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Because books are one of our favorite gifts to give and receive, our houses are lined with some of the best geek reads.
Over the past couple of years, coffee table books have skyrocketed to popularity in the publishing world; and it seems like everyone who’s anyone is releasing one nowadays. After wrapping up her 2014 exhibition “Journey of a Dress” at the Wilshire May Company Building in Los Angeles, Diane von Furstenberg didn’t want people to forget about her wrap-dress display just yet.
Written by former Vogue editor-at-large and personal friend of Valentino, Andre Leon Talley, At the Emperor’s Table dedicates its pages to the extravagant life lead by fashion-house extraordinaire Valentino Garavani. Although this coffee-table book was released in 2013, Humans of New York has gained international popularity throughout 2014.
In 2014, the well-known premier home furnishings company, Mitchell Gold + Bob, Williams celebrated 25 years of business in the shelter world. While Christian Dior ruled his notable fashion empire for only ten years before his untimely death in 1957, the legacy he left behind continuously dominates the fashion world today. Lanvin has been a popular brand name since the fashion house was founded in 1889, but has grown to popularity over the past decade when fashion designer Alber Elbaz began working for the Parisian company as their design director. 2014 has proven to be Tory Burch’s year: the luxury designer released her first-ever timepiece collection alongside Fossil and team up with Fitbit to create her own line of compatible accessories. David Kaplan, Nick Fauchald and Alex Day created a coffee table book solely to the one item that is always the life of the party: Cocktails. If you want to arrange a unique home style, you need supported stuffs to realize that wish. Related PostsTrio contemporary coffee table sophisticated creation Center table designs furniture Centerpieces for the TableThe Greening Trend is Developing a Momentum. While not necessarily the most portable of books, the coffee table book, with its glossy pictures and random trivia, is a fun way to round out a collection of imaginative novels Whether you always have your head tilted toward the stars or have a passion for photography, one of these eight books will find a perfect spot in your living room.
While most of these oversized books usually feature minimal writing and an overload of photographs, people enjoy flipping through and utilizing them to accentuate their home decor. The iconic evolution of von Furstenberg’s captivating career has been commemorated in her newest fashion endeavor: A Journey of a Dress coffee-table book. The designer, who has had an incredible 40-year career, not only loves to design his couture collections, but also entertaining guests in his five homes in Rome, London, Paris, Gstaad and New York. Due to their company’s milestone, the two owners decided it would be appropriate to release their very-own coffee table book to commemorate their accomplishments had throughout the years. Monsieur Dior gives readers the chance to explore through photos taken during Dior’s ten year reign over his own fashion company, where he expanded his brand tremendously to not only include clothing but other items like perfumes and jewelry. While Elbaz is recognized for his elaborate and elegant clothing designs, the director is also known for his intricate window displays, which are exhibited in Lavin storefronts all around the globe.
Partnered with Vogue, the glamourous wardrobes never cease to disappoint—and neither do the exhibitions.

To add to that, Burch decided to expand her business endeavors even further by releasing her first coffee table book called Tory Burch in Color. In correlation with their bar ‘Death & Co’ located in the East Village of NYC—where the three gentlemen strive to provide their customers with the best cocktail menus you can find—the same goes for their book. From fashion to cooking recipes to memoirs, it’s impossible to sit down and read through every coffee table book placed on the shelves. Filled with 256 pages of colorful photographs of her recent exhibition and the process it took to create it, this coffee-table book is a must-have for anyone who idolizes the famed fashionista. With powerful visuals of his homes shot by Oberto Gili, art collections and recipes from Valentino’s very own chef, readers get a chance to delve into this distinguished designer’s fabulously lavish life. Featuring an array of their most memorable shelter pieces and displays, business mantras and future ideas, the two home designers also included various recipes created by their very own chef, Sean Robinson—allowing readers to experience the all-around home comfort their company strives for. Author Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni dives deep into Dior’s final years by interviewing close friends, clients and business associates, as well as including never-before-seen photographs and information about the distinguished designer. To honor Lanvin’s coveted displays, Elbaz created Lanvin: I Love You to deliver these worldwide phenomena directly into readers’ homes. Filled with fabulous creations (2011′s exhibition featured Alexander McQueen and 2013’s theme was Punk), thousands of people flock to the museum each year to view the exhibition. Organized by color, this book explores the world of Tory Burch and what inspires her designs daily. The author, Helene Farnault, explores the behind-the-scenes of the Haute Couture world by bringing to light the artisans behind each well-designed piece. Filled with over 500 cocktail recipes, step-by-step instructions, ways to learn the art of pouring a drink and entertaining articles about people who visit their bar each week, Death & Co’s cocktail classic will help transform you from an uninformed cocktail consumer into a mixologist extraordinaire.
You may know that nature gives anything even beyond your imagination since waste of teak is also useful to be made into innovative goods.
If you think that natural look table like reclaimed and recycle table is more unique creation, just feel free to take it. More and more people now start to consider this kind of addition as part of home furnishing than the way it used to be.
That’s why we sorted through the 2014 releases and chose which coffee-table books are a definite must-read this year. Instead of just photographing random strangers, Stanton decided to get to know them by listening to stories about their lives and then used snippets of their conversation as the photo caption. Because of the immeasurable popularity the exhibition and the Met Gala receive, Vogue and the Met has teamed up yet again to create their coffee table book. Besides inspiration, she also offers readers advice on pursuing your dreams in the business world as well as including personal photos of her and her family. Including photographs of embroiderers, weavers, lace makers and many others in production, Farnault finally unveils the hidden secrets of the fashion world.

But even if modern and contemporary form is more interesting, just do not hesitate to purchase it also. People no longer see the coffee table as not so popular and vital furniture for the living room. Now, Stanton has expanded his Humans of New York project to numerous countries including Jerusalem, Mexico and Vietnam. With photos from the exhibition, gala and articles taken from the Vogue’s archives, this coffee table book is sure to fill your needs until the next Gala and exhibition arrives. With a forward written by Vogue’s notable editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, Tory Burch in Color is a must-have this year.
Once you are looking for Unique coffee table, you can choose reclaimed table for good appearance. If you do not prefer for reclaimed materials like teak, you may take more modern creation using glass and metal for the table legs, it is also a fabulous option.
If chosen well, the coffee table, like stacked book coffee table, could be a focal point on the living room.
With over eight million followers on social media, Stanton has no intention on slowing down, and hopes to continue sharing the lives New Yorkers with the world. What I mean with reclaimed table is made from reclaimed teak taken from roots or unnecessary part of teak.
If you have no time to go to furniture shop, just go online and order it through cyber shopping. So, what are you going to do when decorating the living room with the coffee table anyway?First of all, you need to know how to properly accessorize coffee table.
You can get any kinds of designs, such as square glass table with crossing legs, or unique round table.
You do really know that massive and gigantic coffee table could turn into a huge block into the room, especially when it is made out of the dark wood that could weight down the room. You might have to use several things, including how you take few lovely art books down off the shelf and then utilize those two things to divide the surface of the table. Through this kind of thing, you will be able to make the room bit much lighter and brighter.Well, using the stacked book kind of coffee table is amazing solution for the home decor and design since you could get mesmerizing addition for the home.
Shabby chic design is a popular trend these days and you could simply use this kind of coffee table to get that kind of goal. Simply start collecting books you really love or the ones that represent your interest and style.

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