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The Antiqua End Table by Allan Copley designs features a polished Cast aluminum finish that is smooth to the touch. While most of our time is spent in choosing the couch, the coffee table and lighting installations in the living room, the side table is, more often than not, an afterthought.
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this uniquely functional and fashionable-Piece adds to its environment.
Yet, the brilliant side table can complete your interiors without actually taking up too much space.

The trio on display here brings style, sophistication and ergonomics, all wrapped in one exquisite package.From the chic Eileen Gray side table that has survived well over eight decades of constant change in the world of interior design to the cylinder-shaped curved delights of the Componibili Storage Modules. There is also the indomitable Saarinen Tulip side table that comes from the long line of one-legged delights offered by the brilliant designer.
Looking at its sleek and minimalistic form, it is pretty hard to imagine the long and storied past of this cool side table. While the rocking 60s and swinging 70s might have seen a bit of dip in the popularity of this more contemporary decor piece, modern minimalism has embraced it gleefully.

The table exudes a delicate, feminine charm even as its glass surface and exclusive design draw your attention instantly.
The clear top and the slender posts fit in perfectly with the modern design philosophy of clean and well defined lines.

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