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Constituents: about 8% triticin, 3% inositol and mannitol, fixed oil, vitamins a and b, vanillin glycoside, saponin, mucilage, potassium silica, iron, a small amount of volatile oil (largely composed of agropyrone). They have a gentle remedial effect which is well-tolerated by the body and has no side-effects. The plant has a long creeping root system and so it has been planted in sand dunes near the coast to bind the soil together. A tea made from the roots is useful for treating urinary infections because of the herb's broad antibiotic, and diuretic properties.
Couch grass is considered an invasive weed, and is very hard to remove from garden environments.
Being boiled and drank, it opens obstructions of the liver and gall, and the stopping of urine, and eases the griping pains of the belly and inflammations; wastes the matter of the stone in the bladder, and the ulcers thereof also.

This plant is also a favourite medicine of domestic cats and dogs, who will often eat quite large quantities of the leaves.
One of the chemical constituents, agropyrone, has been shown to have strong antibiotic properties. Thrifty folk can harvest and dry the rhizomes in the spring when clearing it out of the garden and store them against future need. The common name dog grass comes from the fact that sick dogs will dig up the root and eat it. The roots are antiphlogistic, aperient, demulcent, diuretic, emollient, lithontripic and tonic. It is also an effective treatment for urinary tract infections such as cystitis and urethritis.

A slightly sweet flavour, though quickly becoming very fibrous, they are rather less than wonderful.
It both protects the urinary tubules against infections and irritants, and increases the volume of urine thereby diluting it. The seed is very small and there is a large husk surrounding it, so that effectively it is more like eating fibre than cereal.

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