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In addition to being a coffee table, the creation above also doubles as a working multi-touch display dock for your iPhone. Feature, Gadgets, Geek, Home .You can leave a response. Did you know that there was a product called “glow powder” and that it comes in a bunch of colors? Living room furniture isn’t generally very cool but that could change with the Offside Football Coffee Table.
Manufactured from Solid Oak with a Stainless Steel frame and a glass top to protect the mirrored football pitch underneath, this table is superbly built and would make a perfect addition to any living room or bar. You can buy this cool piece of furniture from Drink Stuff for ?3,799 (~$7,600), found via freshome thanks to the Furniture Shop Guide for the tip. Just like anyone who has seen the incredible movie Inception, the particular scene where Ariadne learns how to make dreams and create her own world is one of those rare moments of true movie magic.
Designer Stelios Mousarris was so inspired by the scene he used it as the concept for his remarkable Wave City coffee table. A bit resemble Microsoft’s Coffe Table, following environment friendly Ripple LED Coffee Table also has a touch sensitive surface with built-in passive near-infrared optical sensors.

The basic idea is using sensor to detect movements, once movements are detected, the cleverly built LED circuit system will be activated and responses to the motion happening on the surface. This cool looking arcade coffee table features a 19 inch LCD display, a dual core Shuttle PC hidden inside, integrated USB and HDMI and it also has built in speakers. There are also who sets of high end arcade joysticks hidden inside, with every button needed to get some serious gaming done. If you don’t want the table with the PC inside you can but it and add your own PC, the basic version without the PC goes for around $4,000 and the one with the PC will cost you around $4,900. That's not all, we've rounded up six more of the world's coolest coffee tables for your viewing pleasure. Just like the film, he carefully crafts the buildings that fold and fit into one another seamlessly. Patterns of light will sweep outwards with perfect fades and shades, glowing stronger when a movement is getting closer to the table surface. The tables are available in two base materials of frosted glass or frosted acrylic surface for you to choose from.
The clever fully analog circuit design activates the 480 super-bright white LEDs, needs no service or programming, and never ‘crashes’.

Creating it was by no means an easy task, require a unique combination of 3D printing, woodwork and steel to ensure the structure is secure.
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