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Since we are using Facebook in our day to day life and it's becoming so popular these days.
Let me explain you today how you can create Facebook Desktop Icon and make a Facebook Shortcut with simple step by step print screen. Finally your Facebook desktop icon created with few simple steps, share this tutorial on making shortcut for your Facebook with other friends.
If you never used Malwarebytes Anti-Malware before, this article can guide you through the installation process and it will also show you how to update and perform a full scan. Note: At the time that I wrote this article, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware offered me the full version for a trial period of 14 days. If it`s going to detect any infection with adware or malware I have included an older screenshot - this is how it looks ( approximately ) when infection is being detected. I have already teach you about Facebook Shortcuts and gave you lots of user friendly Facebook Tips & Tricks. It`s the free version here but you have the chance to use it as a full version so if you see a similar window choose ``YES``. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will start to scan Windows for browser hijackers, tracking cookies, rootkits, executable files and the critical areas, Windows registry files, LSPs as well as the running applications.

All you have to do is to make sure that all detected files are being selected and click on ``Remove selected`` button.And that`s it, you have learned how to install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and how to perform a full computer scan. Right-click on Internet Explorer icon, select the option Send to and click Desktop (create shorcut). First you would need to download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware ( the free edition ) on your computer. I excluded the external drives such as a DVD ( empty ) and it`s going to scan my computer partitions ( I have 2 of them ) so make sure to select all computer drives that you have.
Depending on how many drives you have ( hard drive partitions ), how large they are and your computer resources it may take a while. Like any other security tool, the most important thing is to make sure that you always keep Malwarebytes Anti-Malware updated. I chose to skip the creation of start menu folders, you can do it like in the following picture or you can leave it as it is. When I performed this full scan it took me 40 minutes so you may want to do something else while he finish the scan.As you can see, after I scanned my system, there were no infections found. I chose to create only an icon for my desktop but you can choose only a quick launch icon or even both of them.

Again, press ``Next`` button to continue :Finally, the last window and after this you should see the installation progress.
If you need to make a change, press ``Back`` button and it will allow you to modify the setup before installing the program.
The installation should not take you more than a couple of seconds or minutes so please be patient.After the installation is complete you should see the ``Finish`` button. Click on it if you want to update Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and to launch the program after the update is complete.
Depending on your Internet connection speed, your computer performance and the size of the update, this should finish in a couple of seconds or minutes.

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