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It sounds like a simple request, but reality kicks in when its time to execute that request. Doing just one print is pretty expensive because of shipping costs and everything, so I’ll need to add your shot to my next big batch of 4x6 prints (which most photographers these days never bother to do).

I mostly use Epson Glossy but picked up some RR Arctic Satin for not much money when I ordered some other sizes but yet to try it. The Solution When I reviewed the Epson Stylus Photo R3000, I fell in love with how easy it was to use.
I quickly requested that Epson send me some 4x6 paper so I could try to see if this was finally my solution to the dreaded 4x6 request. Those who seem to overcome the penny pinching trap often find themselves on a printer that jams if you try to do more than one or two sheets at a time, which again makes the task of printing out a dozen shots of the grandbaby for Mom a huge headache.

But Ron, I don’t like glossy prints You may not like glossy prints, but 99% of the time the person who is requesting 4x6 prints will prefer glossy prints. It can also be a business expense as you can more easily have your client or model leave your studio with a proof print in hand with very little additional cost to you.

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