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40 Modern Creative Coffee Tables - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. The coffee table can easily be used to transform the entire design of your living room, so think about using a creative one! As much as you’d want to choose the craziest colors and patterns for your creative coffee tables, you should first of all think about your design. For those who prefer a more rustic design, creative coffee tables can be crafted from sliced logs. Noguchi’s very basic coffee table design has inspired numerous copies - or should we say homages? Any successful living room suggests a sense of peace and harmony to the user, and the latter quality is best expressed by the Fender Stratocaster coffee table from Fender Custom Furniture of Portland, Oregon. Geek furniture doesn’t get much more geeky than the ZAP coffee table, a one-off, home made Space Invaders tribute from Sean Ragan of Austin, Texas. Not everyone has 35 grand to blow on a coffee table these days, but that doesn’t mean one must do without.
Please return your Motoart coffee tables to the upright position… which would be a different position from the ones these genuine recycled aircraft parts assumed in their previous lives aboard F-4 Phantom fighters, Boeing 707 jetliners and B-52 Stratofortress bombers.
All good things must come to an end, and that includes you - whether you’ve been good or not.
But if you know how to integrate it, you can obtain a special furniture item that will certainly enhance the effect you want. No matter how beautiful a bright yellow coffee table is, you can’t match it with a black and red color scheme in a living room design. With a little bit of imagination, you can craft creative coffee tables from old chests, old wooden boards or even scrap boards you have left from that time when you redecorated your home. You can use black cubes and arrange them and rearrange them whenever you have company and need a bigger coffee table, for instance. An aquarium used as a coffee table can totally bring an exotic look into your living room and it will definitely remind you of your holidays, helping you to relax while drinking your favorite coffee. We hope those photograph motivate you to be put on in your beautiful residence.There are 16 outstanding photographs more that you can see below including Creative Coffee Tables With Coffee Framework image, Rustic Creative Coffee Tables image, Amazing Creative Coffee Tables With Like Home Interior Designs image, Modern Minimalist Creative Coffee Tables With Home Styles Designs image, Cool Creative Coffee Tables With Aquarium Designs image, Modern Unique Black And White Coffee Tables image, and other. We hope those image encourage you to be implemented in your lovely family home.There are 16 awesome images more that you can see below including Modern Minimalist Coffee Tables image, Cool Creative Coffee Tables With Aquarium Designs image, Rustic Creative Coffee Tables image, Modern Creative Coffee Tables With Fireplace On The Center image, Modern Creative Glass Coffee Tables With Orange Chairs Above Yellow Rug image, Unique Creative Coffee Tables With Fracture Designs image, and other. First produced in 1944 in association with the Herman Miller company, Isamu Noguchi’s tour de force is a simple, organic, ultimately pleasing design that set the bar for urban cool.

Better use a coaster before you do - each Domino is constructed by a single SIDD craftsman over a period of six weeks and bears the artisan’s signature on the underside. Layered with handmade Mexican Talavera tiles in cobalt blue and lemon yellow, the 38 by 51 inch table cost Ragan about $415 in materials - which he kindly posts spreadsheet-style for anyone who’s contemplating a similar project. If it was just a little larger (or you were a little shorter), the Futaba could double as a sofa bed. In any case, the Periodic Table of the Elements would even make ol’ Mendeleev himself crack a smile, until he read the price tag ($8,550). Featuring an Apple OS-X based operating system and an Intel processor, the ROSIE coffee table is really too good to rest coffee mugs on… and besides, spill-proofing the screen has been one of the biggest issues the Savant design team had to deal with. Take the iPhone coffee table, crafted by iLounge readers Tuan Nguyen, Ken Thomas and associates from corrugate cardboard glued together with white glue. SONY liked the concept so much they employed the theme to package their 32-DVD Complete Series of Seinfeld set.
Prepare for the day you shuffle off this mortal coil with the Biodegradable Coffin coffee table from Halfway House Design.
This piece can give an interesting touch to any space – just choose it according to the style you have. Don’t be afraid to go for creative coffee tables, since they are great in bringing up a personal touch of your living room design. Alternatively, you can go for creative coffee tables with customized designs in the colors you wish,  or you can even do them yourself. Even more, you can repurpose parts of drawers or closets and build by yourself a beautiful and elegant coffee table.
Place on top a longer piece of scrap wood and you can quietly enjoy your coffee in a rustic environment.
No matter what design you choose, make sure that it fits your taste and that you are all safe while using it.
The Moebius, Butterfly and Cross tables are all undeniably interesting but at the same time face a frustrating conundrum: how does one improve a superb minimalist design whose signature feature is its simple magnificence? FCF has enjoyed great response with the Strat table and will be following it up with a coffee table based on the rockin’ Telecaster. The 48-inch long table features detachable oars - for those REALLY rainy days, one assumes - and a fitted glass top that nestles just within the gunwales. No problems there, unless of course watching fish in front of you makes you hungry… and drive your cat crazy.

Ragan is offering the table for sale so if your games room (what geeks call a living room) needs that finishing touch, you know who to call.
It’s not interactive but it does include a set of iPhone icon coasters coffee-sipping guests can use to rest their mugs on. Anyway, anyone who can combine a working lamp with a pop-up book deserves kudos in my, er, book. This may be the only one of Kramer’s crazy concepts to ever reach fruition - on TV or in real life. You can easily make by yourself an industrial design coffee table, especially if you’re a car fan, if you take some scrap car parts (like a used, non-functional car engine or even a tire) and fit it nicely in a glass box. If you have kids and are really brave, you can dare to ask them to customize one of the most personal of all the creative coffee tables in the world!
Especially if you choose to include glass in the design of your coffee table, make sure that your kids will not be put in danger because of it! A genuinely thoughtful design, the Nautical Dory includes a pair of removable shelves that allow you to set the table on end and use it as a bookshelf or, even better, a maritime curio case for your seashells & scrimshaw. If you’re looking for minimalism – take a black or white model, with or without some curious details, or maybe some glass piece with unique legs that can be seen through the top. Storage spaces in the coffee tables are cool; to add some coziness choose a coffee table with a fireplace. You can even make a rustic coffee table yourself – just take some logs, attach them to one another and enjoy!
Built-in lighting illuminates the blocks and the more reactive elements are sealed in inert Argon gas or mineral oil. Below you’ll see various coffee tables by different designers – enjoy and order some of them! In no way does Beacont claim ownership or responsibility for such items, and you should seek legal consent for any use of such materials from its owner.

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