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Wallpapers on Android serve a bigger purpose than acting as a background image and making your home screen look beautiful.
You can control the wallpaper scroll, rotate wallpapers periodically as well as change wallpaper settings for landscape and portrait mode.
Android users have several options when it comes to wallpaper selection and they are ever-increasing due to the numerous apps available in the Android Market. Browse to the folder which holds the image that you want to apply as wallpaper and select it. Note:A  Some users complain that, despite careful cropping of the wallpapers, the wallpapers they apply often appear a€?blurrya€™. Start using PicSpeed; and the first thing that you notice is that it is a very well organized app.
The strength of Backgrounds App is the huge number of good quality wallpapers that you can browse through the app. The app has hundreds of colors but if you still cana€™t find your favorite color; simply pick a color of your own liking and set it as wallpaper. One feature I found different in this app is that it gives you a scrollable view of the wallpaper whenever you open one. After seeing so many wallpaper apps, I was wondering what unique feature can this app offer? Though quite a few applications mentioned above come with a handy wallpaper rotator, the apps are mostly limited to rotating wallpapers from their favorites folder. Wallpaper Changer can be used to automatically change the wallpapers using images on your SD card. Though the wallpaper apps give you an option of cropping the image before using it as a wallpaper, there is a distinct reduction in the quality of wallpaper when applied through the app. Using photos and videos as wallpaper on Android is more like using a Live Wallpaper rather than a static one. ABOUT USAt TechNorms, we focus on covering tech, products, and services that impact our daily lives.
Contemporary Wallpaper – Kitchen Wallpaper – Decorate Your Kitchen From Contemporary To Country!
Restez en bonne condition physique avec cette application qui va transformer votre iPhone en entraîneur personnel.

L'un des coups de coeur de la rédaction est PICS QUIZ (Lien App Store), un excellent jeu iPhone et iPad qui vous fera deviner les mots pour chaque image ! Si vous aimez les jeux de mots, de lettres et d'images, les puzzles et les jeux de réflexion rapide à jouer, ou tout simplement la photo, vous allez adorer Pics Quiz ! Un livre promenade interactif pour les jeunes enfants dans lequel ils devront participer aux interventions de petits pompiers et policiers.
Si vous desirez echanger des images, des videos ou demander de l'aide sur le sujet, rendez-vous sur le meilleur Forum iPhone et iPad.
Got plenty of videos and photos on your device?A  Put them to good use and set the photos and even the videos as wallpapers on your Android device.
This depends on the ROM, Launcher and applications that you may have installed on your phone. If you want to reduce the image size or only use a specific part of the image, crop it accordingly. Not all of them are good, some are just a rip-off of popular apps and not worth a second look. The app also has the option to change the folder where the wallpapers are saved and also change the wallpapers periodically.
Again, there is option to enable a a€?Slideshowa€™ that will set one of your favorites as your wallpaper on a periodic basis.
I dona€™t usually like plain backgrounds, but on seeing the options available in this app, I think plain wallpapers are good for a change.
Plain wallpapers, gradients, stripes and color bars and palettes, name it and youa€™ve got it. This will give you an exact idea as to how the image will look as your wallpaper and you can check the wallpaper scrolling right there! Besides that, you can apply various effects to existing patterns a€“ giving you an almost unlimited variety of wallpapers. I chose a€?Black & Whitea€™ and the wallpapers gallery shows only Black and White wallpapers. Now, you may have different favorite wallpapers in different applications, so the best way is to save all your favorite wallpapers to SD card. The imaged are changed periodically or based in certain events that can be setup from the app settings.

This is because the Android OS decreases the wallpaper quality when you set it from the built in wallpaper changer.
We will cover these features in more detail when we take a look at the Live Wallpapers for Android.
I am passionate about Coding and Computer Science on one hand & Media and Consumer Tech on the other. En effet, celle-ci permet d'enregistrer vos sorties VTT, vos parcours escarpés et vos entrainements. Thanks to the numerous apps, your Android device has many options that give you the option to choose how the wallpaper on your device behaves.
These apps should satiate the wallpaper appetite of even the most demanding wallpaper seeker. If you are one of these users, read this to understand Androida€™s a€?weirda€™ wallpaper requirements.
We combed the Android Market and looked at the various options available in and came up with the best wallpaper apps for your Android device. The wallpapers are changed automatically from your favorites folder based on the time period you set.
This can be avoided using applications like Crop Wallpaper, which keep the wallpaper quality intact. I love Pixelmator on my Mac, but I’ve also had great success with the free, online image editor, Pixlr.
Put them to good use as wallpaper with PhotoWall Live Wallpaper and apply cool effects to bring your photos to life!
You fancy folks can use Photoshop or any other image app you want.Now, all you need to do is add an extra 200 pixels on each side of the wallpaper. Have you tried making a wallpaper with the same dimensions as the ones in iOS 7 and tried them out?mdbenI’m not sure why adding the extra pixels is required.

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