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Located on Polrovsky Boulevard in the historical centre of Moscow, the interior space of this apartment received a fresh and cozy makeover by Nikolashin Alex and Catherine Emelyanova of Architecst SL *project.
Although the apartment is designed to incorporate artificial lighting as a feature, it is flooded with natural light during the day.
The dining table incorporates a base of 4 legs joined with a centre base for added weight distribution to the heavy marble top.
The one wall Galley Kitchen is flooded with light from the windows as well as the pot lights in the dropped perimeter ceiling.
An pathway is left open from the kitchen through the living area and all the way down to the far end of the apartment.
The entrance to the apartment features a playfull bubble chandelier surrounded by the same dropped perimeter ceiling detail as in the rest of the common areas.
Because the base was created by stacking two pallets, this provides a lot of useful storage space for all sorts of things like books and magazines. As Marketing Coordinator for the Charles Reinhart Company, Megan Crosbie is primarily responsible for their online presence, including the social media strategy, website and blog. BUT i have to say, I love everything about this image below…the wall color, the symmetry and balance and the LIGHTING, how genius to add some special light and drama to your gallery walls. So there you go, everyone wants or has a collage wall because they have meaning, the fill space and they just work!  I can’t wait to see how the wall turns out in our Army couple’s room, it is sure to be special and can move with them from place to place!
I don't believe a pattern will give you the depth illusion you want but try it and let us know if it does. Choosing a specific style for your living room is not always an easy decision, since sometimes you can decide for one style because you are thrilled by various styles and you want to merge them in one room. The ample of patterns, colors and textures in this  eclectic living room with Bohemian nature is dazzling and really daring and bold. The art gallery above the brown leather sofa with symmetrical order brings  a sumptuous and dramatic touch to this  bold eclectic living room.
This living room has stuck to a secure way of decorative palette and yet has attained  daring and chic eclectic appearance. The delicate textures matched with a dark, warm color has helped to this living room to build the sophisticated and distinctive outlook with a contemporary nature.
This living room with a cozy and warm nature has a really subtle and smart, eclectic decorative palette consisting of  modern artwork above a white  sofa with lively floral pillows  contrasting a  coffee table with bold texture and blue patterned carpet.
This living room is decorated in a fabulous way and has attained various levels of modern, daring and eclectic.
This living room  reflects the dazzling haute couture style with extremely bold and fashionable character. The dark gray wall decorated with  sumptuous artwork and decorative book shelves has provided this living room with exceptionally bold and eclectic touch. The contrasting patterns of the ottoman used as a coffee table and the blue floral area rug  sets up a dramatic and bold, eclectic setting balanced with the white walls and  elegant decorative elements. The variety of  bright, vibrant colors and soft texture have made this eclectic place wonderful. This is a really chic and magnificent living room decorated with distinctive and modern taste. The Scandinavian feel acts really calming and relaxing in this beautiful white eclectic living room.
The bold black and white striped area rug matched with golden accents and creamy tones sets up the chic and eclectic appearance of this beautiful living room. This living room has kept  its traditional and  formal appearance, but has managed to attain a modern and eclectic appearance by matching modern and bold colors and textures. Could you please let me know who is the fabric makers for the curtain material (cream with turquoise flowers and turquoise and chartruese birds) third photo down in this post…. The living, dining and kitchen are all within an open concept area, with the grey-washed flat panel kitchen punctuating the far wall. The floor to ceiling windows run the length of the apartment and custom draperies in a dark cobblestone colour create a large geometrical repeat pattern. The legs on the chairs are the same ebony stain as the table base and their spayed profile is a nod to Scandinavian design. A long white bench offers a place to sit and a large wide framed mirror leans casually against the wall. A contemporary oval pedestal sink with a wall mounted tap is featured against a mosaic tile backdrop.

I know this army wife’s husband is going to love the master bedroom when he comes home!
