished to an extremely high standard offering superb self catering holiday accommodation for up to 6 guests. Along a short hallway from the dining area, there are a couple of steps that lead to the living room which has French doors leading out to the back garden. Bedroom 1 – master bedroom with a hand made King-size bed and bedside tables with lamps and a wardrobe with drawers for storage and hairdryer. Bedroom 3 - Double bed (with an integrated electric massager), bedside tables, lamps and a wardrobe. The Family Bathroom – with a shower over the bath, WC, wash basin and heated towel rail. Hover your cursor over the symbol to see the facility name or view the key to facility symbols. This fantastic large Black marble coffee table exudes the ultimate in elegance, luxury and style. PLEASE NOTE THAT MARBLE IS A BEAUTIFUL VERSATILE NATURAL MATERIAL AND AS SUCH IT WILL HAVE NATURAL VARIANCES IN GRAIN AND COLOUR.
In the latter stages of 2004 UK Workshop held a competition, sponsored by Trend, to win a T5 Mk2 router. Well when I asked if coffee tables were included in this competition it was more in jest than a serious query, but after many years in the planning, and two of them with the timber ready and waiting in the spare room, I’ve actually been sufficiently inspired to get a move on.
First step was to saw up the 6 & 7ft planks into more manageable 3-4ft lengths with my trusty, if unremarkable, 22” Spear & Jackson panel saw. I could either have boring-but-can’t-see-the-join straight boards, or interesting-but-you’ll-kid-no-one-it’s-one-wide-board. I took a slightly different approach to finishing on this project, and elected to apply finish to the faces of the stock as early as possible in the process. In order to help meet the criteria of the competition, I decided to use a router and trammel to shape the ends into the required curve. Email us here if you have a cool site and want to become a friend, in a macho sort of dude type way.

It is very comfortably furnished with ample seating for everyone and a unique coffee table housing a wide selection of games, books and DVDs for all the family. The ensuite shower room has a corner walk-in shower with WC, wash basin and heated towel rails. The spacious rear enclosed garden looks out onto open countryside where you can see sheep grazing in the surrounding fields. There is a supplement of £25 per week for winter bookings between 1st November and 30th March. ALL OF THESE VARIANCES ARE NATURALLY OCCURING AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE BEAUTY AND ORIGINALITY OF EACH ITEM OF FURNITURE.
The brief was to build a small table using a router, and preferably a biscuit jointer, as much as possible. I went for the latter and used the darker streaked boards to create a stripe down the middle to compliment the legs.
Here’s the top getting a rub down with 320g PSF and a tack cloth before a second application of Patina while the edges are still unplaned or the ends shaped. Because of the demise of my Bosch earlier this year, and the DeWalt being too heavy for me to manage freehand, that left the Power Devil. If I’d had larger pieces of mahogany I would have probably bevelled those instead, but as it was… I elected to do it using a plane and my Dad’s #386 jointer fence.
This Unit Has Views of the Pier and Beach and It also Overlooks the sites of Palace Playland. Relax in this beautiful and peaceful location whilst dining with family or friends in the garden. It would be also a great conversation starter, if you invite friends to watch a good movie or a TV show. Emphasis would be placed on the joinery by the judges and a work in progress report was an essential requirement. Detailed drawings were non-existent; the whole was based on a sketch I did in January 2003 and inspired by Brendan Devitt-Spooner’s rosewood dining table in issue #22 of F&C (November 1998).

Jointing the edges with a cambered blade resulted in me chasing my tail on the first edge, due to being hopelessly out of practice, but by the end I was back in the swing. I looked in trepidation; I had a ?” bite over the line I wanted to cut… Those of long memory will recall how close said tailed Devil came to the bin last time. Once I got the depth set to cut quickly, but not so thick that I lost control, it took about 10 minutes an edge.
It seemed as good a time as any to finally get on with making a coffee table I'd long promised my folks, so I decided to enter and try and get it made in time for Christmas. No one can accuse me of rushing into this… I wanted to do something a bit different from the “four lumps at the corners and a top” style of coffee table, and something you’d be hard-pressed to buy commercially.
I put a couple of biscuits to align the joints, my Poor Person’s Planos did sterling work pulling up the slightly - and deliberately - sprung joint and I’m happy to report you can’t see the join. Quicker on a table saw, don‘t tell me, but the dangers are considerably fewer; plus I got to listen to the radio at the same time. Initially I intended to biscuit joint the ash legs together, but a lucky windfall of some mahogany pieces - just enough for the job, but only just - and the prospect of a glue-up from Hell, changed my plan to sliding dovetails in thicker intermediary stock.
I rescued the job with the aid of a jigsaw (oh, how I hate jigsaws in comparison with bandsaws) and the Veritas low angle shave. If you prefer, you can give the table a coat of varnish or even paint it with your favorite bright color.
Choose flowers and herbs such as lavender or peppermint, which will fill the garden with a pleasant fragrance.  The pallet furniture ideas are so versatile! You can build a coffee table, a sofa, a plant stand and as in this case, a shelf that helps organizing your home office.
We want to inspire you, to give you great ideas and to challenge you to make crafty things.

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