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Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. Always affordable and at once both decorative and functional, concrete garden edging effectively defines garden beds, tree surrounds, and driveway curbs, their versatility enabling you to match any landscape contour.
Even though the quantity of requisite materials will vary in keeping with the ambitiousness of your vision, you can use the steps below to make concrete garden edging in whatever length you wish. Having mixed the concrete to a firm, workable consistency, pour it into the border form, using a margin trowel to spread and consolidate the mix. Wait for the bleed water to disappear, after which time you can smooth the surface with a wood float.
Finally, apply acrylic concrete sealer to the concrete before letting it cure for three to five days. The only thing that was holding me back from doing this project earlier is that I simply kept forgetting to buy the portland cement. The good thing is that I was able to give an older gentleman a great case of the giggles as he watched me try every way possible to get the cement into the back of my van. Place the globe on the protective surface with eye protection already on and hit it gently with the hammer to break the glass. How to Make a Sunflower Burlap WreathHave you wanted to try your hand at making a burlap wreath for awhile but haven’t worked up the nerves yet?
I started by finding some items necessary to form the bench around construction sites for free! I had con mix and Portland cement but for convenience you could purchase four bags of pre mixed cement. Note: For those folks not familiar with wood framing sizes the term 2 X 4 is used but the wood mills cut the wood 1 ? X 3 ? inches.
2) Measure two pieces of 2 X 4 Doug fir 17 inches, cut them with a 20-degree angles on both ends.
6) Secure these pieces to the plywood 1 ? from the edge of the plywood and matching up the pencil marks, use 2-? inch screws to secure (3 ? inches high). 10) Place the 6 inch short piece of Doug fir behind the center of the bend in the siding strip to support outside the form. 13) Measure 11 inches from the inside of each 17-inch Doug fir and mark a line on the plywood.

16) Lay the 5-inch square wire over the bench form and cut the wire to allow it to fit inside the form. 18) Use rebar wire to attach cut-out pieces of the 5-inch square wire to add extra reinforcement. Have the two trowels, a 20-inch piece of Doug fir, a hammer and a cup of sugar with a cup of water in a spray bottle ready. 5) Use the 20-inch 2 X 4 Doug fir and a small towel, lay the 2 X 4 on top of the form at one end and start sawing back an forth slowly moving across the top of the form from one end to the other. 6) Take the edging trowel and run it around the edge, then use the hammer to tap the sides again. 7) Use the flat trowel to work the top flat while making sure all the stone is pushed down. 11) Use a garden hose set with a wide spray, wash of the top to the degree of exposed stone you would like. It takes concrete 27 days to set to 90 percent but you will be able to strip the form off after four days.
4) Reuse the side bench 2 X 4 with the 20-degree cuts, measure from the longest edge 5 inches and cut a straight cut. 7) Measure the leftover piece of the side bench to allow the 20-degree angle to double up keeping the angle running the width of the two 2 X 4 pieces. 11) Depending on the height of your bench desire cut two 2 X 4 to the length you need and secure them to the outside of the four small pieces with the 20-degree cuts. 13) Butt this piece against the top 2 X 4 X 19 inch wood and along the outside of the two short 2 X 4 with the 20-degree angle cuts.
15) Cut 2 X 4 X 19 inches and butt it against the last two pieces, secure with 2 ? inch screws.
10) Spay sugar water lightly over the concrete wait five minuets, then use a garden hose set with a wide spray, wash of the top to the degree of exposed stone you would like. 1) Mix a small amount of mortar, place some mortar in the slot in the bottom of the bench, butter some mortar on the top of a concrete leg. 2) Lift and gently place the leg into the bench, pressing down to allow the leg and bench to flush. There are many creative ascents you can add to this bench, glued or nailed shapes can make in-prints or placing multiple shapes will create a raised design.

I just built one for my sister and brother in law in Oregon didn’t look at your plans till done and it is exactly how my plans pretty much are. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
Then, using the margin trowel, cut control joints at three-foot intervals, each one at least 1″ deep into the concrete. Once the concrete has cured, remove the forms and backfill against the lawn border with dirt or sod.
Use a paper towel to coat all the surface inside the globe but do not leave excess oil in the globes. If you want to rough it up and have a rustic look you can use a wire brush to wipe down the entire surface. Without a doubt, glitter ornaments are some of the easiest handmade ornaments but there’s a few different ways to make them. I created a bend in the design as I thought it would look better in the garden with the plants. This will prevent the concrete sticking to the wood allowing you to pop of the wood when the concrete has set. This will bring up water to the top and as you finish you should lighten your pressure on the concrete leaving a smooth finish. Get some help, as the bench top will be heavy, gently flip over the concrete bench, dig out the packing material this will be where the two legs fit into the bench.
You can reuse this form if you want to mix two separate pours or make another form and pour two legs at the same time. It can be done for very little money and can be done by anyone who can rip wood strips and cut a few angles and the rewards of doing something for yourself or with family and friends is priceless. Crushed-granite can be used instead of stone in the concrete mix, and then disked down with a diamond blade, which leaves a wonderful colorful finish. Today I’m sharing with you an in-depth tutorial to help you make your own burlap sunflower wreath.

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