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I’ve got a new installation of Outlook on Windows 10 and I’d like to place a shortcut for Outlook on my Desktop. Creating a Desktop shortcut for Outlook in Windows 8 or Windows 10 is indeed not that straightforward. Maybe the easiest way to go, would be to right click Outlook in the Start Menu and from the context menu that pops up choose: Open File Location. To pin Outlook to your Taskbar, right click on Outlook in the Start Menu and choose: Pin to Taskbar. As mentioned before, this will also work for every other application of course and you don’t actually have to pin it to your Taskbar first if you have the application running already.
A final approach would be to simply browse to the OUTLOOK.EXE file in its installation directory and use the right click option there to create a Desktop shortcut. I have uploaded a bunch of AppleScript scripts that I have found useful in OS X’s Finder.
Anyhow, after a few months of using OS X, I have accumulated a few Finder scripts that I have found useful. Here is a version of the muCommander script that I hope will solve the two issues you identified.
Blog posts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, unless otherwise noted. Because I mostly use Firefox, if I happen to be using IE for whatever reason and see something I want to bookmark, I’ll usually just drag the favicon from the IE address bar to the desktop. 2] There is another way, and that is by right-clicking on your desktop and then selecting New > Shortcut.

You have to enter the path of the program executable file, for which you want to create the shortcut.
If you know the path enter it, else click on the Browse button and browse to the .exe file and select it.
As an example, I have taken FixWin, a free tool that helps you fix Windows problems in a  click. Incidentally, if you wish to, you can always cut-paste and move this shortcut and place it in any other folder of your choice. I downloaded some of these that were already available (and possibly modified them) and wrote the ones that I couldn’t find. I received a couple of mails in the last few months asking me to prepare a basic tutorial on how to create shortcuts.
You may select one of the system icons or you may click on the Browse button and browse to the folder where you may your personal stock of .ico files. I had not used OS X very much in the past, but I liked the idea of having a sleek user interface on top of a Unix-based OS, which would have tools that I’m familiar with from Linux (or if not, would be available).
I sometimes prefer to create a file, and then open it, as opposed to using a text editor to save a new file. When uploading the TextEdit icon I noticed an easter egg which can be seen by looking at the full-size icon. I find this easier than creating an alias in the current directory and then renaming it to remove the alias suffix, and then dragging it to the Desktop. For example, because my netbook has limited CPU and RAM, I usually close Firefox (and its 6-15 open tabs) when I’m not using it.

I can click on the shortcut later to open the link in Firefox, or drag the shortcut to my Dropbox folder so I can use it on my desktop machine or Android phone.
But what if you want to create a good, old-fashioned shortcut that opens in the default browser?
Additionally, two software packages that prevented me from switching from Windows to Linux in the past were available for OS X, Adobe CS and Microsoft Office. For example, if I’m working on a project and want to create a README file, I will just click the Create New File icon to create the new file. If I want a web browser to check one thing really quickly, I’ll typically just use Internet Explorer rather than wait for Firefox to open and load all those tabs. Once each of the programs on your toolbar has been successfully launched, they no longer go through Gatekeeper. Also, the script expects muCommander to be working in a two-pane mode (which may be the only mode possible) and opens the current folder in the right pane. I believe this might have changed with the new Ultrabooks that have been released recently.

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