The good news is that you can do that freely, by choosing an eclectic style for your living room. The  black and white striped area rug  sets up the contemporary and sleek setting in the place contrasting the plain navy blue sofa and the art gallery wall above it. The  designer of this place has managed to merge a pattern and fabrics from completely different nature and structures and still has attained a complete picture of stylish and modern eclectic living room. The overdyed  blue area rug merging with the plain white wall decorated with geometrical art creates an ombre visual effect of colors and patterns.
The rattan furniture is balancing the dark colors of the living room and matching the contemporary ceiling pendants creates a chic eclectic touch in this place. This living room has merged a perfect combination of styles, colors and patterns and has found the balance. The two grandiose blue wingback chairs positioned as a focal point in the living room are providing sharp and modern ambiance contrasting the plain white walls decorated with  quirky artwork above the fireplace.
The modern art on the plain white walls breaks through the plain appearance and contrasting the ethnic area rug creates a bold and eclectic outlook.
Every piece of furniture and decorative element in this living room has found its purpose and reflects sheer chic style. The statement  mirror on the wood paneled wall acts as a focal point in the place, and the different colored furniture brings a lively and ecstatic touch, contrasting the white  striped shaggy carpet complete the amazing story of this extremely bold and eclectic living room. The pitchwork ottoman   brings a lively and ecstatic eclectic feel in the living room and the other dramatic patterns and texture made this interior dramatic and eclectic. The  wooden roof beam brings rustic touch, the metallic ceiling pendants industrial feel, the  velvet orange sofa adds cozy and the ethnic pillow sets bohemian. The gallery walls provide the living room with opulent and modern note and the vibrant pink sofa, lights up the place and brings the vibrant and lively feel. The patterned area rug  contrasting the modern artwork on the pale blue wall  balanced with tufted gray sofa completes the sleek and contemporary outlook of this eclectic living room. The brown leather sofa sets up the modern style and the quirky art and  bold textures provide the place with modern and eclectic character. Due to the  deep brown wooden panels decorated with a lively, colorful artwork this living room has attained a sumptuous bohemian appearance with an eclectic dynamic. The warm note from the patterned ethnic area rugs and pillows and light accent from the rattan ottoman balanced with monochrome white walls and floor and decorated with sleek and contemporary art has created an outstanding eclectic appearance of this living room. The variety of patterns and colors completes the eclectic story of this shabby chic living room. Everyone will find something for themselves.Hundreds of photos and instructions from the best architects. There are actually quite a few tips and tricks to decorating a studio apartment stylishly…and smartly.
2 identical buffets in a brushed brass line the wall adjacent to the kitchen creating a dramatic art deco focal point in an otherwise modern interior. The grey expanse of the kitchen cabinets, the two brass buffets, the grey upholstered dining room chairs, the off white linen couch and the white washed plank flooring are all large sections of varying shades of neutrals creating a colour block effect - without the use of colour.
This is accomplished by the tone on tone colour scheme that keeps the focus on the table and the brass buffets. The white chandelier is less delicate then the others but plays off of the modern white fixtures below. Now, i know Revit doesn't do well with smooth surfaces but there MUST be a way of doing a quilted pattern? Eclectic is a mix of many styles, a style that approves patterns and colors from different nature and adapts them in one attaining modern and dramatic appearance. The modern and contemporary art passes the plain line of the place and brings eclectic and daring touch to the room. The ample of patterns from the black and white geometrical curtains to the   animal print pillows has  brought the eclectic signutre of this living room.
The two gold round ottomans  set up a dramatic touch, contrasting the plain sleek gray sofa. The quirky modern art on the wall,  the vintage cabinet and modern gray wingback chair has provided this living room with distinctive and outstanding eclectic appearance. We’ve put together a guide of some basic ideas and strategies to help you make the most of your tiny apartment, no matter what your style or taste.1.

