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I figured, we’d just live with it and then buy one that fit the space better, once we won the lottery saved up money in a few years. So, like I mentioned above, I actually purchased 2 columns (the same ones for our counter overhang columns). Once we determined how tall we wanted the legs to be (in our case, 6 inches tall), we cut the excess wood off the top section, leaving as much of the curves as possible at the bottom ends. Then, we centered each of the legs and screwed them right in place to the bottom of the couch. Your finish will be a little off, so grab a few pieces of paper and use it to protect the couch as you spray the newly painted sections on each sides of the legs.

Would be great for somebody with arthritis who has a hard time getting up from store bought furniture. We had the same issue when we were building our bed frame, all the premade furniture feet just weren’t quite right, plus they cost way more than I thought the should.
We ended up using fancy fence post caps at $4 a piece and they already had a screw in the middle so it was super easy to attach! I’ll stash that in my head and look around the house to see if anything needs them!!! We had 2 little ones when my husband Steve was applying all over the country to get into grad school. But I just bought a coffee table there a few months ago that’s a different style but still the same washed out color.

Our son is finishing up his bachelors degree and will be applying for medical school for this fall. But I just bought a coffee table there a few months ago that’s a different style but still the same washed out color. I was especially pleased to see the modification didn’t impact the slipcover and it can still be swapped out for a differ color version if desired.

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