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PS - This wall corner pie cut cabinet is designed to work with this wall cabinet.  To keep the cabinet depths matching, it's important that you work with plans that use the same style and plywood depth rips.
It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.
I'm going to attempt my own, but I'm having some trouble deciding on the type of ply to use.
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The views and opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not necessarily represent my employer's view(s) in any way. So now that we (and by we of course I mean the Ram and Grandpa Tim - I'm still home with baby) are starting work on the other side of the Momplex, first up is a 36" base corner kitchen cabinet. Grandma who likes to sew really loves her lazy susan, so we went ahead and kept that for the shelving inside the cabinet. Check out the plans for this easier to build 36" base kitchen corner cabinet below, and also the original plans here.
Even if I cant have the lazy susan inside I'd still like to have the corner unit with regular shelves. Unlike the other side where we had lots of room for a big 36" pie cut lazy susan base cabinet, on the right side of the range, there really wasn't room for much of anything in that corner. But at the same time, we wanted the two cabinets flanking the range to be symmetrical in appearance.

Make sure you create the two sides for each cabinet in mirror - meaning the toekicks are on the bottoms, pocket holes for attaching face frames are on the outsides, and shelf pin holes are on the inside for adjustable shelves. NOTE: Depending on how you mount your drawers, you may wish to add extra support to the back. NOTE: We are planning a 30" apron sink for the other Momplex unit - so stay tuned for that if you are looking for a small footprint sink base cabinet, but a larger sink. But you can still fit a double sink in a 30" base - although I don't recommend that faucet - a gooseneck would be much better (live and learn and fight the urge to replace it). PS - If you are building kitchen cabinets, PLEASE take a second to read through our base cabinet building post.
PSS - We will also share plans for other base cabinets that are not in the Momplex Vanilla kitchen that are standard sized. You could also just leave out the top front support, but you will need to be extra careful when attach the face frame in later steps to make sure the sides are still 28" appart.
NOTE: Because this is the sink base, you may wish to leave plywood off for plumbing access.
I'm really curious to know what your finish cost is per cabinet (or for the entire cabinets) versus store bought.
You are into the cabinet two side panels of particle board and a bottom shelf, and a 1x2 support across the top. We will have to sell our house and would love to fix up our outdated kitchen without breaking the bank. And we're also going with Kraus 36" stainless farmhouse sink so it'll be interesting to see how we plan on designing the base sink around that. We have dubbed it the "vanilla" kitchen just because we went pretty standard with everything, and it's got a ton of white in it.

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It appears one of the cust has to be started in the center, how do you get it started in the middle?
When I do my work room I will be using this piece of hardware to make that hard to reach back a little better. But for any exposed cabinet sides, you need to use either finished (skin) panel or fake door to cover screw heads. We're about to build and were looking at going with IKEA cabinets since they're less expensive and I'd love to know if these would be even more cost effective.
I can tell you that we spent about $2000 on the cabinets - including doors, drawers, hardware etc.
We're only just now about to break ground so we're quite a bit aways from kitchen walls being up.
Although it's probably an industry term I should know, I don't know what "vanilla" means--I'm sure it's not a reference to the color of the cabinets. Then you use a different type of hinge (Euro-style?) to attach the two doors to the cabinet? All other articles and images are all-rights-reserved Copyright © 1996-2011 by Pete Brown unless otherwise stated in their on-page description.

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