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Its sleek and modern design makes an attractive addition to any home or business, and German engineering provides the perfect fit and function for any sized vehicle.
This dog crate also offers a high quality solution for airline travel and various commercial uses.
Weighing in at 35 pounds, it is more than durable enough to safely secure the most active pets.
With a heavy metal frame, tight fitting hard plastic joints and door latch, this crate is also very quiet.

Precision cut MDF panels are sealed with a highly attractive, scratch-resistant melamine coating. Unlike metal which will streak and smudge, the metallic colored plastic coating has that same clean, crisp look but is smudge resistant and can simply be wiped cleaned with a sponge. The tapered roof helps maximize the use of space in any vehicle, while the widely spaced bars offer optimum ventilation and clear views.
Crate includes a fitted, non-slip carpet made of washable polyester for additional comfort and quiet.

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