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The MK1 Transforming Coffee Table can be converted into a dining table by one person in two simple movements. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day.
Space has become a scarcity these days and urbanization is giving way to smaller dwellings, which has led us to utilize our small homes in the best way possible. These convertible coffee tables are extremely stylish besides being very functional for the small urban homes. Space Savors is a creative line of Italian space saving furniture that is available at Resource Furniture.
The Duo Extendable is a contemporary extendable table that is so intricately designed that the coffee table does not give away the fact that it can open up to seat 6 to 8 people on a 180cm x 90 cm dining table. Kubo is a great space-saving coffee table that easily transforms into a 4-6 seater dining table instantly. This amazing coffee table can convert into a full-fledged dining table that seats six people in a time-frame of less than five seconds. This contemporary-looking table can serve three different purposes – a coffee table, a kitchen table and a dining table. Bespoke furniture manufactures modern furniture that focuses on functionality of furniture by making it multi-functional for today’s homes that are smaller. If you live in a small apartment or house, then probably you are also faced with the dilemma of what to buy- coffee table, dining table or better work desk? They mainly work on gas adjustable height and have inside the aluminum mechanism that operates on the principle of the telescope.
Hi where could I get the Coffee Table Converts to Desk within Australia and what is the price for the white square one? Hi, I’m looking at buying a coffee table that converts into dining table, I have a very small living space so this would be perfect. Hi, I’m looking at buying a coffee table that converts into dining table please can someone email me pricelist.
Hi I am interested in convertible table by John Strand company, where could I get this in India (Mumbai) & What is the price for square one?
From Ozzio design, these converting coffee-to-dinner tables are just the right combination of classy and functional to appeal to cramped urban dwellers and style-seekers alike. Varying in size, style and mode of transformation some of these clever convertible tables quick-change from a simple, small modern-looking coffee or side table into a mid-to-full-sized dining room table with iterations along the way that are as elegant as either finished formation.

Elegant Convertible Wood Coffee & End Table DesignLove it or hate it, transforming furniture is a trend that is increasingly difficult to ignore. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes!
Finding different pieces that fit your style preferences can be difficult, though, and especially expensive if you’re looking at furniture.
A lot of companies have come out with space-saving furniture, which is ideal as you get the benefit of two furniture pieces in one.
Ozzio has an ample collection of these tables that come in various styles and sizes with different finishing as well. These beautiful coffee tables transform into full-fledged dining tables with simple sliding mechanism that brings the desired form. This modern range of furniture features a space-saving coffee table that transforms into a dinner table within seconds with its fluid hydraulic mechanisms.
The adjustable coffee and dining table is a great contemporary looking furniture piece that does not betray its dual functionality due to its perfect finishing. Manufactured by Modernika, Italy, the Kubo is made with great quality material and is given a smooth finishing.
The Biondello has a table top that is made out of frosted glass in a rectangular print with the legs made out of chrome. The Development Table is one such furniture that saves on space by functioning as a coffee table and a dining table. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.
Therefore, today, let’s talk about the convertible tables, which combine two or even all three variants- coffee table, dining table and even work desk. The top of the smaller table flips over on a hinge to make the bigger size table so that the top of the smaller table becomes the underneath of the larger table. There is nothing extraneous about their design – pared down their most basic parts their form expresses their function with only slight stylistic affectations. These days, separate living and dining areas are becoming a luxury and hence comes the need for convertible coffee tables that transform into dining tables. Some tables can simply be expandable whereas the height of other tables can also be adjusted very easily. In the first setting, you simply have to open up two surfaces for seating two people, whereas in the second, you have to open up the extension panel to convert it into a full-fledged dining table.

The top of the table is tempered glass that is painted with a black and white design and the table has a chrome frame with metal legs that are painted to give it a very modern look. Apart from providing a dual function, the table also has a concealed storage space in its base. The table also saves on money as it comes for the price of a coffee table but provides a dual function. And, indeed, looking at their created furnishings seems surprising how a 43 cm deep and 100 cm wide table turns into a 100 cm deep and 293 cm wide dining table. Materials for table tops and legs are available in a wide range, so, it can be matched with a variety of furniture and interior design styles. Accordingly, after the surface of the table is turned and opened as the book, resulting in a full dining table of 75 cm height.
The big benefit of this design has a built-in shelf that can be used for books, magazines, documents, stationery, notebook and for other storage.
But what is good think about buying this type of tables, that you can obtain 2 to 3 tables in one, which are not minor if you have small space.
This is a great way to save on the much-needed space at home and prevent it from getting cluttered.
At first, when they are folded, they are small and minimalist, but converted in full can reach an impressive banquet tables. So now it is the larger table but the it droops a little and is on a very slight downward slant so it is not safe to eat from. Sure, it might sound crazy at first, but this tutorial will tell you everything you’ll need to do. Here are excellent designs of such coffee table-cum-dining tables that can be easily accommodated inside your home.
The problem is that I cannot put a support under the leaf as it is also the top of the smaller table and will make it unusable.

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