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With some crackle medium and paint, Smoothfoam can look just like holiday wood crafts – and no power tools required! This entry was posted in Holiday Crafts and tagged Block, Christmas, Display, White by Beth Watson.
Using the old wood, Casper has created a shoe rack, a window desk, a portable heater table cover, shelving and a beautiful sofa too. Before making the furniture units, the wood from the shipwreck was milled and sanded and glued together. Today I am going to share a neat project with you, Seasonal Columns with interchangeable toppers!
Right now mine are dressed up for spring, but I am excited to change them for the 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, and everything in between!
After paint is dry, glue the table leg onto the square, I used Gorilla Glue, but wood glue would work as well.
But, in my longing for it to feel like spring, (when the calendar says it actually IS spring) I made these little blocks to take to the women that I visit every month.

This little snow family is itching to celebrate Christmas in July…so get ready for lots of holiday projects and inspiration this month.
However, most artists working with recycled wood source old wood from decommissioned office buildings or homes. Apart from wood sourced from the shipwreck, the products also feature food used previously by Casper for building treehouses. We use Gorilla Glue at my house so much that when my 5 year old broke her Barbie’s tiara last week she asked me if I could just fix it with “Daddy’s special Gorilla Glue” sigh…so cute! The shape looked like a  sign to me, so after spray paint and glaze I printed out “Spring” in pink vinyl and used a brad for the dot on the “I”. Not only am I being featured over at Young and Crafty, but I am guest posting over at Jamie’s blog, I Heart Naptime!!!! Woodcrafts and patterns for cut-rate sale Display this easy to make yard figure Indiana your yard this Christmas. However, California based industrial designer Jeff Casper, had access to a wrecked ship in Malibu, from which he sourced old wood and crafted unique furniture units from it.

To give the furniture units a distinct new look, Casper used a few new items as well such as mattresses, sofa cover and LED lights, which he got from Ikea. You can either glue them onto your dowel, or drill a hole in the bottom of your item and fit it onto the top of the dowel. I chose a birdhouse, and a cutie ovalish shape! Not only is she a fantastic and creative mind, but she also happens to be a very good friend of mine and my next door neighbor!
Miniature Wooden Snowman and Dec 25 Trees Simple wood turnings get lovely Christmas decorations within angstrom couple of hours christmas crafts made wood. She really is all she seems on her blog, sweet, funny, creative, gorgeous, and a heck of a lot of fun!

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