The free standing tub is a clean lined contemporary curvaceous oval while the vanity is blocky and square. Eclectic living room is perfect for anyone who thinks different and out of the box, everyone who want to attain a living room that will reflect not one but various styles and ambiance. The wall opposite the bed is a dark slate grey with a flat screen TV mounted on the wall just above a long bureau.
The floor to ceiling cabinets maximizes storage and the large mirror expanse maximizes light reflection.
An eclectic living room, usually features a variety of  different furniture and free panel of decorating with high artistic and dramatic touch.
One benefit of small-space living: you are forced to de-clutter on a regular basis, which trains you to clean out from time to time.
Here, too, the dropped perimeter ceiling brings in additional pot lights and ambient cove lighting. See–streamlined living has its perks!Today we take a look at ways to decorate a small urban space, and finding images for the post was anything but difficult. Neutral Walls.View in galleryNeutral walls have an expanding effect – they seem to float away from the actual space itself, giving the small studio apartment a look that reads as larger than it actually is. Use Moveable Dividers.View in galleryAllow the studio to serve as one large entertaining space or separate the “rooms” as per their function by incorporating creative dividers. If you have one large room that must act as living room, dining room and bedroom in one, try setting boundaries with ceiling-mounted curtains, as shown below in this chic Manhattan loft. [from Roger Hirsch Architect via Houzz]Ceiling-mounted curtains in a small apartmentAnother option that doesn’t involve a construction project?
Folding screens or ceiling-mounted drapes are great examples of this, taking up minimal space while not in use.4. Some of us may shiver at the thought of using our beds as couches for every visitor who comes our way; others of us wouldn’t give the matter a second thought if it saved some floor space. White Window Treatments.View in galleryBright white window treatments surrounding a naturally lit window will enhance the light, airy feel of the smallest of studio apartments. Not to mention, the visual effect of clean-looking pieces has a calming effect that can help achieve contemporary harmony in a space, as shown below in a room designed by Leonora Mahle and Laurent Girard. [from Lonny]Clean-lined furniture in a modern interior In the very small apartment featured in the next image, modern furnishings with straight edges or simple round forms elevate the style of the space. Pragmatic Alternatives.View in gallerySure, there’s no room for a closet in your tiny apartment, but that doesn’t mean you have no place for your clothes.
Think outside the box – like a colorful “headboard” made out of (drumroll, please) your hanging clothes! Splashes of Bold Color.View in galleryDon’t be afraid to create an exciting, happy space in a studio apartment. Often the answer for small spaces, these useful pieces really come in handy when they can easily be moved. In fact, smaller spaces might benefit the most from an eye-catching splash of cheerful color.9. For example, the ottoman below can double as a handy footrest or quickly transition to a useful coffee table. Edit the Unnecessaries.View in gallerySure, a home office, slash, desk would be nice, but is it an absolute necessity in a studio apartment? Simply move it to the side! [from Pangaea Interior Design via Houzz]An ottoman doubles as a coffee tableThe next image features a compact office area, L-shaped seating and handy storage bins.
For example, rather than seating, use the space to the right of the desk as a bed, complete with under-bed storage for the green-topped bins. Double-Duty Dividers.View in galleryStrategic furniture placement is the name of the game when decorating a studio apartment, and you’re going to have to distinguish between rooms somehow.
May as well make those dividers earn their keep – a bookcase, for example, provides great storage and space separation.12.
Downsized Lighting Pieces.View in galleryThe physical size of the lighting fixture has nothing to do with its capacity to provide light, so it’s best in small spaces like a studio apartment to pick smaller scaled lights. Recessed lights or wall sconces are great options because they take up zero floor space.13. Emphasize Higher Ceilings.View in galleryIf your studio apartment has an industrial vibe to it, or if it has higher-than-normal ceilings for whatever reason, capitalize on this. The extra space overhead, although it does nothing to physically alter the studio apartment’s actual footprint, feels so much more spacious than traditional height ceilings.14.

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