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Even if IT is changing into more a€?Petsa€? and a€?Cattle’sa€?, we still have a massive amount of system that will be managed using Remote Desktop for a long time. According to the help file, we shall of course use the one utility on the planet that I hate most, I dona€™t like that fact that you need to spend hours to download an SDK kit just to run a app to create file that takes 1 second. So, lets us first create the certificate, export it and then remove it and finally import it. Moving along I installed the Remote Desktop Connection Manager last week and despite this being the first public release it is listed as V 2.2. Check out this option, by right clicking on the group I can enter my credentials just the once and sign onto all servers in the group.

Tab 4 – Connection Settings – Here we can connect to the console, change the Start Program or even the port :). Using Remote Desktop Connection Manager makes that process easier, you can basically work with all machines in a single windows.
If I move the RDCMan file to another computer then all the passwords are lost, on the other hand, that is also more safe. I can already see the power for handing over solutions to customers, I can provide them a pre-configured console with RDP access to each of their servers.
I need to have to be able to use the configurations files on more then one computer and they need to be protected.

So lets use Certificate instead, but, how do you create a Certificate that can be moved around easy and at the same time is secure and protect itself?

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