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PVC pipes aren't just for waterways you can make unexpected DIY projects out of them.  These crafty PVC pipe tutorials show you how to make the cutest crafts, DIY Decor, and toys for kids. 13.  The Deluxe Kid Wash ~ The Kid Wash is crafted almost entirely from PVC pipe, a material we love not just for its low cost (about $30 for all the pieces shown here) and durability, but also for its ease of use (with all those interconnecting pieces ? it?s like Tinkertoys for grown-ups). Also, don?t forget to check out the Tip Junkie Facebook page for even more crafts, activities for kids, creative ideas, and free tutorials. Looking for a simple inexpensive way to organize some of the markers, pencils and nick-knacks in your office or kid’s room? Ready to make your own monogram PVC pipe organizer for an office, craft space, or kid’s room? Depending on the letter or shape you want to make, you may need a different number of PVC pieces from the 24 total we cut. After your last piece is glued in place and you’ve given it a few minutes to set completely, you can sit the shape upright as it will appear normally. I use my monogram PVC pipe organizer in the office for holding extra pens, headache medicine and other random office essentials. Hi Brenda, Personally, I wouldn’t think that painting before hand would affect the glue, but I would suggest testing it on some scrap pieces to be sure! I love creating new things with the children and it’s especially fun to create with objects not normally found at a craft store. This data in this infographic was assembled by Commercial Industrial Supply, a leading pvc pipe and fittings supplier. These little flower cups will line the dining room table and then be given as small gifts to each lady.
After centering on egg, apply a circle of hot glue being sure glue makes contact with both ring and egg.

Squeeze a dollop of hot glue into the eggshell and insert flower stem coil; hold until firm.
I made these egg shell vases for our Eater table last year and put them in egg cups but I love your idea of gluing PVC to the bottoms.
It's a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific tutorials that you are looking for. I recently crafted up an easy-to-make monogram organizer using one piece of PVC pipe (example), some glue and paint. For my projects I usually use standard schedule 40 white PVC pipe, since it’s inexpensive and readily available.
The easiest way to do this is to lay everything out on the floor and set the PVC pieces on end. Mix up the color you choose to use and make sure you have a paint brush that can reach into the center of the pipe pieces.
She is known by her coworkers as the “Queen of PVC,” due to her love and ability to make anything out of PVC Products – everything from a laptop stand, to a survival kit, to a trendy house accessory or an instrument utilizing valves. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Links to any page on this blog are always appreciated and photos may be used with a link back, provided that full and clear credit is given to Sherri Osborn at About Family Crafts. You are being featured later today!I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and join me this evening for Make the Scene Monday #67! An incredibly creative tutorial teaching you how to create a sunburst mirror from PVC pipe! PVC pipe was cut into small circles and glued to the front of a dresser in order to create an unexpectedly chic update to this dresser.

With a variety of shapes and sizes, you can create an indoor landscape that requires minimal watering. What’s great about this project is it is super simple to make, and it can be made in any shape and painted any color you like. Now you can arrange the pieces into the shape you want and get an idea of what will go where before you permanently glue them.
Once you have your shape laid out and ready to glue, take note of where the pieces of pipe touch.
Begin painting the insides of the pipe and work outwards until the entire thing is covered and looking good. The result is a clean, lightweight, and stylish addition to my office, as well as a place for random pens, USB drives and other do-dads that have no home. PVC cement is kind of tricky, so you might want to test it on some spare PVC before starting. The pipe may be dirty and have printing on it, but that’s okay since we’ll be painting the entire thing in the end. I used heavy-duty medium body glue with a longer drying time, so it was a little difficult to get a crisp “A” shape. If you’re using PVC cutters, I find it easiest to do this on the ground, using the floor as an anchor to press the bottom of the cutters against. After applying a small amount of glue to both PVC pieces where they will touch, hold them together for about 20 seconds for the cement to bond.

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